How to Date a Vegetarian Girl: Your Diet Really Matters


Vegetarian girls: trendy or thoughtful?

It is not easy being a vegetarian girl, considering the amount of backlash one typically receives. There is a myriad of vegetarian girl problems. Whenever vegetarian girls go out for a meal, there is a high enough chance the topic will surface in one way or another. This is especially the case when going out on a first date with a vegetarian girl. Is she supposed to tell you she is a vegetarian? Because some girls consider moves like that to be annoying and needy, so they decide to keep it to themselves, which doesn't raise any hesitations from your side to take her out for a steak. If you manage to get past the first date, learn how to cook for a vegetarian girl, since this will be a great second or third date idea. If you know how to cook a romantic dinner for a vegetarian girl, you will score some major points. Their lives are further complicated by the fact that people automatically assume they are stuck up. There is a difference between a vegetarian and someone who is a prick.

how to impress a vegetarian girl

Vegetarianism is a lifestyle and a conscious choice. These girls are not trying to complicate your life in any way and do not want to. Their lives are already complicated enough as they have to scan the restaurant's menu and ask waiters which meals contain this or that. A large percentage of girls decide to seek a life of a vegetarian girl just for the sake of it. Some see it as an opportunity to lose weight. Some - possibly gain some extra vegetarian followers on their social media pages and present themselves as the saviors of Earth and public outcasts. Whatever the reason, it takes a lot of knowledge to live a lifestyle like this, so if you happen to land yourself a cute vegetarian girl, show her some respect. Be a good boyfriend and learn how to impress a vegetarian girl with the tips mentioned below.

How to date a vegetarian girl: tips & advice

Of the billions of ordinary omnivorous girls, you happened to not end up with one. You cannot command your heart, and it chose a vegetarian. Of course, the standard approaches here are ineffective. For your attention, here are some tips and advice, adherence to which increases the chances of success on the love front with vegetarian dating.

  1. The most important rule on how to date a vegetarian girl is to never offer her any meat of any kind, either as a joke or in a serious manner. This is an obvious one but should be mentioned for some people. Do not hesitate to try her food. If you do not like something, she will cook another dish, not meat that is. It is highly likely that she won't even bother touching it, ever.
  2. If your beloved woman is an ethical vegan, then do not invite her to the circus, zoo, racetracks or other places where animals are being exploited. For her, this is not a spectacle to admire, and not fun at all.
  3. If you managed to score yourself a hot vegetarian girl, learn the philosophy of your girl's life. It is important to be on top not only during intense make-out sessions, but also in your discussions. In addition, you will certainly be interested in exploring the inner world of the lady you are with and understand what motivated her to abandon medium rare steaks, adopting a philosophy of nonviolence over animals.
  4. Do not enter into an intellectual duel with your girl until carefully studying the vegetarian way of life. Search through relevant resources on the Internet, pay attention to the basic concepts, facts, and statistics: how vegetarianism differs from veganism, the reasons why people become vegetarians, why eating plants is not the same as eating animals, where vegetarians get their proteins, etc. And only then, having made a balanced and informed opinion, you can start a conversation on the topic. Otherwise, you risk becoming one of the many others, and not her one and only.vegetarian dating
  5. Never call your mom asking her to prepare some vegetarian meals in honor of your woman's birthday or anything like that. This can become a breeding ground for hostile relations between a potential mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The best option is to ask your mother to make a good vegetable salad. That is without eggs, mayonnaise, squid and other animal ingredients.
  6. Respect the choice of your beloved girl. Either you accept it as it is, or you do not accept it at all. She has her own products, with which she cooks exclusively vegetable-based dishes, and you have your own. You have separate pans.
  7. Never put forward any assumptions among people or when alone with her that she has certain health issues due to the refusal to eat meat. After such statements, any self-respecting lady will simply break off her relationship with you. If the woman is a temperamental and emotional person, she may very well black your eye. Do not take her to any exclusively carnivorous restaurants and institutions. Try to find a place where both of you will find delicacies to taste.
  8. 8. If you want to be dating vegetarian girls, always keep some kind of pro-vegetarian food at home. Vegetarian food is digested fairly quickly, so if your girl suddenly decides to pay you a visit, and the refrigerator only has food she chooses to exclude, then you can expect the sexual marathon not to happen.
  9. Never focus other people's attention on the vegetarianism lifestyle of your better half. This will not help the situation in any way, but will create additional problems in communicating with others, including your relatives and friends. If it is necessary - she will say everything herself. She is a grown woman and has made it this far in life somehow.
  10. Find out the level of extremism your lady has. Vegetarians can be very tolerant, soft and quiet ladies as well as very expressive, lovers of the extremes. If she steals and buries your mother's fur coat, then you can consider it your fault. You did not bother to find out all the nuances she has in time. Do not talk to her about hunting, fishing and other hobbies related to the killing of animals in one way or another. You may be interested in this, but for her, it's an emotional topic which is not worth bringing up.
  11. Do not be afraid to ask her about the composition of the products you buy for her if you are in doubt. Let's say that marmalade contains gelatin, a product of animal origin. So if you gift a vegetarian girl a big marmalade bear, then, most likely, she will reject this gift. This is a must if you want to be dating a vegetarian girl.
  12. Last and also kind of obvious. Do not torture or hurt animals. If you are a decent human being, you won't be doing so either way. Otherwise, the girl will leave you for a vegetarian she may find on vegetarian dating sites or want to convert you to her faith.

Follow these tips and stop her from having to find herself a new partner from top rated vegetarian dating sites. If you feel sincere and mutual feelings for each other, despite the difference in worldviews and the food system, you will be together.

Reasons to date a vegetarian girl

They go to the grocery store quite regularly. If you have ever dated a girl that restocks her fridge once a week and barely has anything to eat at times, then this will be a nice change of pace for you. When talking about vegetarian women, keep in mind that they go to the grocery store as often as they take a shower, so you can expect a daily influx of new products, meaning you do not have to worry about being hungry and finding nothing in the fridge. You pretty much never have to share your own food. If you haven't had one, then you have probably seen someone's girlfriend constantly nagging her boyfriend for him to share his food with her, even though he previously asked if she wanted something and she said no. If your girlfriend happens to be a vegetarian, you will likely not have to deal with issues of this nature. Most of the time she can neither eat what you have nor want to.

dating vegetarian girlsYour girl's healthy lifestyle may positively affect you. One of the good things about having a girlfriend that lives a healthy lifestyle is that seeing her do so on a daily basis may lead you to want to make positive changes yourself. You may just start trying out some of the green stuff instead of the usual carbohydrate and sugar-packed meals you are used to. Your girlfriend is not picky when ordering out. You will find yourself not having to wait more than a few minutes for her to choose something on the menu. Vegetarian women are not that picky as it may seem at first. Automatically, any kind of meat is canceled out, which leaves a few options that are usually easy to choose from. Expect not to have your time wasted, since vegetarian women know what they want.

Vegetarian girls are also quite commonly cheap dates. A steakhouse may seem better to you, but they absolutely do not mind going somewhere simple, as long as the food is good and eco-friendly for her. There is also no need to worry about having sufficient funds in your bank account or wallet, considering soups and salads are not that expensive, while they are filling and taste great. In addition to all of the above, you pretty much never have to second guess a vegetarian woman. They speak the honest truth almost all of the time and have no problem telling others what they think about them or any particular situation, whether it be the good, the bad, or the ugly.

If your girl is a vegetarian dating a meat eater, you do not have to worry about getting cold in the winter. Surprisingly enough, studies have shown that vegetarians have a faster metabolism, meaning they are more efficient at producing warm body temperature. Therefore, if your blanket does not do its job and doesn’t keep you warm, you can be sure that she will. No need for a fireplace, just cozy up next to her.

While they may have a strong desire to convince you to join the green side of the world, they will never force you into such a decision and change your eating habits without your will. Vegetarian women are compassionate, good-hearted and warm, so if you do your job and learn the ins and outs of living with one in harmony, then you can expect to have your favor returned, and live a very happy life indeed. Knowing this you may even want to specifically consider finding a girl on a dating site for vegetarians.

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