Why Do Women Play Hard to Get?


Not all guys know that girls are pretty tricky and calculating creatures. Of course, there are many sincere and open girls, but some are self-serving and even mean. Relationships with one of these women can drive you crazy and even seriously spoil life. How to find out if a girl pretends? How to outsmart such a lady and build a healthy union with her?

why girls play hard to get

Why Do Girls Play Hard to Get?

Why do they behave this way and what is wrong with them? Let’s turn to the opinion of psychologists. All women, perhaps, can be divided into five types.

  • Givers of hope. Such women don’t prevent a man from caring for them – for example, giving gifts, going to restaurants, and so on. But a man is not allowed to get close to such a woman and dozens of excuses are found not to have sex. Why do such women do this? They want to increase their self-esteem. They need to know that men like them, they spend strength and energy to win their hearts. But, at the same time, they don’t like these men enough to have close or serious relationships with them.
  • Ladies who know their value. These women just don’t want everything to be fast. They want men to conquer their hearts. In the end, they will choose the worthiest one.
  • Women with the “past.” In the past, such a woman survived a relationship that ended in failure, and now she has fears to enter into new ones. It is difficult for her to trust men and go for rapprochement because of the pain they can cause. Therefore, she prefers to stay away from men.
  • Too picky girls. Such a woman likes to repeat the saying that it is better to be alone than with anyone. She is looking for the best option for herself, therefore, she refuses men who don’t fit her selection criteria. That is why these girls play hard to get.
  • Ladies of the strict upbringing. Some of them grew up in families where they were told that intimate relationships are bad and dirty, and men need only sex from women. So, when they get it, they can lose interest in their partners. Such education can lead to the fact that a woman will be indifferent. They even avoid serious relationships.

Family psychologists say that unlike the first and second types of women, the other three positions illustrate serious psychological problems. In fact, they are tormented by an inferiority complex and, to get rid of it, they strive for endless love victories. They often experience emotional difficulties. They were once offended by men, and the injury was so severe that they see enemies in them now and take revenge by refusals, enjoying a violent reaction from discouraged cavaliers. But everything is not so bad. Most of the girls behave so just to show their importance and provoke men to do something heroic.

How to Tell if a Girl Is Playing Hard to Get

Such ladies are in no hurry to declare their attraction, although they may have the most passionate feelings in their hearts. How to determine that a girl feels something to you but hides her feelings?

  • Ask a lady to go out and watch her reaction. This method will allow you to grasp the little ray of hope that a girl leaves. A woman may say that she doesn’t have time today, but you can meet another day, or she can refuse, but she will hint you at some place she doesn’t mind visiting. It may be that she is not ready for a date and asks you to wait.why do girls play hard to get?
  • Contact her and see how long she will respond. If she always responds to your calls or messages with a delay (even to the usual greeting), then it is likely that she knows how to play hard to get over text. When she answers, a lady can say that she was at a party or spent time with close people. A lady wants you to think that she spends time not only with you.
  • Try to notice signs of rivalry. A girl who pretends that she is indifferent also wants to look like a shy person. Thus, a girl understands that she is popular among guys and can choose the one she wants.
  • Watch her body reaction. These actions may be unconscious or intentional, but they all draw your attention to a specific part of her body. That is, she wants to attract your attention in this way.
  • Watch the behavior of a girl in your presence. Perhaps she behaves completely differently next to you. Changes in behavior, such as agitation, excessive indifference or flirting can mean that she is into you.
  • Try to fill your own worth. If you are not sure of your conclusions about a woman, then try to use similar tactics. If she’s playing hard to get, and you perfectly understand it, then this approach will be even more effective.

Is She Playing Hard to Get or Not Interested?

We have some signs for you to know what she means:

* A lady wants you to notice her. In this case, it is necessary to ignore her and then the reaction will be immediately visible. If she starts looking for points of contact, then a girl pretends that she doesn’t like you. In case you don’t see this reaction, it means she is completely uninterested in you. And you need to behave as well as she does. And then everything will be completely understandable.

* She tries to ignore you as much as possible. And she may not understand she plays hard to get. An indifferent girl will not intentionally avoid you, unless, of course, you persecute her. And if a girl tries very hard to ignore you and does so that you notice this, then everything becomes clear, right? If so, take the initiative. Don’t miss your happiness because you are a man!

  • Her eyes reaction changes. One of the Russian classics claimed that the eyes are a mirror of the soul. Take a look at her eyes. Pay attention to the size of her pupils. If they are dilated, then the girl is not indifferent to you, but just pretends.
  • She reacts to your ignorance. If you want to know her attitude towards you, just start ignoring her. Maybe then she will want to resume communication when she is tired of all this. Usually, a girl to whom you are not indifferent will begin to find out the reasons for your ignorance, if, of course, you have not offended and insulted her.
  • She tries to catch your eyes all the time. If a lady is interested, she focuses on a man. But the constant desire to look somewhere else when you are together, answer phone calls and communicate with other people in your presence is a sign of disinterest.
  • A lady talks about other men. Talk about opponents can be different. It’s one thing to talk a little about what happened (especially if a man asked about something) and it is absolutely another thing to talk about ex-boyfriends, tell how many friends she has, how they care for her, and so on.
  • A woman points out your faults. Of course, she can talk about what she doesn’t like in you. But if she constantly says that she doesn’t like everything that you have, then she indirectly hints at her disinterest. If you are a bad person in her eyes, just draw your own conclusions.

How to Play Hardt Get with a Girl

And although you don’t want to be dishonest with a person, you still want to have a little distance and seem busy. Just remember that you still “play” with the feelings of a chosen one, so be careful not to break her heart.

  • Avoid being attached to a girl. First of all, develop patience so that everything develops at a speed based on the interest of another person, and not on yours. And let the fact that all your friends are already dating someone or even getting married doesn’t upset you. On the contrary, you should think that your time hasn’t come yet and in matters of relationships, there is no deadline.girl playing hard to get
  • Enjoy loneliness. If you like your life as it is, then you can just enjoy it because many things happen in your daily life. The key point is that if you are happy and carefree, then people will notice it.
  • Be inaccessible. If a lady asks you to go out, don’t plan everything right there. Say that you need to check your plans. Ask to contact you later or the next day because you have other plans.
  • Enjoy yourself freely. When a girl is too imposed, step back. Avoid sharp answers and comments. Try to keep different options for yourself as long as possible.
  • Don’t take the initiative. When there is an awkward moment of silence, don’t worry about what to say. Wait until she starts talking first. Do this several times so that she understands that you are thinking about something else and not listening to her very carefully. But if you repeat these actions constantly, then she will think that you don’t like her. Most likely, she will find someone else, not you.
  • Award her from time to time. Remind a girl that her conquest gives a result and that she doesn’t waste time. A little enthusiasm will always help but be changeable with approvals so that her interest doesn’t disappear.
  • Don’t overdo it. If you pretend that you are indifferent to a lady, it may give her the wrong idea about you. This may complicate your relationships later.

Should I Play Hard to Get?

Do guys play hard to get? Yes. Such men don’t allow excesses in relationships, and there is nothing bad in this. But in fact, few women like such men. Most women prefer to avoid them because they feel discomfort and tension. They don’t know how to behave in their society. Therefore, women prefer to avoid them. However, there are women who love to “conquer” such men. These women are experiencing sports interest and excitement. They love to overcome difficulties and will act by any means to achieve their goal. But, having received the desired, women understand that they need real men.

And this behavior is not typical for real men. In order for a woman to love a man and find the desire to start something with him, she should respect him as a person. There are two extremes – to be Casanova and pretend that you are indifferent. And there is the golden mean between them. There is no need to be one or the other. You just need to be attractive only to your woman. That is, you have to treat your lady favorably and play these games with others (those who are not worth you).

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