Most Common Sex Myths that Should Be Gone


Our whole lives circulate around sex. It is a scientific fact that sex, sexuality, and sexual energy define a person’s life, his or her decision, and behavior. Even if you don’t think about it (which is impossible), sex drives your life unconsciously and subconsciously. There’re a lot of myths about sex. These sex myths can easily confuse you and guide you in the wrong direction. One of the reasons for these distracting and stupid sex myths is because often people just don’t talk about their sex life. Read the following info to know the difference between sex myths and facts.

sex myths and facts

It Doesn’t Matter Who You Sleep With


Yes, you can have sex literally with any person. This, however, doesn’t mean that you’re going to receive the same results. Recent psychological studies proved that depending on a person you’re sleeping with, you receive either more or less endorphins in the process of orgasm. Otherwise, masturbation would be the same as real sexual intercourse. So, the question here is about emotional attachment. That’s why prostitutes and porn actors become frigid and do not receive any pleasure from sexual intercourse. So, it matters who you sleep with and it is better not to have sex at all than have it with somebody you don’t like.

Mutual Orgasm is Unnecessary


This myth has been brought by the 3000 years of patriarchic age. During this time it was considered that a woman simply can’t receive pleasure from sex. Only recently in the 20th century this absurd was refuted by psychologists and physiologists. Nevertheless, it left its trace. It is a scientific fact that men receive orgasm much faster than women. So, to give a woman pleasure men need to last longer which takes practice. A lot of men quit after their own orgasm and do not even try to postpone it leaving a woman thinking about what was that all about. Modern studies show that mutual orgasm is necessary to make partners attached to each other. It is only a false view of some men that sexual intercourse without a woman’s orgasm is good enough. No, it isn’t.

Anal Sex Does Not Please Women


One of the most common myths about anal sex is that it doesn’t give a woman any pleasure. It was scientifically proven that it is not so. When it is done right and when enough lubricant is used it gives a woman not any less pleasure than casual vaginal penetration. Moreover, anal sex provides access to a woman’s most sensitive point and it is even easier to give a woman orgasm doing anal sex than with casual sex. All that stands against it is common prejudice and lack of practice. Moreover, it gives a man more stimulation because anus is able to suck in and give pressure. That’s why a lot of men who tried it like seeing as how it gives them a hard-on that’d be otherwise unimaginable. Anal sex myths are quite widespread because not many people have tried to do it. Practice ruins these myths. It gives a lot of pleasure to both sides and is one of the best sex experiments you can try. But don’t forget about preparation and google how to do it the right way.

myths about anal sexYou Can Live Without Sex

True and False

Yes, you can live without sex, but what a life would that be? You can masturbate but your sexual energy is going to make your head go round. When sexual energy does not go away with sexual intercourse, it starts to find other ways to come out. This process is called sublimation by psychologists. You can easily start fighting in the bars or try climbing Everest but still you’re going to feel dissatisfaction. Your body needs sex to function properly. It is unhealthy to avoid sex or don’t look for it unless, of course, you’re a monk. And even then it is still unhealthy.

The Bigger, The Better


Among sex facts and myths one of the most popular sex myths is that the bigger a man’s penis is the better. That is not so. What matters is technique with which a man approaches a woman. Size alone does not define anything. Size that is too big can even give a woman pain and not pleasure requiring a man to be more careful and, therefore, distracting him.

Men Think About Sex All the Time


Perhaps, men thought about sex all the time in the past during what is now known as patriarchic age. Nevertheless, today we have the age of equality and maybe even a feminist age. Both men and women are human beings. Even though sex drives our lives, believing that men think only about sex is a form of sexist discrimination. This misbelief is surely among the sex myths debunked completely in the recent times. Men, just like women, think about a lot of things. If you say that men think only about sex, then it is just as true for women. All people think about sex because they are human beings. But nobody thinks about sex all the time because it is definitely not the only thing in life that matters.

Oral Sex is Better than Casual Sex


One of the widespread oral sex myths is that it is better than casual sex. Some even say that it can substitute casual sex completely. Well, that is just stupid from every perspective. Oral sex matters but not enough to be obsessed with it. It is different but is not worse or better than other kinds of sex. Having only oral sex is like eating half a sandwich or watching half a movie. It is an important part of foreplay and, yes, of course, you can have only oral sex from time to time just for fun. Nevertheless, your body and your mind won’t be satisfied with it enough, no matter what you think.

Men Want Sex More Than Women


A lot of women think that men want sex more. This same myth goes hand in hand with another one – that men receive more pleasure from sex. The reason this happens is because traditionally a man is always expected to make the first move. Therefore, because mostly men do this first move, it is considered that they want sex more. Otherwise, women would be making the first move.

Speaking frankly, men just want women, not sex. You cannot say that a man wants just sex because he might as well want relationships, family, wife, and kids. So, women and other men who say so are short-sighted. They don’t look further than their nose and think that every man who approaches a woman wants just sex. Yes, he wants sex because otherwise he wouldn’t have approached a woman. But that doesn’t mean that sex is all he wants. He may also want somebody to talk to, a friend, and a person he can confide in.

Women also want sex but they rarely approach men because it is traditionally a man’s prerogative to choose one woman from many others and decide to approach her. Always remember that it takes a lot of courage for a man to approach a woman, so don’t underestimate his intentions. A man should also be patient and do not demand impossible from a woman.

oral sex mythsFrequent Sex is Good


Yes, sex is good. Nevertheless, everything is about moderation. Your sexual life should be moderate in order for it not to lose its taste. The rarer are your sexual intercourses, the better they are. Imagine yourself drinking the best wine in the world for the first time. Then, you do it for the second time. Then, you do it every day for a week or a month. Finally, you’re going to hate this wine, no matter how good it is only because you become used to it and want something else. Therefore, savor your sex life just like you savor a good meal or a bottle of some old wine. Don’t drink it all at once and don’t become used to your partner quickly. Restrain yourself and your patience will surely be rewarded.


Best Sex is Done in Bed


Place does don define the quality of a sexual intercourse. Among sex myths and truths, the notion that bed is the perfect place for having sex is one of the most commonly accepted. Statistically, over 80% of all people have sex in bed in 90% of cases. Nevertheless, it does not mean that sex in bed is better. Actually, it is only popular because it is widely accepted as so. In truth, any other place is able to spice up your sex life and make it a little bit more original. So, next time just try to have sex in kitchen, shower or on the balcony just for fun. Change of background is always useful when it comes to any activity. Moreover, it will provide you with the ideas for different poses that you otherwise don’t use seeing as how they are unnecessary while making sex in bed.

Condoms Make Sex Worse


Here’s one of the few sex myths that are true. Condoms actually make sexual intercourse less pleasant. Well, most condoms. Only some of them can make your sex more original and exciting but only for a short time. Any condom blocks access of the natural lubricant from a woman’s vagina to penis. Thus, a man receives less stimulation and feels less pleasure than he otherwise would be able to feel.

A Relationship Cannot Be Saved After Cheating With a Sexual Encounter


Some myths about sex life consider cheating to be an ultimate cause for a breakup. Nevertheless, that is not always so. One-time cheating with sex without double-life cannot really change the whole structure and nature of the relationship with a partner who was cheated on. In case the guilty party feels his or her guilt, with some effort and right motivation, a sexual encounter with another person can be left in the past.

All in all, now you’ve seen the most common sex myths debunked. You should now know that because people rarely talk about sex and consider it to be a private matter they have a lot of troubles. They start to believe in myths and know little about truth because, simply speaking, they are too shy and arrogant to admit the importance of sex and everything that is connected to it. Don’t be shy and don’t be arrogant. You should talk about sex, read about sex, and have sex in the best way you can. Because you’re worthy of it. Good luck!