How to Pick Up Women


It's not that difficult to find a partner in the modern world since it provides people with a huge number of opportunities for different tastes. The very thing you should do is to not ignore every chance you get. A spontaneous acquaintance in everyday life seems to be archaic in the present reality: everything happens online much too often. Nevertheless, this is one of the most romantic situations, which can become a perfect story to tell your future grandchildren. The old-fashioned way of acquaintance has at least several undeniable advantages. Firstly, you always see a real person, and not their processed 10-year-away-from-today pic. Secondly, you can use the maximum of your charm: alas, virtual communication still does not convey all the nuances of the face-to-face one.

So, if you want to meet someone special in the nearest future, you should master the most effective pickup lines for women. If you are not good at this topic, then it’s high time to change this situation and find out, first of all, the best place to pick up women and several tips on how to do that successfully.

how to pick up women

Best Places to Pick Up Women

Someone will say that every place where you can meet charming ladies can turn out to be the best place to pick up women. On the one hand, it’s true, and such a statement has the right to life, but on the other hand, you should understand that every place has its specifics and while one spot can contribute to the dating process, another one can surely turn out to be the most awful option ever. If you are a rookie at the dating scene, then you should weigh all the pros and cons of the place chosen to not find yourself in a weird situation. Below you will find the most successful places to meet girls now, but you should give preference to only those that meet your inner requirements.

1. Happy Hour

While someone is trying to reinvent the wheel, coming up with the strangest options, others successfully use things that are hidden in plain sight. Have you ever thought that Happy Hours can become your winning ticket into the world of dating with the charming ladies? It’s a great place to meet girls since even a time of the day will be on your side. Psychologists have concluded that daytime is perfect for getting acquaintance and asking a person out on a date. Every megalopolis can boast the fact that Happy Hours are full of many young girls, so it’s just a wonderful opportunity to meet many different ladies at once. Do you know how to pick up women at a bar? The easiest way to start a conversation is to order a drink for a woman you like, it’s just classic.

2. Grocery store

Men treat this place differently, some of them believe that you will look extremely weird, trying to pick up girls at the grocery store. However, this can be a very successful option if you don’t joke or use ambiguous hints on fruits and vegetables that are usually used to show sexual organs. Any girl will not like the comparison of her bosom to a fruit if the innuendo is made by a stranger. It will be creepy, not funny. Any supermarket is full of not only healthy products but also beautiful girls. If you are standing in a line to check-out, and there is a charming girl next to you, then you shouldn’t miss such an opportunity to try at least one of the effective women pickup lines.

3. Concert

Such a place provides you with a perfect icebreaker since both of you have at least one common interest. People don’t attend such places if they don’t like anything about that, so use your similar taste in music as a conversation starter. If you are not sure when the best time to start a talk is, then pay attention to the girls who stand in line with you for some snacks, for example. However, you shouldn’t try to talk to her during the concert itself, when the artist is on the stage. Anyway, don’t forget about one main thing – girls adore men with a great sense of humor.

4. Dog park

Have you ever thought that your beloved pet can become Cupido if you are going to approach a beautiful girl? If you are a dog lover, and you walk your pet quite often, then a dog park can become a perfect place for meeting women there. In this case, you also have a great icebreaker. However, if you are not a dog owner, then this option is not for you because deception is not the best thing to start a relationship with. Anyway, if everything goes right, your pets will start playing together, and you get a topic to discuss. If your dogs get along with each other, then you can offer to arrange a playdate with them.

best place to pick up women5. Coffee shop

You know, the best places to pick up women are the simplest ones. A coffee shop is a perfect place to try all the accumulated skills and knowledge. If you go outside, you will see how many people spend their days at coffee shops, working and drinking coffee or tea. This place is extremely popular among freelancers and students, so you have great chances to get acquainted with someone young and hot. If you notice a girl who is worth any efforts, then approach her or at least take a seat somewhere nearby. If you cannot come up with a conversation starter, just offer her a cup of coffee or tea and ask why she likes this place.

6. Gym

Of course, some girls go to the gym just for training, and they are not interested in communication with strangers. However, there is another category of girls who wear short tops, makeup and try to look as seductive as possible while doing exercises or just walking around the gym. Besides, there are always newcomers who don’t know how to do certain exercises and will be glad to get assistance. So, how to pick up women at the gym? The main thing is to not go in hard, do everything step by step. Besides, if you do not want competition, it is better to visit typical female classes, for example, yoga or dance classes. Usually, men ignore such things, so girls’ attention is guaranteed.

7. Shopping malls

This is one of those places where you should go on the weekend. You will be able to meet many girls there who are relaxed and in the mood for a pleasant pastime. Of course, you should not ask her for the phone number when she is heading to the fitting room with clothes or enthusiastically discussing something with her friend. Go "hunting" to other places, for example, at the food court, in the area of some exhibitions, near the cinema, etc. It is easy to get acquainted in the shopping malls without attracting too much attention to yourself, and you can get several phone numbers in a couple of hours. If you want to develop an acquaintance, you can immediately invite her for a cup of coffee (a coffee date is in vogue now).

General Tips for Picking Up Women

So, now you know the best places to pick up women apart from the single ladies site, but it’s only half the battle. It is much more important to show yourself, to demonstrate your qualities and make a positive impression. If she has a desire to talk a little, then this may be already enough to interest the young lady, win her heart or take other actions for rapprochement. Below you will find some useful tips that will surely help you get what you want.

1. Show determination and self-confidence

Nobody wants to meet a person who slouches, stutters and in general, cannot explain what they want. Only a woman who suffers from extremely low self-esteem on the verge of despair can like such a guy. If you want to win over the heart of a charming lady, you will have to show your firmness. Eliminating fears or low self-esteem can take a long time. What should you do when you want to approach a girl here and now?

Engage your body language. It largely shows your uncertainty. Therefore, you can go from the opposite and first, cope with your gestures, facial expressions, and postures to woke up the determination both external and internal. Just straighten your back and shoulders. Relax facial muscles and try to smile. Avoid closed postures, for example, crossed arms or legs, palms pressed to the lower part of the face, etc.

The same goes for speech. Try not to chatter or fake a voice. As a rule, attempts to become someone else end in complete failure. Being able to be yourself is another sign of confidence.

2. Do not forget about tact

Sometimes “cool pickup artists” make a huge mistake by confusing determination with rudeness. No woman would like it if you put pressure on her. Stubbornness spoils the first impression. It makes a girl feel awkward or even insecure. Besides, politeness is still in vogue nowadays. The golden mean is to persevere, considering the opinion of the ladies. The great example is to say, “I ask you out on a date (perseverance). Where and when would you like to go? (respect for her opinion).” It is also better not to get acquainted with a girl who has just quarreled with someone, who is surrounded by friends or is seriously engaged in something. The obvious existence of a boyfriend, even if their couple has problems, is another reason to try your luck with someone else.

3. Offer your help

It's no secret that girls are waiting for heroes and princes on white horses since childhood. With age, only the requirements to a knight's mean of transportation change. In any case, the offer of help and the willingness to act will please any woman. So, if a woman is carrying heavy or uncomfortable bags, offer to help her. If she is lost, show her the right direction. However, if you see that a girl is in a bad mood, but you still decide to approach her, then at least don’t ask her to tell you everything that bothers her. This is a great way to get into the friend zone from the very beginning. So, try to avoid the noble role of a "friend" in every possible way.

4. Avoid dwelling on anything

When you are looking for a girl for a romantic acquaintance, it is better not to dwell on a specific time or place. If you constantly focus on one thing, you can skip a lot of opportunities. The same goes for ways to find out a name, get a phone number, set a date, or any similar milestone. Perhaps the failures in dating women arise precisely because of this reluctance to be more flexible.

pick up womanImprovisation, resourcefulness, and ingenuity are among the things that will help you when you decide to pick up a girl. You may have to work a little on yourself in this direction if you want to claim success. At the same time, it would be nice to learn how to pick up women under any circumstances, how to cope with stress and fear because, usually, they interfere with operating freely.

5. Remember about individuality

Stereotypes and a biased opinion can spoil everything. A generalization forces one to make wrong conclusions and use ineffective methods. A girl with a tattoo or when chewing gum is not necessarily infantile or easy-to-reach. A blonde girl can turn out to be a brilliant Doctor of Philosophy in Orthopsychiatry, while a red-headed lady can be a dreamy timid girl. Every woman requires a special approach and pays attention to this important detail. If you consider her interests and desires, she will be satisfied, which means she is more likely to give her phone number and agree to go on a date with you.

Best Pick Up Lines for Women That Don't Make You a Fool

Before considering pick-up lines, you should find out about some important rules. You should act carefully yet persistently. It is an explosive mixture, and it is necessary to maintain the ratio of these two components. On the one hand, you shouldn’t become overly intrusive, and on the other hand, you should clearly show that you intend to get what you want one way or another. Your main feature is sociability, so you should always be ready to talk. To talk to anyone. This means the ability to start a conversation with any girl, to be able to captivate her with the topic of conversation, to intrigue and make her interested.

Do not be afraid of failure. Even the most talented pickup artist can face rejection. For example, from a woman who knows how to professionally deal with the pick-up techniques. Learn more about body language. Imperceptible gestures, for example, the way a man tilts his head has a certain connotation. So, when you use your pick up lines for women, you should pay attention to their reaction.

  • You are so amazing that I forgot the thing I wanted to say to you.
  • Do you look at everyone this way or only at those who you like?
  • Freeze. We stared at each other so much that we forgot to introduce ourselves. Let's try again. (It is suitable if the girl stared at you).
  • And what are you going to do tonight after we get acquainted?
  • You have such a stunning smile that I forgot where I was going.
  • If you believe that I am going to introduce myself to you, then you are wrong since I am going to ask you out on a date.
  • You're so beautiful. I might not have the slightest chance to receive a positive response.
  • I bet you $100 you’re gonna turn me down.
  • You’re so gorgeous that you made me forget my pickup line.
  • What will your positive response be?
  • Interesting for how long will we stay in this line?
  • Would you like to drink cappuccino or latte?
  • It’s better not to waste time but start talking.
  • What perfume do you use? It has a divine smell.
  • Can you advise me a pasta brand?

Final Thoughts

If you run into a charming girl, who attracts your attention and makes your heart flutter, then you shouldn’t miss a chance to approach her. It doesn’t matter where you meet her, the main thing is to try instead of standing still. Don’t be afraid of rejections, even the most handsome and smartest man faced it at least once in his life. The more you try, the better your skills become and the higher your chances to meet your soulmate are.

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