How to Make Her Happy in a Long-Distance Relationship


In our time, it often happens that couples build long-distance relationships. Undoubtedly, such relationships are incredibly romantic. It often happens that a love story about a long-distance relationship develops into a storyline for amazing movies and novels. Some people think that true feelings can survive separation. However, it often happens that long distance relationships can bring a lot of pain and grief. Sometimes this becomes the reason for breakups. So, how to make long distance relationships work? And why bother?

how to be happy in a long distance relationship

Do long distance relationships work?

Most often, long distance relationship stories arise when one of the spouses or partners have to go to a distant place for a long time. For example, a partner has studies abroad or goes on a business trip. And the other partner has no opportunity to go with a beloved one there. It often happens that there is no opportunity to visit the partner. A huge number of beautiful ladies in this situation think about ending such a relationship. However, on the other hand, long-distance relationships can be an ideal test for true feelings between the loving partners. If after a while relations that seemed strong and perfect, begin to gradually fall apart, then, perhaps , the relationship is not so strong as it seemed to be.

In modern society people often get pen pals. Without any doubts, such communication via the Internet has a huge number of advantages. For example, the worldwide network allows you to find lovers from almost all countries in the world. This becomes even easier when a person speaks foreign languages. However, such a relationship is unlikely to last long. As a rule, if there is no personal meeting, then sooner or later this relationship comes to an end. If the meeting is still destined to happen, then it can become a real surprise and shock for a guy. Such meetings are not always pleasant. At best, a guy will hate the lady. However, in some cases, a young person may at all turn out to be a completely different person than to a correspondent. There is always a risk of encountering a real psychopath. Moreover, a guy can have a sufficiently large number of girls with whom he communicates or even from time to time meets. How to deal with a long distance relationship then?

Some people go into long distance relationships consciously, transferring them to a family life. Quite recently such phenomenon as guest marriage arose, which in a short period of time gained incredible popularity. This is a kind of relationship when a couple is in an officially registered marriage, but they live at a distance and periodically visit each other. So, how to handle a long distance relationship?

How to make a long distance relationship work

We have prepared some tips for long distance relationships. Let’s go through 5 ways to make the distance in the relationship less noticeable:

1. Tickets

No matter how often you and your beloved see each other, you should have plans for the next trip. Long distance relationships do not tolerate ambiguity and uncertainty. The day you need to say goodbye at least one of you should have a ticket for the next visit. If you live far from each other, choose a neutral territory, where it is easy to get for both of you. Let this country or city become your personal quiet harbor, where at least for a short time you can hide from the rest of the world and be close to each other. Therefore, consider our long distance relationship advice and buy tickets in advance.

how to deal with a long distance relationship​2. Letters

The second out of long distance relationship tips on our list is letters. Write them by hand and send them in envelopes. Most likely, you call each other every day and talk over your lives, but the letters should have other content. Long distance relationships require romance. Put in the envelopes postcards, poems, photos and your soul. You can do it unilaterally, and you can replace letters with postcards, sweet or funny ones. With the development of postcards industry you can afford any postcard you can imagine.

3. Tradition

Start a tradition. Monthly, weekly or daily. What do you find interesting and physically possible to do together, despite the distance? The most difficult and important thing is finding time for each other, when each of you has a personal life. Get up at one time and text “good morning”, have a candlelit dinner online, read the same book, watch a movie synchronously, even a Skype call at a certain time can become your personal tradition, even if it's short.

Traditions also work as a barometer in long distance relationship activities. The scale of following traditions should be of mutual importance and interest.

4. Gadgets

In the XXI century long-distance relationship is easy to maintain with the help of applications, like Snapchat, Instagram stories, Viber videos, Watsapp video calls. For those who want to keep in touch, the possibilities are more than enough, and they all fit into the pocket of your jeans. Be sure to share photos during the day, so that the partner feels involved in your routine life, virtually acquaint her with friends, new things, and places you visit. Another important rule of a long distance relationship is to be interested in the response!

5. Focus

Long distance relationships evoke a sense of inferiority of your private life. They often are thought-provoking, they make us sad, they make us cry on Valentine's Day, when being far from our beloved. The focus shift will help you. All the time you spend without your beloved should be filled with something very useful. Pay attention to your work, studies, sports, hobbies or appearance. Get to know yourself as a person, pump yourself physically and emotionally, work on your behavior in a relationship, even being at a distance.

How to keep your girlfriend happy in a long distance relationship

The key to success in a relationship is to make a girl happy. But how to keep a girlfriend happy in a long distance relationship? If you are seeing your girl long enough, you face a period when you begin to fight a lot. This is all because you stop behaving the way you used to when you were wooing her. As a bonus you have left to live somewhere in Bolivia and your communication became less intimate than it used to be. Here's what you need to do to make her happy:

Be tolerant to her

Wondering how to be happy in a long distance relationship? Be tolerant and loyal .This is the most basic and important rule. Refrain from flirting and cheating with other girls. Relationships develop on trust. If you have problems in a relationship, talk to her. Nobody is perfect, so be able to forgive mistakes and shortcomings. Tolerate your girl. Every time you want to do some action, remember that she is the one that loves you.

Sorry should not seem to be the hardest word for you

Be able to apologize if you made a mistake or hurt her. Apologies are a great way to turn an embarrassing moment into one of the most memorable.

Say you love her

These three magic words work wonders. “I love you” is what you just need to tell her from time to time. Gently touch the laptop or phone, look into her eyes and say that you love her very much.

Call her

Show your concern. You will need more than 5 minutes a day to call and ask how she is doing, as you will not have a chance to meet soon. Be interested in what happened to her today. She will appreciate it.

gifts for long distance relationshipSend her long distance relationship gifts

If you are busy, and there is absolutely no time to call, send her gifts for long distance relationship. It should not be too expensive or luxury. The gift should represent your feelings and your care. Send it in advance if you want to show how much you miss her. There are hundreds of delivery opportunities nowadays. Just imagine how happy you will make her if the delivery man brings some flowers from you right to her office. Write that you love her and miss her on the card.

Share your life with her

Tell her about yourself. Do not create big gaps in your past. Tell her about your life. It is important that she learns everything from you, not from other people. Introduce her to your friends, colleagues and parents (use Skype if you need). Ask which shirt you should wear to work.

Give her some freedom

No need to complain every day. Give her a little space. Let the girl spend time with her friends. Do not be jealous of friends. Let her know that you trust her. If she does not see you, she starts missing you. That’s a good thing.

Respect her opinion

Do you remember what you were taught in school? Treat others the same way you want them to treat you. Respect her opinion, and rejoice in her success. Call and wish her good luck if she has an important event scheduled. If a girl has problems at work, stand by her side. Calm her down and say that everything will be fine. You can give her good advice, even though you are far away.

Long distance relationship problems

Men and women have different attitudes towards relationships. It is natural for women to wait for her lover, demonstrating amazing patience. But men in this situation are much more impatient. The thing is that it is difficult for them to cope with any difficulties in the relationship, especially if they are long-distance ones. Therefore, as a rule, it is men who initiate the termination of long distance relationships. Psychologists argue that this behavior of men is a kind of protective reaction, and it arises from the fear of being abandoned by a woman.

In our time, building and maintaining relationships away from each other is a little easier. The development of technologies such as a cell phone or the Internet, e-mail or social networks, Skype and Snapchat allow a person to be close to the lover even at a huge distance. With the development of these technologies in modern society, such phenomenon as online dating appeared. Some try to find online dating that will lead to an intimate relationship. Others try to find a life partner. And this communication quite often develops into real relationships, which can result in marriage. Therefore, do not be afraid of long distance relationships.

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