Best Sexy Messages for Her


The long-distance relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend is a very interesting and fun thing. And flirting via smartphones can get quite exciting. First date, acquaintance, real-life communication and the first kiss are all important. But flirting and communicating while you are away from each other are also major components of healthy relationships. In the past, people used to flirt through SMS, but now this art of conquering hearts has moved to social networks and messengers. Even the saying «to slide into DM’s» has officially become a proverb now, but the rules of this flirting have not changed.

Coming up with sexy text messages to send your beloved is a whole art, which is quite difficult to learn. You should communicate with your partner on the Internet or via SMS because it would be odd just to ignore the possibilities modern technologies give you. Not to let you get frustrated, we have prepared a small instruction on how to write the best sexy messages. In addition, you will find a ton of examples of what to send your lovers to invigorate their spirits for the rest of the day and give a hint of your spicy intentions.

sexy text messages for her

Are Sexy Messages a Good Idea?

Are you feeling itchy for some innocent or vice versa perky and even depraved flirting with your spouse? Then, why don't you try? After all, there is nothing criminal in it, however, imagine how wonderful will it work to refresh relationships. Praising your beloved one with sexy good night messages every now and then or making some forked hints will always add to the spiciness.

And if your relationship is just beginning, by flirting you are able to attract a young person, to intrigue them and move communication to a more intriguing level. In addition, flirting via the phone is a very exciting experience that can make you regain confidence in your inner attractiveness. Since you don’t see the partner during the Internet correspondence, your texting becomes more open and practically everything you would ever wish for can be said with a light heart. That is why, as long as you feel comfortable and ready for some virtual flirting, send your beloved a couple of cute sexy messages.

In addition to this, psychologists claim that long-term couples talk about their feelings only a few times a year: on Valentine's Day, on the birthday, and other holidays, for example. While on a daily basis, spouses remain deprived of attention, and that is so wrong!

Not every person is liberated enough to send sweet sexy messages, of course, but in some situations, one text message can positively affect the mood of your partners and their behavior.

No matter whether you are just preparing for a serious relationship, and your goal is to interest the person you like so that they begin to dream of you, or you have been married for years, sexy messages can always have the place. By the way, online corresponding has a few advantages:

  • It does not require too much time;
  • You can flirt with several young people at once if you are in a search for a partner;
  • You do not hesitate to say something that would not tell a person directly face to face;
  • If you get used to sending a sexy message to a girlfriend, then she will respond with the same. Just imagine that you get a horny message from her when you are sad and bored at work, surely you will race home as fast as you can then!

How to Write a Sexy Text Message?

Yes, both girls and boys love with their ears. And you need to take this into account during your communication and treat your beloved with a catchy hint from time to time or send sexy messages to a person you like. Of course, there are some tips and main rules you should learn before approaching your interlocutor with a horny message in the online conversation. There are a few of them below.

Call the girl by her name. Reaching out to someone by name will make any person more disposed towards the other person. This works exceptionally well while sending sexy messages to her, of course. Another option to use could be some kind or funny nicknames. Come up with some secret names for each other and use them when you want to sharpen sensations.

sweet sexy messagesDo compliments. Sexy text messages for her should not only include your fantasies about her body and what you would wish to do with it if you were near her right now. Do not forget to comment a girl you like on how beautiful her eyes are or how stunning she looks in her new lingerie. But remember that a compliment must be sincere. Girls expose fakes immediately.

Be mysterious. A man is inherently very inquisitive. People were always magnified and attracted by riddles. This is probably why detectives are so popular. So not respond directly to her questions, do not disclose all your plans at once, give small hints and start your own game. Make her feel your domination and beg you to shred a tiny morsel of light on your intentions.

Take the initiative. It sometimes happens that the male doesn't take the first step, yet girls are used to enterprising and persistent men. Therefore, you should take the initiative in your hands while online communication as well. Make meaningful hints or help the girl create all the conditions for her to make these hints herself. For example, the message, "Just Out of the Shower" puts the girl in the driving seat.

Write grammatically correctly. It can seem a hackneyed topic, but the flirting game does not tolerate trifles. Any spelling mistake while writing sexy messages for her can wipe out the whole pleasant impression. Wouldn’t you agree that it is much more pleasant to enjoy reading and not stumble over mistakes in words?

Reduce the number of messages. Carefully analyze the number of messages you have sent to a man or a girl. Experts believe that numbers of messages from both interlocutors should be equal because if not it can mean someone gets too obtrusive. If there are too many messages, the likelihood that the person will soon lose interest in you will increase as your lovely conversation begins to turn into a monologue.

Reduce the length. The meaning of this rule doesn’t only lie in that brevity is the soul of wit. But the length of the message shows the interest of the interlocutor in their correspondent. If their texts are much longer than your messages, it means that you are doing everything right. And when it comes to sexy text messages for her, the less you say, the more you will intrigue the girl.

Identify the purpose of your messages. Psychologists claim that each text message should have its own purpose which is clear only to you. Here are some examples of what task you can attach to each message:

  • make someone jealous;
  • intriguing;
  • making him/her want to call you;
  • having a partner make an appointment;
  • increase his/her/your self-esteem;
  • giving a compliment.

Sexy Text Messages for Her

Finally, here are some ready to use examples of phrases you can apply in your conversation with a girl you like.

  • My body is on fire and definitely wants to dance with you!
  • I peer into the mirror and want to find your reflection in it!
  • Today I saw you through a window, or were it not you?
  • I need to burn a couple of thousand calories. Can you tell me what exercises should we do together?
  • I like your new lingerie. But I prefer to see it on the floor.
  • What movie would you watch with me now?
  • We could have some great time spending the whole weekend together
  • Don’t you think we can become more than just good friends?
  • I really care about your personal qualities! Tell me more about yourself.
  • I've just got out of the bathroom, and it seems to be so cool when you are naked in the lonely flat…
  • I would love to help you clean the house for a little reward, of course.
  • Do you know what would I say looking at you in the pool? That you look even more stunning in the water.
  • I wish I could look at you asleep.
  • Have you ever had a man help you zip up the back of a tight dress? Because I would do that.
  • What do you think I know about you, except for your phone number?

Sexy Text Messages for Him

Nothing can be sexier than a woman who knows how to be, to feel and look attractive and who is confident in herself. So here are some phrases to play footsie with your man via text messages.

  • You should better think about your work, not about me, or I will punish you at home.
  • Strange, but the only time I think I don’t waste my time is when my thoughts are about you.
  • I wish you turn back home to see me in a new dress as well as what is hidden under it.
  • Where will we meet? At the nearest sex shop.
  • Your smile is so wide ... almost like my bed.
  • sexy text messages for herI know you had a hard-working day, but we are going to have a hard-working night when you come back home.
  • I wish you gave me a ride, even though we do not have a car. If you know what I mean.
  • I mean the nights are so cold now... If only someone came to warm me up.
  • Should I thank your parents next time we meet for bringing up a son that has such hot butt?
  • You get me drunk without alcohol, and I’m ready to get addicted.
  • Will you do without sleep for three days with me?
  • I cannot sleep. As soon as I close my eyes at night, your name immediately begins to take over my thoughts ...

Sexy Good Morning Messages

  • I like waking up with you. Have an awesome day!
  • Good morning baby, I hope you had a perfect sleep! I start getting bored as soon as the door is closed behind you.
  • Waking up in your arms is like a fairy tale.
  • I just wanted you to know what I was thinking about you all morning. <3.
  • We need to cancel those mornings when I do not wake up in your hugs. I will miss you all day long!
  • You are the first thing I think about when I go to sleep or wake up in the morning. Just wanted to say that I love you!
  • Good morning, Sunshine! I wish you a great day and a lot of thoughts about me!
  • My pillow definitely gets jealous because it knows that sleeping on you is better.
  • Good morning, handsome, did you dream about me this night?
  • Tell me what did you dream about last night, and I will tell you my fantasies...
  • Good morning, baby. I had the dirtiest dream about you last night...
  • Good morning to the best lover in the world! We can check whether this statement is true tonight!
  • Did you know that our mornings were invented to lie naked in an embrace? Well, now you know. Just keep this in mind.
  • I am sorry that I am not next to you to kiss you everywhere and make your morning better!
  • Did I tell you that I love morning sex? It’s a pity you are not here ;).
  • Good morning sexy! I will hug you later.
  • I hope you slept well last night because I have big plans for you.
  • I would like to be there and make you breakfast into a bed. Well after the rest of everything, of course.
  • Good morning, baby, I hope your coffee is as hot as you are.

Finally, we hope these examples of sexy messages to send to him will encourage you to flirt more with your partner. As well as men shouldn’t forget about sexting with their girlfriends because this definitely raises the mood, libido, and confidence up! However, decide the level of frankness yourself and make dirty hints if you are confident and open with your beloved one.