List of Compliments for Girls that Will Definitely Work


It is quite difficult to decide whether it is good or bad that modern girls are not too spoiled by beautiful confessions of love, ingenious compliments as well as sincere apologies. It is a contentious issue. Nobody knows why it’s happened that men lost the skill to pay compliments to women. Why did they start thinking that to say something like, "You are sexy" or to mutter, "Well, I'm sorry" once in five years is already a feat worthy of all imaginable and unimaginable awards?

Perhaps, it's because of the overly tense twentieth century with its revolutions, wars, repressions, coups, a lost noble class and annihilated intelligentsia. Men who know how to say cute compliments for girls will always have an advantage over others who believe that "all kinds of compliments and confessions of love are a woman's whim and a true man shouldn’t give in to it."

compliments for women

Do women like compliments?

What is a compliment? A compliment is a special form of praise, recognition, respect, and admiration for a person. A good compliment can help establish a good relationship with a girl, give pleasure to her as well as raise her self-esteem. Woman’s liking for a man begins most often after he’s complimented her. Many men confuse the compliment with flattery and do not get the proper positive effect from the words of praise. Flattery, unlike a compliment, is implausible, its purpose is to exaggerate reality to please the person to whom it is addressed. For example, if you say to a girl with an ordinary appearance, "That dress suits you very much," it will be a compliment, and if you say, wanting to please her, "You are the most beautiful girl in the world," then such flattery can even offend her. Making a compliment to the girl, the guy wants to win her over. However, not everyone knows how to properly make compliments, ignoring the main rules. So, if you want to master the art of paying compliments women like, choose non-cliched areas that will help you pleasantly surprise or even impress the girl you like. Here is a list of compliments for girls that will surely work.

“I’ve never met anyone like you.”

Don’t confuse this statement with something like, “I’ve never met other girls like you” because this option isn’t already about her uniqueness, it is about a big number of your ex-girls and thinly disguised sexism. It won’t win you any points. It is like about the story when a man asks a woman to a café and then derisively says that she is most likely going to order a Caesar salad and a smoothie because other girls do that. You should bury stereotypes deep down inside, otherwise, you can miss a worthy woman. Nonetheless, it is very pleasant to hear, “I’ve never met anyone like you.” This phrase will make her eyes sparkle and give her a lovely glow. It means that she is very special in a good sense, despite all her quirks, and that you’ve looked deep inside her soul and not just focused on her appearance or outfit. You can also come up with some funny compliments for girls to make them laugh and then choose the right moment to pay the main compliment and conquer her heart.

“You’re amusing.”

It’s not clear who has come up with a cover story that women don’t have a sense of humor and they will never understand your jokes to the fullest extent. It seems like another manifestation of sexism that has nothing in common with modern girls. They are not afraid anymore to look funny, amusing or a little bit clumsy, and the female stand-up comedians, as well as vine stars, try to prove that, going full bore.

Usually, men try to do their best to be funny and to make their girls laugh at every joke, so they just don’t pay much attention to the girls’ own jokes. This may result in an awkward moment when the girl bottles herself up and thinks that you’re not really interested in her.

compliments women likeIf you want to express your attitude to her talking about her sense of humor and show that you like it, just laugh sincerely at her jokes. If you communicate via text messages, then respond to her with a floor laughing emoji or a sticker. Nonetheless, don’t miss a chance to make up funny compliments for girls and tell them in person about their sense of humor.

“You always make me better.”

Smart girls like to feel that they possess some quite important and interesting information, which they charitably share with you. So, try to remember at least something that they have told you and then pay compliments to women for their invaluable contribution to your intellectual development.

It doesn’t matter how much they are well-read, let them know that you appreciate their views and desire to make you better. To make your compliment more credible, pay attention to her strong sides and spheres where she is really good at. This will be one of these special compliments women love to hear. If you want to get ten out of ten, then match your words with deeds. For example, "You have such a delicate taste in choosing clothes. Could you suggest me something that will change my image dramatically? You always make me better.”

“You’ve got gorgeous hair/ eyes/etc.”

Usually, the majority of women likes to hear that they are beautiful. However, you should be very careful not to sound ordinary and even disingenuous. Avoid paying general compliments. Of course, the girl is beautiful and attractive, but there is surely something in her that attracts your attention and stands out for you over anything else. So, come up with some cute compliments for girls that will focus on the most wonderful part of her body. However, it is better not to mention her bosom or buttocks even if they are really great, so remember that sexual parts of the body remain taboo at least at the very beginning when everything is not so clear, and you are not a couple yet.

In addition, if you are a lover of women feet or earlobes, forget about that paying a compliment for the first time. Focus on her face, look at her smile, eyes, hair, lips or dimples. If a woman you are interested in has wonderful skin, haircut or fingers, don’t hesitate to tell her about that because many women make much efforts to look really amazing.

“You’re a great friend.”

It happens that people pay much more attention to things which make no sense and without which you can live quite happily. Nowadays, people have become victims of consumerism, giving high priority to material things above everything else. They’ve ceased to praise some personal traits, paying attention to a new expensive bag instead of a really good deed. So, when you say pleasant words about such important thing as a friendship, you make something resonate within them. It doesn’t matter whether you compliment your friendship, or you notice her attitude to her own mates, she will be very pleased and dewy-eyed by such words.

“I fully trust you.”

Do you know that trust is one of the pillars of any healthy and strong relationship? So, if your relationship is already at the stage when you can call your relationship serious, you should tell your soul mate that you completely trust her. A relationship that suffers from jealousy is like a maggoty apple, it seems still red and mouthwatering, but, in fact, it is spoiled and almost rotten. So, you should assess your partner’s behavior and loyalty. If there is nothing to worry about, don’t forget to pay compliments women love to hear, having a partner.

Anyway, if you don’t have empirical evidence of her cheating, she will want to hear some appreciation for remaining loyal to you, especially if you like to accuse her of flirting from time to time. Do you think that it is easier for a woman to stay loyal? In the case of your positive answer, you should open your eyes and look how many handsome men surround her every day. Maybe, someone of them can offer her much more than you, but, nevertheless, she firmly remains faithful to you. Of course, you might say that to stay faithful is a must, but it doesn't change the fact that you can show your appreciation for that.

“You’re good at drawing/cooking/writing.”

Every girl likes attention and appreciation, especially if she is involved in 100500 different projects and hobbies. She wants to succeed, to develop herself and look better than many other women. Of course, she wants and expects to be seen for her potential and knowledge as well as for her time management ability. Don’t pay a shallow compliment to her if you don’t really care about her numerous hobbies and projects because you can make a fatal mistake, saying something about things which she really hates. You should pay much attention to things which make her happy and which are of a great importance to her. For example, she may like to paint with watercolors, write songs and make lasagna – these are wonderful reasons to pay compliments because she surely wants to be noticed for things that make her happy. A right compliment is like a cup of peppermint tea at the end of a long day.

cute compliments for girls “You’re so pretty hot and tempting.”

If you’ve had only several dates, and you are not ready to reach the third base, then you should skip this compliment and better keep it for the future. Otherwise, you will seem weird or too fixated on sex. Nonetheless, if you have already been dating for several weeks or you are already in the relationship, then the girl will be pleased to hear such a compliment because every girl wants to look attractive and sexy for her partner. When you are in the bed, funny compliments for women are not the best idea, it is the perfect time for something hotter, something that can serve as a mood booster, which will help continue the game.

“You look wonderful.”

You should be very careful making a compliment on a woman’s appearance. If your girlfriend “manifests religion” of famous beauty bloggers and is a big fan of modern clothes trends, then she may think that you will surely not like the way she looks without all that full regalia having got a compliment on her outfit or makeup. On the other hand, when you decide to pay her a compliment on her natural beauty, she may think that you either make fun of her or mock her because she wears “natural makeup,” and, in her opinion, it is hard not to notice it.

So, in order not to fall into the trap of your own compliments, don’t specify that you like the way she looks with or without makeup, you may not guess right. Besides, you shouldn’t place much value on her image because you can make her feel uncomfortable without it next time. Just tell her that she looks wonderful or stunning.

“I love being with you.”

Every woman wants to feel special and wants to hear that a man she is interested in shares her feelings and also likes to be in her company. It seems like a very simple statement, which, actually, has a great sense and shows your attitude to the girl. Usually, people say these words more seldom than, for example, “I love you.” This is the next level in the relationship because with the right person you can even remain silent for hours and still feel comfortable.

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