Courtship Vs. Dating: Which One's for You?


You met a nice person, and you really liked them at first sight. So much so that the first sex between you happened too quickly - at least earlier that you have been taught to by your parents. From that first time you have sex every time you meet. A month after month passes, and you still have not heard from your beloved one any words of love or offers to meet their friends, nothing but the questions about your next meeting. Chances are you have stuck in the trap of an unserious relationship. What to do then? Courting is a relatively old yet new way of dating you might try.

courting vs dating

What Is the Difference Between Dating and Courting?

An emerging romance, like any relationship, is a complex process, not stable and difficult to describe. Joy and happiness are followed by the moments of doubt and anxiety, and clarity is replaced by a nebula of perspectives and sometimes unnecessary thoughts. You might suspect that your partner and you have different plans and values. So, what is the difference between dating and courtship?

Being pretty clear. The most obvious thing is the confession. Here the declaration of intentions is more important than the specific confession, "I love you." The latter can be said under the influence of the moment, which does not mean at all the frivolity of your possible spouse. But feelings are not an easy thing, and sometimes a person may be mistaken, and it can be about wishful thinking. Another thing is the recognition that your relationship is very important to them, and “It seems to them that something serious is happening between you.” Most likely, this is true.

Trust and honesty. Another courtship vs dating difference is the priority of your relationship for a person. Everything should be clear here. They have a lot of work, but they will always find time to meet with you and will never show that they are tired since communication with you gives your beloved one strength. Confessions, expressions of feelings and care are fine, but what do you think about it?

Do you need a serious relationship with a person? Have you told yourself, “I want to marry this person and I am ready for a serious relationship”? If yes, then move towards it and try to trust your loved one. This is not easy, especially if there were situations in your past involving cheating or insecurity. However, you should not translate your past experiences on a person and make hasty conclusions.

Everyone knows the difference between dating and courting – the second is a relationship in which both believe in each other. The main thing when falling in love is not to be fooled. If you feel something is not right, do not try to forget it, and if you have trust issues or you have already been deceived several times in a row, do not let yourself be talked into a new trap - make painful but right conclusions. difference between dating and courtingHow to understand if a person wants a serious relationship and there is a courtship between you? Do not ask, do not believe promises, but first of all, listen to yourself and evaluate their actions.

They can listen to you. If a person not only talks but also gives you a shoulder to cry on, then everything goes perfectly. The difference between courting and dating is that in courting, the attention to your life is extremely valuable. Your partner has serious plans for you, so they will do anything to make sure you are happy. If you can confirm this, you are lucky: great happiness is to meet someone that treats your life as high as their own including all your past and present. Courting versus dating can be identified by the fact that when planning to marry you and have a deep connection, a person will tell stories about their childhood, add pronoun "we" when talking about you as a couple instead of "me and my partner" and listen to what you can tell as well. And if you are looking forward to meeting with their parents, you are definitely courting.

Here's Why Courting Might Be for You

As is has been already explained, the difference between courting and dating is that serious relationships are ones where long-term perspectives are firmly promised, and both sides are not going to change anything in their promises and commitments. Their plans are serious. In the dating versus courting battle, the second will certainly win for you if you are sick and tired of relationships without obligations, fleeting meetings and want to stick to something more traditional.

Pros of Courting

  • Both sides are not looking for other backup options or "spare" ways.
  • There is a common bond between people, their vision of the future is similar, they have common plans and perspectives that inspire them both to act.
  • Dating vs courtship differs in what the second case means readiness to marry a person, have children and build plans to grow old together.
  • "Serious" courtship is distinguished from "ordinary" relationship not only by these external signs but also by the deep nature of such connection. They are based on mutual understanding, common values, and interests, a sense of stability and reliability.
  • Courtship versus dating means that the success of a relationship depends on the reciprocity of feelings, respect for yourself and a partner, the desire to be together and give your loved one more than receive in return. It is more about it than the simple need to have sex or fear of staying lonely.
  • The next clear sign of strong relationships is sincerity and trust in each other. After all, it is no secret that every person needs to feel safe and trust her beloved one in anything. Otherwise, they become vulnerable to any life challenges.
  • But how to tell courting vs dating apart? Learn to evaluate not the words but actions. They are, as you know, worth a million words. If the person really builds serious plans towards you and tells everybody about it openly, you can be sure that they are in real love with you and not just using big words.
  • Another thing why you may want to choose courtship is a conscious approach to difficult life situations. It means the willingness to make a decision and face responsibility for its consequences. This is essentially a reasonable willingness to collectively endure the hardships that may arise especially in a long-term relationship. The ability to be responsible for the common future is also a part of this responsibility, which is typical for a healthy relationship. So, if you try this way of relationship, you can be sure your partner will always have your back.

As you can see, courting is a renewed version of what once entitled a regular term "relationship," as things today have gone out of hands. So, when the extremes have been reached, people decided to step back, and now courtship with its traditional way of flirting and being open about your plans are a big hit. This option will be perfect for those who are tired of the uncertainty and protracted misery of doubts, especially for those of an older age.

When you are at your 40’s or more, and all your peers have already married, the pressure is obvious. In this case, try to be open and positive about your plans and explain them to every person you are treating seriously. And if your attitudes coincide, you can form a strong couple without the fear of losing your partner or being cheated if things do not work out in the sex aspect or staying unmarried.

How to Detect Dating Without Long-Term Plans?

dating versus courtingSometimes detecting courting and dating at the right time can save you a lot of nerves and efforts. Because no one wants to work on the relationship that is doomed to failure, right? Here are some aspects of courting that might help you distinguish it from regular dating.

  • Don't lie to yourself. If you think that a person is only looking at you, most likely you are deceiving yourself. It is clear that the person has no serious intentions. Here are some of the main signs.
  • You meet only for sex, and you do not go anywhere together: neither to the cinema, nor to the theater, nor simply to walk.
  • They do not introduce you to their friends, and they don't hurry to get to know yours. You can meet on the street with their friend, but a person that does not treat you seriously will go away to talk to them leaving you alone to wait.
  • You cannot call them and complain about your problems. Most often such partner will say that you are being a wet blanket or just switch the subject.
  • They do not stay with you overnight. Your partner prefers to leave immediately after sex.
  • They do not call you between meetings just to talk or ask you how you are doing. As a rule, calls are made to arrange another meeting.
  • They spend a minimum of resources on you: both financial, and emotional. You do not have a common budget and practically stay unaware of each other’s spends.

Is it worth trying? Is there a chance that a relationship just for sex will grow into something serious? If your intuition is well developed, then you should already know the correct answer. And it is rather disappointing. If your partner behaves as described for a longer period of time, this means that they do not plan anything serious with you and are unlikely to change their attitude towards you.

After all, if you did not tell them anything about your expectations from the very beginning, then this means that you are satisfied with such a relationship. However, you still have a chance to transfer regular dating to courtship, just telling your partner about your plans, expectations, and desires to rebuild your communication.

Now women have become independent and self-sufficient, and many men really do not know how to behave. But every person should feel and be aware of their needs. You always have an opportunity to declare them. And if you are rejected after telling that you want to marry a person and have a cute child, it means that they just do not suit you. Having clear priorities, you will surely meet a person with the same goals as yours.

All questions are best discussed at the very beginning. Many people today, getting acquainted, have already predetermined their expectations. So they say, "I need only sex." This is especially common on dating sites. If you have heard similar offers, you should not look for some hidden implications in these words, the desire to insult or use you. People who are straightforward mean exactly what they say. If your goals do not coincide, it is better to politely refuse.

As a rule, such people are not upset by your rejection, they approach this pragmatically to the point that they have a list, where they tick out candidates who have not accepted their offer. But you should not be offended by this as well. Yes, they perceive you as an object for satisfying their sexual needs. However, at the same time, they clear out everything and are pretty honest.

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