What to Do After the First Date with a Girl


Your date has come to an end, and on the way home you torment yourself with questions about how well it went and what to do after the first date. Are you trying to calculate the pros and cons, understand what your new girlfriend liked and what was too much for her? There is hardly an event in a person’s life that can be compared with the first romantic date. It consists of agonizing state before the beginning, excitement during a meeting and painful thoughts after the date. Almost every one of us went through this.

The first date is a cause for excitement. And this applies to both girls and boys. It seems that girls have only one big problem. They usually have no idea what to choose to wear from the full wardrobe. And guys seem to have a harder time deciding where to invite their girl and what to talk about as well as what to do after the first date. How to make her laugh when there is no single thought in your head, and your palms sweat from her pending look? Yes, sometimes it happens like that. But, as a rule, a man completely controls his dates. But if he has no idea what to do after the first good date, then his girlfriend will be worried. Especially if they meet a single woman online.

what to do after the first date

5 Signs of a Good First Date

There is a very popular opinion that the first date simply cannot be perfect. This is all because people know little about each other and feel worried. Due to these factors, they tend to focus on their feelings. It is almost impossible to catch and react to your partner’s feelings when you feel worried. These emotions can precisely tell you how successful your first date was. But if you failed to read those emotions, then there is nothing to worry about. We are going to tell you the signs a first date went well.

1. From the beginning, you felt very comfortable with her

The first impression is not everything, but it means a lot. If you meet a person and from the very beginning feel that you can easily talk to her, that you like her humor and generally feel very confident and relaxed when she is around you, then this is a very good sign. It means that you understand each other, and you will hardly have any moments of silence. After all, comfort is what we all need. Relations are not possible if two people don’t feel comfortable and relaxed together.

2. You can easily make each other laugh

If you understand each other’s jokes and if it’s just so comfortable and easy for you to laugh at things that aren’t particularly funny, that’s a good sign. Laughing and being funny is a very important part of our lives. If you weren’t shy and managed to make her laugh, then your chances of success are very high. It is even better if both of you managed to create a joke that only two of you can understand. This is one of the first date signs she likes you.

3. She appreciated what you did for the first date

It is really hard to come up with something interesting, romantic and at the same time, fun for a date. Many things can and will go wrong, and this is entirely normal. Going into the local cafe or restaurant doesn’t take too much planning. But you tried to make your first date unique because you feel special about her. She understands that making unique things is hard, and sometimes small failures may appear. If she reacts to failures positively and appreciates all your efforts, then this means that she likes you.

4. You were not using your phones too much during your date

Remember, people subconsciously start scrolling phones when they are bored. If none of you used your gadgets without reason, then it means that you shared a common interest in each other. And you completely forgot about what was happening on Instagram or FB during your date. If you were way more interesting for her, then recent news on Instagram, you can say that your date went pretty well. Don’t forget to control yourself too. If you are going to scroll women dating sites on your first date, then you are doomed.

how to get a second date5. The date lasted longer than you planned

It is brilliant if you lost yourself in time on your first date. Once the date is not that good, the fact that you have finished drinking and eating in a cafe is a good reason to go home. But when you like each other, then you both want to continue communication. If, after dinner, she still offered to take a walk or go to another place, and didn’t ask you to take her home, then this is a great sign of your success.

Texting after the First Date: Main Rules

Your first date went well, and now this is the best time for you to push up, right? Nope, wrong. Your texting after the first date is one of the most important factors. After your first meeting, it is always good to keep your distance in one way or another. This is not because you want to show how cool you are and how you don’t need her. It is because you both need more time to find out if you want to be together. To establish long-lasting relationships, you both need to be sure of your feelings.

1. Stay silent after your first date

If the first date went well, then she would look forward to hearing from you. Let her doubt herself for just a little bit. She must think if she was good and behaved well. That is why you should never write to her immediately after your first date. And don’t even think about calling to express your admiration. If a person doesn’t write rave reviews after the first date, he or she makes it clear that he is not an easy target. Otherwise, she can generally keep him as a backup plan until a better option appears. You can’t afford to let her feel that she has become the only one for you after your first date. Now you know when to text after the first date.

2. Keep your distance

Your first date went nice, but it is time for you to keep your distance. Even if both of you felt well on your first date, it doesn’t mean that you are a couple now. That is why it is better to be courteous and avoid making provocative jokes or talking about too personal topics. Let those conversations be unique for your real dates. Remember, you should use your phone only to maintain your connections between your dates.

3. Try to call her in a week if you messed up

If you didn’t like her unequivocally, then you can write nothing at all and ignore her. But if you failed on your first date, then it is better to take time. You will only make her angrier if you call her immediately. There is a rule: if a girl picks up the phone, then you are good. But if she doesn’t answer your calls, then it is better to forget about her.

4.What to text right after a date

So, your date went well, and now you want to share your emotions with her immediately. Well, I can’t blame you for this wish, but you should do it correctly. If you have no idea what to text after the first date, then make your text short, something like, “You are nice” is enough. Don’t even think about saying that you missed her since this sounds stupid because you barely know her. You should remain silent for the next day. Text her the day after tomorrow, tell her that you have missed her and ask to go on a date with you. Girls love cute stuff.

5. What to write the day after a date?

Since you have made a decent pause, you can write something pretty detailed. For example, in your text after the first date, you can ask what moment in yesterday’s movie she liked the most (if you went to the cinema). Or how she feels after the chicken wings that smelled so strange yesterday (if you were at a chicken farm and ate some chicken). You have got the idea: find something connected to your first date and ask about it. After exchanging several messages, you can make an appointment. If there is still no opportunity to meet or the second date will not happen soon, up to this point you should call up at least once every 3 days to keep in touch. This will reduce the risk that the young lady will accept an invitation from another person.

6. Don’t wait for too long to text her

You can behave more confident and demonstrate that women are interesting to you but within a reasonable range. Plus, you want to play a leading role in relationships. To do this, you can call or write in a day or two. This is a normal amount of time, during this time a girl will still be looking forward to meeting you. If you call after 3-4 days, then, most likely, the girl will blame you for being silent and will be very annoyed because you were silent for too long. So, there is a risk of running into rudeness, but, when explaining that you were in a hopeless situation, you can make excuses. Well, if you call in a week, then most likely, the girl will pretend that she doesn’t remember you.

How to Ask Her for a Second Date

If the girl agreed on a second meeting, then this means that she either liked you, or she gave you a second chance. A well-thought-out second date will win her heart and get consent for another date. But how to ask for a second date? The key to success will be the properly timed invitation and interesting topics for conversation. Your chances to get a second date rise if you follow our tips. You can call her in two days after your first date. Thus, she will have a day to scroll through your first date again and decide whether she will go to the second one. Find out how she likes and chat with her about general topics.

Be nice and honest

No, we are not telling you that you should never be rude to your girlfriend. We believe that most adequate guys understand this. Just when you are on a date with a girl, be friendly, don't be offensive, for example, to a waitress or other personnel. Show your generosity and give average tips to those why served you. If you show that you are a bad guy, then you will most likely not get any second date. And the first date will be over soon too. Don’t lie about yourself. Remember she is going to date you and not your imagination. There is no reason for you to add more pressure on yourself.

texting after first dateSay you miss her

There is no problem to tell a girl that you missed her, but only if you miss her. If you say that you miss her, then you should do something about it. Try to arrange a meeting, even if you don’t have enough spare time. At least you should give her a call. Thus she will understand that your words represent your mood and intentions. You should look at her reaction. If she is happy to hear that you miss her and says that she missed you too, then you definitely should take action. But if she responds frostily, then it is better to avoid writing at all.

Have a plan on what to do on the next date

Often there are times when a man can interest a girl as a person, but cannot interest her, as, in fact, a man. In this case, there is a danger of a man getting into the friend zone. You must admit that there is nothing worse than when you like a girl, and she likes you too, but as a friend. To prevent this from happening, try to create a romantic atmosphere on a date. Make a plan for how your date should go and what your actions should be. You may try to present flowers, put candles on the table, organize a walk along the evening streets. And at the end of the date, you can try (but gently) to kiss the girl.

Make her smile

The ability to make a girl laugh perfectly helps establish a long-lasting relationship. If a girl smiles and laughs, then she is interested in spending time with you! But if you are not sure how to make your girlfriend laugh, don’t worry, there are lots of ways how you can do this. Stock up on an impressive collection of funny stories and expressions and don't be afraid to fool around sometimes. Try to understand what exactly seems funny to your girlfriend and build your humor in that direction. And when you are not around, try to write funny messages to the girl to make her laugh! This is how to get a second date with her.

Don't be pushy but stay confident

There is a big difference between being confident and being pushy. A pushy person can’t stand a refusal or when his girlfriend is not answering or something like that. But a confident person can easily accept that a girl doesn’t like him. So, if your relationship with the particular girl isn't going to be successful, then it is way better to let it go. Remember, you are the confident man, and if this girl, for whatever reason, rejected you, then you still have plenty of other options.

And most importantly, for your dates to be successful, you need to be honest with your partners. Your honesty will allow one to choose the right words, and get rid of tension, and see other signs by which one can somehow judge whether there is a future for the relationship or not.

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