How to Make the Best Profile Picture for a Dating Site


Oh, who cares for those profile pictures? That’s your typical thought before registering on some online dating service. But then you start noticing that you are not that successful in your online dating experience. However, you don't put the blame on the profile picture. Online dating is all about getting to know each other mentally, without being distracted by each other’s appearance. Probably there is something wrong with your bio. You’ve either given too much or too little information. You change it, but you don’t become more popular. So, is profile picture that important after all? Let’s figure it out.

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Do Profile Pictures Really Matter That Much?

The internet is full of articles on how to make good profile pictures, but we prefer to dismiss articles like that, thinking that the importance of the profile picture is kinda exaggerated. But your profile picture means a lot. Regardless of whether you are putting zero or too much effort into the way you present yourself online, you are completely wrong. Neither a boring photo of your face nor the picture showing you shirtless will help you end up on the list of the best profile pictures. You may think that there is no such thing as a cool profile picture, but there is. And a good profile picture is more important than you may think. So, why does it happen?

Now, let’s be honest, when you are browsing the users on a dating site, what is the first thing that you pay attention to? Is it the bio? Common interests? Nope! It’s the photo. And while you may think that it is much more important for the girls to care about their appearance, while you may simply don’t give a damn about that, you are totally wrong. Girls swipe the profiles on Tinder the same way as you do, basing on the photos of attractive strangers. And to have the right photo is an art, just like everything else, when it is about trying to make a girl interested in you. And how to make sure that you have the best profile picture? First, let’s have a look at the certain profile pictures do’s and don’ts.

Profile Picture Do’s and Don’ts

If you want to have cool profile pics, you need to maintain balance. It means that you need to put enough effort to pick up the right photo but not to overdo. In order to help you, we’ve collected the list of profile picture do’s and don’ts. It will help you figure out that actual awesome profile pictures and those that you consider being so, don’t always go hand in hand. So, let’s check it out without further ado.

awesome profile picturesDo use your recent photo?

You may think that you haven’t changed that much for the last five years or you may consider your old photos to be better than your latest ones, but you should always use recent photos for your profile pic. You may not notice the changes, but others do. Moreover, an old photo of you is going to cause you complications on your first date. Actually, you may not even go on the first date, figuring out that your lie is going to be obvious. So, do use your recent photo. It is the best and the only choice for your profile picture.

Don’t use someone else’s photo

That’s an obvious don’t, yet a lot of people use photos of celebrities. The funniest point that it may have worked previously when the internet wasn’t that developed, but now you can search by pictures. So, your lie is going to be revealed quite fast if your chat-mate is not lazy enough for that. Even if your chat-mate is lazy enough to check out your profile picture, how are you going to go on the date? So, using your someone else’s photo is not the best idea for your profile pic.

Do smile

While you may think that you should look serious in your profile picture, you actually should smile. When you smile, you show your openness to other online daters, which increases your chances to find your prospective partner. Still, if you know for sure that you may not look that attractive with the smile on your face, you can avoid smiling. But mind having a welcoming expression on your face.

Don’t Be a Peacock

Do you know how peacocks act in order to attract a potential mate? Well, when you use your shirtless photos for a profile picture, you look the same. Even if your body is perfect, you should avoid posting shirtless pictures. Most likely, you’d be considered a narcissist.

Do settle on one great picture

While it may be hard to pick one generic profile picture, especially when you have a lot of great photos on your hands, you should still pick the one that you like most and stay with it for from two to six months. It is important for people on the dating site to recognize you when they are unsure to chat with you or not. When you stick with one picture for a while, your chances to be recognized increase.

Don’t change profile picture too often

When you have a lot of great photos, it is extremely hard to settle on one photo. You feel more like using all of them for your profile picture. And you start changing your profile picture every week. Not getting enough response to your profile picture, may be another reason for changing your profile picture too often. But you need to give it time for your profile picture to start working and attract people. Do you have no success in online dating? Probably that’s because you are changing your avatar too fast, and people cannot recognize you.

Do look into the camera

While you may think that you look more attractive or sexy looking on the right or on the left, you should look into the camera. Your prospective dates need to see your sight, otherwise, it makes no sense. You shouldn’t stare into the camera in a creepy way, though.

Don’t wear sunglasses

While you may think that you look good in sunglasses, that’s not something you should wear for your profile picture. Your gaze is important, so people need to see your eyes. Moreover, sunglasses can drastically change your appearance. You may look absolutely different with and without sunglasses, so avoid wearing them on your profile picture.

Do Use Picture From a Party

While profile pictures made by a professional photographer are welcomed if you have a great photo from some party, you can definitely use it as your profile picture. It can tell a bit more about your personality, show that you like partying. So, a nice photo of you at the party is welcomed.

you are changing your avatar too fastDon’t use picture from your big night out

While pictures from a party are alright, photos of you and your drunk friends from your big nights out are not acceptable. You can’t attract a prospective partner with showing how wild you are at parties, and how drunk you can get. You wouldn’t like photos of your drunken self being posted online, so there is no need to post them yourself.

Profile Picture Ideas

Now after learning the do’s and don’ts on how to make a profile picture, it’s time to check up some profile picture ideas. Here we are going to provide you with some useful new information as well as expand on the above-mentioned topics.

Show your natural smile

Remember we’ve talked about smiling on your profile picture? Well, if you want to make a cool profile pic, you need to show your natural smile. A lot of people can go over the top with a smiling face. What you need to do is to smile naturally on your profile picture. You should avoid forced smile by all costs.

Show you abs

It’s great advice for men. Remember what we’ve said about shirtless photos? Well, while shirtless is not the best choice for profile pics, wearing something that allows showing your abs can work just perfectly. According to Big Think research, women are more attracted to profile pictures where men are exposing their abs.

Take photos closer to evening

According to OkCupid, it is better to take photos closer to the evening. It turns out that photos taken during the late afternoon or early evening tend to be sexier. The reason behind that lies in lightning, as golden light of the sunset makes everything better.

Avoid group photos

Group photos never turn out to be great profile pics, and do you know why? The first question that your prospective mate is going to ask is, “Which one are you?” And we all have friends that look way better than we do. So, don’t gamble on it. Awesome profile pics always show you alone.

Leave your pets out

We know that pictures of cats and dogs are extremely cute, but that’s something that you should avoid when picking your profile picture. First of all, your pet may distract your prospective date’s attention. And pets tend to steal the show. So, if you want a cute profile picture, don't use photos with pets.