Top Mainstream Movies with Unsimulated Sex Scenes


Are there any clear criteria by which one film is called erotic and the other is pornography? Yes, there are. Pornography is a purposeful, naturalistic image of intimate relationships of same-sex, opposite sex, with animals and so on, with a detailed description of all the features, including the genitals. An erotic film is an aesthetic limitation of the image of intimate relationships. Differences between erotica and pornography lie on the surface. Even in Wikipedia (although it is not very authoritative in this issue), there is a clear interpretation of both concepts. If very briefly, then erotica is aesthetically pleasing and pornography is depraved.


In the world of cinematography, mainstream movies with real sex occupy a special place. On the one hand, such films help demonstrate love and passion. On the other – sometimes there is an erotic film on the verge of porn, and only a thin line separates such films from the category of “adult”. Previously, erotic episodes in movies were rare. A director, who included in his creation only a hint of sex, was already considered bold. Currently, erotic films are at the peak of popularity and sexual scenes are used almost everywhere. If your fantasy is exhausted and you are already tired of coming up with ways to turn an ordinary family evening into an erotic show, adopt the techniques invented by experienced actors, then watch the masterpieces of world cinema, the review of which we have specially prepared for you.

If you are just discovering the genre of erotica, then try to perceive movies with real sex not literally. Often, directors try to show deep feelings under a primitive mask. When watching movies, look at the storyline and the idea that an author wanted to show. You will be surprised to note that this genre is much deeper than just naked bodies and scenes of violence.

Shoot ‘Em Up


In militants, the theme of sex is usually poorly disclosed, for example, Arnold Schwarzenegger has not coped with the task in the “Commando”, and a bed scene was decided to be cut from the film. But Clive Owen in “Shoot ‘Em Up” did everything perfectly. In the interview after the release, the actor gave a rather inconsistent set of facts about this scene: on the one hand, he insisted that he was “inside Monica”, and on the other – that the scene was modified using computer graphics. In addition, he had to “endlessly train and rehearse” because “from a physical point of view it was somewhat inconvenient” and yet, “a synchronous orgasm with Monica Bellucci is wonderful!” No one will apparently tell us what really happened there. But the fact that this scene entered the history of the mainstream movies with unsimulated sex is unquestionable.

Eyes Wide Shut


The last film of Stanley Kubrick made a lot of noise in 1999. In addition to the fact that the film was the last work of the master of world cinema, who died just a couple of weeks before the premiere, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, married at that time, starred as Bill and Alice Harford. Bill and Alice are experiencing a crisis in the relationship, and on Christmas Eve, Alice tells her husband about how she is cheating on him with another man in her erotic fantasies. This makes Bill go in search of adventure, full of eroticism, which at times hardly resemble reality. Frank dialogues, the emotional play of actors and scenes of a sexual nature with a touch of mysticism make this film memorable. An interesting fact is that the film is shown only in the original language, with subtitles. If you want to see real sex scenes in movies, then this film is for you. It immerses a viewer into the world of risky passions and makes you experience love story with heroes.

Fatal Attraction

With a small budget of $14 million, the film “Fatal Attraction” collected more than $300 million in the world in 1987 and is still one of the highest grossing films in the history of cinema. At the time of filming, British film director Adrian Lyne already had such films as “9½ weeks”, “Flashdance” and other films with real sex. Michael Douglas was invited to the main male role, which, after filming, gained stunning fame, and the film itself became a hit. Glenn Close inherited the difficult role of a mistress, obsessed with a family man, for whom a passing romance and infidelity to his wife had terrible consequences. Scenes of a sexual nature in the film are not particularly frank, but the erotic subtext, atmosphere, and dynamics keep the viewer’s eyes on the screen until the last minute.

Sleep with Me

This is one of the best movies with real sex scenes. Leila is a free, sexy, and insatiable woman. Many men couldn’t satisfy her “hunger”. But one day, fate brings her with the artist David. He, like Leila, is aggressive and insatiable in bed. Between them, relationships are tied, which with the course of the film become more and more confused. How will their affair end? Check it out yourself. We will only say that the director will not answer all questions of viewers, giving them the right to think up all the unsaid things. From the point of view of erotica, this film is quite saturated, since scenes of a sexual nature take about half of the time. Not very famous but beautiful actors in the lead roles, well-filmed bed scenes make the film enjoyable if judged from an erotic point of view. The plot of the film is somewhat melodramatic but it doesn’t at all make it profound and for the soul of the taker. It is rather simple, doesn’t shine with clever thought and brilliant acting skills, but such a film doesn’t need all this. The main idea is sex. And it is here in everything: in conversation, in behavior, in the way of life.


The protagonist, whose role is played by James Spader, bumps a car driven by a beautiful stranger Helen. In the hospital, they get acquainted and the joint experience of the car accident turns into a passion, and high speeds, road hazards, and cars become a sexual fetish for them. The slogan of this film in 1996 says that this is the most controversial film that we will see. This early work of David Cronenberg really caused controversial reviews of film critics. But in the end, it was awarded a special jury prize at the Cannes Film Festival. A risky project, one of the first to address the topic of sex and violence, didn’t ruin the career of director Cronenberg but gave a start to the emergence of a whole trend that is called real sex in mainstream movies.

9 ½ weeks


This is perhaps the most famous of the movies with unsimulated sex. After the release, Kim Basinger got the title of sexual sensual beauty and Mickey Rourke became the subject of adoration of many women. The plot of the film is easy to retell in a few words: the lonely beauty gets to know her mysterious neighbor and between two people the passion flares up. Their relationship, based on passion and attraction, lasts 9 and half weeks. And many of us remember by heart the scenes of striptease with blindfolds, sex games with strawberries and honey, sex in the rain, and so on. As well as Joe Cocker’s famous song “You Can Leave Your Hat On”. This film has long been one of the most popular in the world of cinematography. For many modern filmmakers, this film is a role model, the ideal of the erotic genre of cinema, for which everyone should strive! The film will be interesting to everyone – fans of frank scenes, romantic natures, and those who very carefully follow the storyline. This film is unique in its kind: it contains all the best that can be in an artistic erotic production!

Nymphomaniac: Volume II

This film is the embodiment of unsimulated sex in mainstream movies – this is clear already from the title. Almost any scene from Lars von Trier’s scandalous films could lead this top, but we decided to dwell on the episode from the second part, in which the main character decided to try sex with an African-American. He comes to her hotel room not alone but with his brother and without superfluous forewords, organizes an act called in the porn industry “double penetration”. However, in the matter of dividing “responsibilities”, the relatives still can’t reach a consensus and as a result, no one can reach orgasm. We can only guess what Von Trier put into his provocative diptych, but it’s hard not to agree that is definitely a bad idea to go on dates with a brother.


If you ask a common man in the street to name several erotic films, then “Emmanuel” will certainly be one of the first on the list. It’s amazing how popular this film, shot in the distant 1974, still is. The creation of the producers was inspired by the success of Bernardo Bertolucci’s other audacious and explicit film – The Last Tango in Paris. And the creators of the film didn’t fail: the film “Emmanuel” with a very small budget not only paid off, but it surpassed it almost 200 times. This is because explicit sex in mainstream movies is on top forever. So, what is the plot? The young wife of the diplomat goes after her husband to Thailand, where the alluring exotics of a liberated eastern country against the backdrop of a carefree, beautiful but slightly boring life pushes her to many sexual exploits. A beautifully told story about easy and free erotic adventures of the unsophisticated early heroine in Southeast Asia has been stirring our imagination for many years. And Sylvia Kristel, the canonical Frenchwoman with the right features and a beautiful body that at the time of filming was only 21 years old, is still known to us as “Emmanuelle”.

American Psycho

How does a wealthy psychopath who is capable of thinking only of oneself have sex? Of course, he does it in front of the mirror. And, of course, whatever women are in his bed, he only looks at himself, admiring his “impeccable masculinity”. Christian Bale became the main character. The actor spent several months in the gym and in the spa to look like a “living god” and the result surpassed all expectations. Although later Bale gained fame as a heroic actor (in particular, he played Batman in the trilogy of Christopher Nolan), maniac financier Patrick Bateman of the American Psycho was the first role that brought him sincere respect to the audience and critics.


Josephine Skriver

Real sex in movies brings good popularity to everyone who is engaged in it. But what is the most unbearable scene in the history of world cinema? It is likely that this is the 11-minute continuous scene of the main character in the darkest existential drama of Gaspar Noe. In reality, this fragment wasn’t shot from the first take – the Frenchman used computer effects creating the illusion of continuity. But this scene didn’t lose a bit and it became the test for strength for every viewer. But, probably, this fragment is still worth seeing. If Noe created it so long, then a certain artistic and emotional meaning was embedded in this solution.