What You Need to Know About Safe Sex


Sex is one of the most significant things in the life of a modern free person. Of course, there are people who prefer celibacy and for whom its absence is the best variant. But, since you read this article, then abstinence is not for you.

Well, of course, sex must be safe. The reason why sexual activity carries the risk of HIV transmission is that it exchanges biological fluids. Researchers found that this virus can be transmitted through blood, semen, and vaginal secretion. We believe that everyone, regardless of HIV status, should fully enjoy sex. The facts about HIV transmissions are the same for both HIV-positive and HIV-negative men and women. Even the slightest misunderstanding of how HIV is transmitted can lead to great confusion when it comes to making important decisions in relation to safe sex.

safe sex facts

7 reasons why you should practice safe sex

What is safe sex? It is a conscious decision to have sexual contact, which maximizes pleasure and minimizes the risk of getting HIV and other diseases. Its rules are simple and accessible. They don’t deprive the pleasure of such kind of “communication” with a partner. They even help find new colors in the love game when you feel free from fear of the possibility of infection.

How to practice safe sex

1. Condoms may save your life

Safe sex is the control of the situation and, at the same time, enjoyment. You must remember that you can’t be sure that your sexual partner doesn’t have some disease. Many people feel great having HIV disease. They have absolutely no external signs that can point to this. You have to be pickier in choosing a sexual partner and in no case neglect contraceptive methods. Safe sex will protect both you and your woman from further irreparable mistakes.

2. Both partners are responsible for the consequences

When you make a choice in favor of some contraception, it should be suitable not only for you but also for your sexual partner. However, many hesitate to start a conversation with a partner. It is best to be prepared in advance for the conversation. If you want to practice safe sex, it is better to decide in advance which of the contraceptives is most desirable for a girl. You can tell her what you’ve learned from various sources of information about this or that contraception. Both partners are equally responsible for preventing unwanted pregnancy and all kinds of diseases. Everyone should be ready to take an equal share of responsibility.

3. Safe sex is not limited to vaginal, anal or oral sex

Ways to practice safe sex are masturbation (alone or in the presence of a partner), petting, erotic massage, and kissing. All this is a wonderful and safe way of gaining sexual pleasure.

4. Abstinence may prevent problems

The only one hundred percent reliable way to protect you against sexually transmitted infections is abstinence. It is one of the most important safe sex facts.

5. Correct attitude to sex reduces the risk of unpleasant consequences

Safe sexual behavior (including the correct use of condoms for vaginal or anal sex) reduces the risk of transmission of STIs.

6. Alcohol doesn’t add incredible sensations

Due to alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, people lose their clarity of mind. Therefore, they may forget that they need to protect themselves or their sexual partners.

7. Sex with a virgin is the best variant

The safest sex is with a virgin. The more partners a girl has, the more infection she may have. The perfect scenario is to have as few girls as possible, but for long periods of life.

safe sex practicesHow to have safe sex: the rules

1. Appearance is deceptive

So what if she looks good? Not all indecent diseases are reflected on the face. So what if you’re her first? Some infections (for example, herpes or papillomavirus) could have been received from a mother at the time of delivery. If you love each other so much (and yet both strongly dislike condoms), then why don’t you have a full examination of urogenital infections together? Don’t be afraid of doctors. Just take care of your health! Safe sex is great sex!

2. Antiseptic is not a panacea

Of course, it is so if you have time to use an antiseptic within two hours after sex. And it is not for one hundred percent but, approximately, for seventy percent: too much depends on the time and quality of processing. And, by the way, putting on a condom looks much nicer than the so-called subsequent sanitation of the genitals.

3. COC is not a panacea as well

Yes, combined oral contraceptives protect against pregnancy (up to 98%). But they don’t protect from infections at all!

4. Oral sex is not safe

A girl will not get pregnant from having oral sex with a man (as well as from cunnilingus). But in both cases, the mucous membranes contact. It means that someone can transmit papillomavirus, for example. Gonorrhea and syphilis also easily migrate from the genitals to the tonsils, not to mention chlamydia and candidiasis. For prophylaxis, a man and a woman can clean their mouths with antiseptics after oral sex, but condoms are safer. Safe sex is impossible without a condom in 8 out of 10 cases.

5. You can be late with a condom

90% of the women who managed to become pregnant “despite the use of a condom” had sex without protection. A man interrupted only in a minute before the “explosion”, put on a condom and returned to the process. From the medical point of view, this method is not interpreted as “use of a condom”, but only as “interrupted sexual intercourse”. The fact is that there may be a drop of sperm in the pre-ejaculate. And it is enough for pregnancy. For infection, sperm is not needed at all. It is enough to have contact with mucous membranes only.

6. Everyone can get infected during anal sex

Even if both are healthy. And even if you always use a condom. The fact is that microorganisms that feel nice in the intestines become aggressive getting into the vagina. Only professional porn actors can alternate anal, vaginal and oral sex with ease. In real life, a condom should be changed before each movement because diseases, after entering the genitourinary tract, can lead to a serious inflammatory process in the genitals.

7. Don’t rush to conclusions

How to practice safe sex? Of course, after reading about all the dangers of sex, you can get scared. For example, if yesterday you broke some rules, then today you may want to immediately run to the doctor. Don’t run! This doesn’t make sense since a vivid manifestation of infections (both symptomatically and in analyzes) occurs after the end of the incubation period (2-3 weeks after unprotected sex). Any disease develops in the meantime. Don’t go to the other extreme: if no suspicious symptoms are found after 3 weeks, the examination still needs to be done because some sexual infections can occur in a latent form, but lead subsequently to severe complications.

How to have safe anal sex

Surely, many men and women believe that a condom is not necessary during anal sex. However, there are several but proving facts that a condom is never superfluous. Look at these safe anal sex tips:

1. Use condoms every time you have sex with somebody

A condom gives almost 100% protection. But it can only be applied with water-based lubricants. Oil-based lubricants can damage a condom itself. And if you still have sex without a condom because it seems uncomfortable for you, then, again, you just need to apply lubricants. In addition to the above problems in women, they help avoid some possible diseases in men. Correctly and constantly use latex or polyurethane condoms whenever you have anal sex with a partner who is HIV-positive or whose HIV status is unknown to you.

safe sex is great sex2. You can’t have vaginal sex after anal sex

This is the most important rule! Don’t do it in one condom! Don’t look at what is shown to you in porn films – everything is done for a greater impression, the partners are certainly carefully prepared and still use protection tools. And don’t forget that many of them are willing to risk for good money, but do you need such a risk? Is it worth it?

3. Use lubricants

How to have safe sex without condoms? If you approach this issue in terms of maximum safety, the best protection is a special lubricant for anal sex and a condom. Modern lubricants provide good protection, increase comfort and have antiseptic and analgesic properties, help prevent micro-traumas and cracks. Lubrication also protects the thin wall of the anal passage from damage and rupture increasing the risk of transmission different viruses. So, is anal sex safe? Yes, if you do everything according to the rules!

How to have safe oral sex

No one can be absolutely sure that the virus contained in the semen or the secretion of the prostate gland (the liquid that is released during strong excitation and before ejaculation) can’t penetrate through the tissues of the mouth or throat. Of all types of sexual activity, oral sex is the most confusing in terms of risk. The fact is that most experts agree that it is not a highly probable way of HIV transmission. However, this doesn’t mean that this can’t happen.

During unprotected oral sex, one person’s biological fluids contact with mucous tissues or cuts, sores, and scratches of another person, so there is a “hypothetical risk” of HIV transmission. “Hypothetical risk” means that the transmission of infection is considered possible, although documented cases of this are absent (or very few). This term is used to distinguish theoretically possible and proven risks. Unprotected oral sex carries a hypothetical risk since infection is considered possible, but no one has yet proved that this method led to HIV transmission. Can a healthy person get HIV during oral sex? Yes! But is such a risk proven? No! So, in order to reduce the risk, use this tips both for men and women:

  • A woman shouldn’t take sperm in her mouth.
  • Also, consider the possibility of using a condom with lubrication (perhaps flavored) during oral sex with a partner whose HIV status is unknown to you.
  • Don’t brush your teeth or use dental floss just before oral sex. This will reduce the risk of cuts, injuries, and abrasions in the oral cavity, which can become a gateway to HIV penetration.
  • And forget about safe oral sex with herpes on your lips.

Safe sex is sometimes more difficult to constantly and regularly practice if you have a permanent partner, but still, love or affection is not a vaccine against the virus and diseases! Talk about safe sex so that it becomes part of your daily life. Devotion is a wonderful thing, but if you have safe sex practices with one another, then it will be easier for you to have sexual relations with casual partners with less risk.