25 Fun and Cool Things to Do at 40 Years Old


People after 40 are well aware that any resource, like time, strength, health, energy, faith, and hope is not infinite. Once they did not think about it at all. There was a feeling of infinity. It passed, and the price of the mistake increased. They cannot afford to invest time and energy in uninteresting activities, boring people, hopeless or destroying relationships. Values are defined, priorities are set.

Therefore, people at this age cherish the relationship and quickly recognize the gifts of fate in the form of new, wonderful meetings, as well as they are willingly investing emotions, time, money into their families. They start a new period of life in general and wonder about adventurous things to do at 40 years old. There is something special and magic about entering this age and only we are to decide how our life is going to look like.

things to do when you're 40 and single

Does Life Change After 40?

Aging affects the functioning of all body systems. Many processes slow down, irreversible changes occur. Different people begin to age at different ages, depending on lifestyle and heredity.

People tend to think that life would be easier if they were a little younger. Neither gerontologists nor young people agree with such a statement! Of course, you know what happens when you turn 40 to your body, but apart from the negative irreversible changes, we experience many positive ones. A recent study by the University of California showed that 40-year-olds are much less likely to experience the depression and panic attacks that affect people between the ages of 18 and 30 so often. The study participants admitted that in their 40s, they feel much better than dozens of years ago.

Life at 40 is indeed different. Some women become uninterested in looking good and stop keeping fit. Men spend hours at woman seeking man website trying to escape from the oncoming midlife crisis. In fact, you can wait for this crisis as much as you like, but it can never hit you. Some scholars simply deny the existence of a midlife crisis. This is a kind of stereotype that is passed on to us from generation to generation. To some extent, we even wait for it and get ready, and then we are relieved to see some of its signs. After all, this is a great way to get rid of the severity of responsibility for my life - oh, I can’t do this and that - the midlife crisis is to blame. Take the liberty of calling this period not a crisis, but a transition to something more pleasant and calm. Because life doesn’t change simply after 40. In fact, it changes every day.

Advice for People Who Have Reached the Age of 40

Men desperately start looking for the signs she's not interested in her partner because of the stereotypes that 40+ years is the peak of the time when women start cheating. Women involve in different mental practices and often get carried away but countless meditation courses and psychological pieces of training. Everyone wants to change their life completely. But why don't you start with some obvious yet very effective things to do at 40 that can bring about changes?

It's time to go in for sports. Being overweight is a common problem for people during this period. What to expect when you turn 40? Metabolism becomes less active, and energy costs are reduced. The hypothalamus, an appetite regulator, becomes less sensitive, and often people begin to eat more than usual. Excess nutrients turn into fat as a result. Overweight can cause diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, digestive organs, and oncological diseases. But regular exercises reduce all of the negative effects of aging. When you were young – sport was a hobby, now it should be a necessity.

Save more. Do not take loans and start out by savings right now. This advice is great for practically any age. Moreover, specific actions to be taken when you are 40 years in terms of financial awareness are:

  • fun things to do at 40pay off all debts and loans,
  • after repayment of loans, put a third of the salary into a personal "stabilization fund,"
  • refuse frivolous purchases,
  • do not buy housing until the conditions on the mortgage are acceptable for you,
  • do not invest in something that you do not understand.

Spend less time on social networks. The first symptoms of the notorious midlife crisis can be a loss of interest in life, painful self-digging, "What have I achieved? Am I living right? Was that what I wanted?" All this leaves an imprint on the professional life of people. It is at this moment that many people think about changing the type of activity, but the main obstacle is the fear of losing money or simply failing. And social media with all its perfect people and their effortless career paths only intimidate more. So, arrange a social medias-detox at least once in a while because social networks nowadays do more harm than good.

Read more. The phrase that it’s never too late to learn is more relevant than ever. The scheme, when after graduating from the institute it was possible to work at one enterprise all life has become a thing of the past. And since people from time to time have to get a job again, they simply have to constantly improve their skills. But, of course, it's not just about finding a good place. Obviously, a person who does not try to learn something new gradually degrades and in the end becomes uninteresting to others, or even to themselves! For this reason, one of the best things to do when you turn 40 is to go on reading and self-developing.

Change the routine. People at this age are increasingly changing not only work but also the scope of activity. If earlier a person could work all their life in one field, now, if someone has been working in the company for more than 10 years, this causes only surprised looks. Many professions lose their relevance, you have to constantly learn, acquire new competencies, otherwise, you will be thrown overboard. People usually change their field of activity for several reasons:

  • there is no room for improvement for them there;
  • the desire to earn more;
  • tired of the routine;
  • having tense relationships with colleagues;
  • they want to devote more time to the family.

Scientists say that on average, work needs to be changed every 5-7 years, otherwise the employee’s initiative disappears.

25 Fun and Perfecting Things to Do at 40 Years Old

Our list is not that simple, we have included in it: mental practices, all kinds of sports, job advice and activities that would be useful for people of all ages in general. In case you are to celebrate your 4th dozen, consider things to do at 40 years old we have prepared for you.

Start a new hobby

In the childhood, parents choose what we will do: one hobby is expensive, the second is useless, the third will take too much time and distract from the study, the fourth is dangerous, the fifth will prevent you from doing other important things. In 25−35, it is hard to find spare money and time - usually, this is the peak of a career or parenthood. And at 40 the children have already grown up, you have now more free time and the enthusiasm to start a new hobby is not yet gone. As it turns out, this is the perfect period to start doing what you have always dreamt of.

Do not communicate with people who treat you badly

Do not tolerate people who do not treat you well. Even for financial gain or for emotional reasons. Do not tolerate them for the good of your children or your own good. Do not allow mediocre people among friends, work, love, relationships, and life.

things to do when you turn 40Go on a low-information diet

If your work is not connected with the redirection of information flows, it is not necessary to be aware of all world news and events. Information falls on a modern person every minute in the form of newsletters, messages on social networks, push notifications. In most cases, you can’t help someone else’s grief, just get angry or sympathize, and these negative emotions take away strength and reduce productivity.

Stop making excuses

One of the things that come in 40 is that you are an adult and act the way you consider the best. If someone doesn’t like it, what can you do? Be confident in your decisions and do not explain them to others. Why do you go to Turkey if it is cold there now? Because you want to. Why are you buying an old piano when it’s cheaper to buy an electronic one? Because this is your decision. And you are not obliged to explain it to others.

Get rid of uncomfortable clothes and shoes

Fun things to do at 40 include renewing your style and wardrobe! After all, everyone has them - shoes, clothes, and accessories that we no longer wear because they do not fit, we are afraid of stepping out of the comfort zone or do not know what to pair them with. As a result, we rarely wear them, we suffer, we feel ugly in beautiful shoes because they are uncomfortable. Get rid of everything that brings discomfort. By the way, buy clothes of your size, and not with the aim of losing weight.


The wellness fitness program was developed by Joseph Pilates. The purpose of the technique is the direct interaction of the movement of the body and mind. The result will certainly please you:

  • the body will become flexible and fit;
  • the nervous system is normalized;
  • the respiratory capabilities of the body develop;
  • there is a recovery of the spine and strengthening of the back muscles.

Throw away negative thoughts

Do not complain no matter how hard it will be to abandon this habit. But you should really let go of all kinds of terrible thoughts - about illnesses, falls, tragedies, problems, treason, etc. Imagine a closet where there are many different outfits on hangers. These are your thoughts in your head. And you want to wear something beautiful but cannot reach it because the closet is overcluttered with different unnecessary stuff. This is your negativity. So, one of the best things to do when 40 is to learn how to live without bad moods and thoughts.

Start planning

Get an organizer - paper, electronic, thick or tear-off, as you prefer. Every evening (or morning) make a plan for the day, week, month. Of course, it is unlikely that you have never been planning to this day. But in case you did not, we advise you to start doing this exactly at this age because your memory is no longer as reliable as it used to be.

Take care of friendship

Emotion magazine conducted an experiment: a group of experimental comrades tried different (scientifically sound!) ways to increase their level of happiness and gave them ratings. So, the next method won first place in the ranking (as the most effective and powerful): restoration and strengthening of ties with old friends. Important details: those who appreciated the benefits of old connections met with friends in person (and not in social networks), often (and not once a year) and spent a lot of time in this company (from 40 minutes). So, calling your old acquaintances and suggesting meeting is one of those useful things to do when you're 40 and single.

Work via the Internet

Rewrites, copyrights, product descriptions, and movie reviews are now very much in demand in the content production market. If you have a high level of literacy, you can put words into coherent sentences, write quickly, then you can find your place in this niche. Where to look for orders? Register on copywriting exchanges, specialized forums.

Social activity affects longevity

The researchers concluded that people who maintain good spirits and keep in touch with the outside world stay longer in the ranks and feel much better than their peers who do not participate in various cultural and social events. Indeed, people who continue to realize themselves in different areas look great and live brightly and richly.


The area through which it is easiest to enter any organization. Some companies are intentionally looking for sales managers with no work experience since it's easier to train a person from scratch than to retrain. If you understand in the process that sales are not yours, you can try yourself in a different position in the same company.

funny things about turning 40Travels

Of course, not everyone can afford to travel abroad, but one of the good things about turning 40 is that, most probably, you have already acquired some funds. So, if you have money, a great way to diversify your life is to visit other countries and get acquainted with new cultures. If you are on a shoe-string budget, you need to pay attention to cheaper options. Traveling within the country, as a rule, is not very expensive and, if desired, you can see a lot of interesting things at a minimal cost.

Ride a bike

Scientists from the United States have proven that cycling makes symptoms of Parkinson's disease easier. Facts about turning 40 states that it is not fun getting old in terms of health. And this disease occurs in many people, regardless of their social status or occupation. As a result of such studies, researchers noted an improvement in the connections and blood circulation of the areas of the brain responsible for motor activity.

Write a book

Over a long life, people experience countless events and get a lot of all kinds of impressions about different areas of life. Why not write a book? No one says that your autobiography will become a bestseller, but memoirs will certainly take pride of place in the family archive and become a relic that will be passed on to posterity.

Dress as you like

First, you work for a reputation, then a reputation works for you - this saying goes perfectly well for forty years. One of the funny things about turning 40 is that it is already clear who a person is. Clothing ceases to be a way to merge, turning into a marker that allows you to weed out those who are incompatible with you without unnecessary effort. Don't like my bag too bright? So, stay away from it, and away from me, it will be better for both of us.


This sport has a beneficial effect on the body. All muscle groups work, and thereby the body is tightened. The healing effect is no less. Swimming has a positive effect on the circulatory and respiratory systems. And it also helps fight the diseases of the heart, blood vessels, and lungs. Positive effects on the circulatory and nervous systems are present as well.

Learn a new profession

At forty you already know what you need, you are better at human or technical studies, you want to communicate with people or stay away from them, it is important for you to help others or make money. Forty is a great time to choose consciously, to seek a balance between pleasure and income. Of course, it will be more difficult to enter the labor market in a new capacity - employers prefer young professionals. But there will be bonuses - communication skills, self-presentation skills, self-confidence gained in the past sphere, and finally, a circle of friends who are ready to recommend you.


CrossFit is a strength training with a gradual increase in barbell weight. You need to start training with less weight and smaller approaches. Try yourself at this sport, but don't overdo it. It is better to engage under the supervision of a coach. They will choose the optimal training program according to your age and physical abilities.

Get married!

Some people like to say that after 40 no one longer needs you if you have not married yet. But statistics say that after the age of forty, approximately the same number of men and women get married, so if you want a family at forty, it’s quite possible. Probably, it will even be more harmonious than the previous one - usually by the age of forty people already know well what they need and able to compromise.

things to do when 40Give birth to a baby

Of course, you can’t say that there is no difference in giving birth at 25 or 40. But pregnancy and childbirth are a very individual process. Someone will not succeed in becoming a mother at the most suitable age for this; for others, everything will be easy even after 40. It makes no sense to pay attention to the conversations of those who are not professionals in the medical sphere – listen only to your doctor and your heart. If it happened that you were paying attention to career and yourself previously, and now you are ready to become a parent- why should you abandon this idea?

Think about finances

Money is one of the components of a calm old age. It gives us the opportunity to feel free and confident and make daily choices. You do not have your own business? Fear the risks? And think, maybe a hobby will bring not only pleasure but also money? Brainstorm how to make an asset that will generate income from your liability.

Work on your body

After 40 years, you need to choose sports wisely. The mode and methods of training can be selected by an experienced trainer if you are engaged in the gym. It is better if the hours of classes are in the morning since metabolic processes are more active at this time. The duration of the training should be within an hour, with a frequency of 2-3 times a week.

Stop listening to advice and change your life as you wish

Since childhood, people have been taught that they need to live for the sake of someone or something: education, career, spouse, child, parents' expectations. Forty years is a great age to start doing something for yourself. No matter what it is – a new piece of clothing or a new country - it is up to you. Your success depends on you and the circumstances. The main thing is to never believe those who say that you can’t even think about it. You just need to try, so choose wisely, set goals, evaluate resources, make plans.

Age is not so important. The main thing is how old you feel inside. Many people give up already in 30 years and simply continue to exist in this world. And someone feels like a teenager all their life, opening up new facets of reality. Live an active life, try different hobbies, travel, go to exhibitions and theaters, play sports, change your job without regret if it does not suit you in something. You should neither grumble nor lose heart nor regret the past, and your glass will always be half full!

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