Why Women Lose Interest in Men


Long-term relationships, and even more so, married life is a very complicated thing. People who do not know how to analyze their behavior and the behavior of their partner are literally doomed to failure. For such people, the loss of interest in their own person is always unexpected and shocking. What to do when she loses interest? They will never have an answer. How come, after all, I'm so smart, beautiful, interesting, strong ... how can she lose interest? After all, I'm doing everything perfectly! These are typically amateurish thoughts. These are the thoughts of people who absolutely lack the capacity for self-analysis. If you do not develop this ability, you will have many more such "surprises" waiting for you.

Every event has its reasons. In this article, we together will understand the reasons for the loss of interest of a woman in a man. We hope that the information obtained will give you the opportunity to be more attentive to your behavior and to the reactions of people you love. And you will know how to react when she loses interest.

what to do when she loses interest

Main Reasons Why Women Lose Interest in Men

Agree, it happens that you meet someone who likes you. And it seems like you have a lot in common, you are having fun together and all that, and it suddenly disappears. And now you have only one important question: what to do when your wife loses interest in you?

She met a better man. Yes, probably, it is unethical to apply the adjective "better" to a living person ... to a man ... Yes, although there are worse men, there are better, and you can’t hide from this. Reality is harsh, and it often destroys seemingly strong couples, only because the woman's path emerged as a real prince. And then she thought and thought, and made the right choice. She threw her useless man and left in the bright future. And she did not explain anything to anyone because she is a woman, and everything is possible for her. When a woman loses interest in her husband, almost nothing can stop her. Phew ...

He did not leave personal space. Most often, it is the woman who begins to strangle her man with attention, preventing him from occasionally being alone or in the company of old friends. But there are also opposite situations - a man chases a woman, is jealous of her, does not let her feel at least a little freedom. Sometimes it comes down to absurdity - one of my friends told me that her ex young man liked to try on her shirts (those that she had not yet had time to wash). But this is quite a "clinical picture". And in order not to dive into intricate explanations, why she decided to break up with such a guy, the woman decides to slip away.

A man plays a role too long. At the initial stage of the relationship, we all prone to a little "acting". Due to a lack of self-confidence, we begin to edit our personality a little. We add a little mind, reading, a valuable life experience. We exaggerate our achievements. We minimize our shortcomings and failures. It seems to us that there is nothing criminal in this. Indeed, a small, harmless lie, said at the very beginning of the relationship, may well benefit. Or, at least, it will not damage future relations. But if we begin to lie about ourselves regularly, this will necessarily lead to failure. Even the most enamored woman recognizes a lie - she just needs a little more time. And then a completely different person will appear in front of her. Not the one she fell in love with. At first, she will be disappointed, and then lose interest. For a man, this may seem unexpected. After all, he played a role for so long that he himself believed in a fictitious image of himself. However, it is perfectly clear from the side that there is nothing unexpected in this. All happened naturally and accurately on time. When a woman loses interest in a man, it means, you should be frank with yourself and analyze your behavior.

The man regularly neglects his promises. Women do not like men who waste words. This causes a feeling of uncertainty in the future - and this is the basic need of any lady, one of the reasons for which, in fact, she was looking for a partner. If a man is not serious about his words, a woman will very quickly lose interest and trust. And it will be extremely difficult for you to return them - this is a fact.

The woman just does not want to explain anything. For different reasons. She does not want to offend him. Or she does not like him, for reasons that she does not understand. In a word, she made a decision to stop the romance. And she does not know how to inform him about this because there are no apparent reasons for interrupting the relationship. And the woman decides to evaporate from his life. It happens.

Why do Women Lose Interest in Sex

when a woman loses interest in her husbandLack of desire to have sex with her husband is a fairly common phenomenon. The dynamics of modern life brings stressful situations to the world of women, and there is also such a step in the family life - a complete lack of desire for intimacy with her husband. Many women live with this terrible feeling of apathy, having sex with her husband just out of necessity.

Most often, women refer to the duration of family relationships and in this, they see the reason for the lack of desire. But what if such a problem comes into the life of a young couple whose relationship has only begun to develop and last only a short time. Regardless of the age and duration of the relationship, there are many reasons that affect the sexual life of the couple.

For most women, sex is a mystery and a deep sensuality, based on hundreds of small bricks. If for a man sex is more a physical process, then for a woman it is mental and physical.

So why women lose interest in sex? Let's stage-by-stage understand the reasons that affect a woman's desire to have sex with her man.

I am a woman, not a workhorse

Modern realities have made a woman an equal participant in the labor society. A woman works on a par with a man for the benefit of the family. Her working days are no different from men's, while on her fragile shoulders lay the organization of a cozy life and caring for her man. Stressful situations at work, breakfast, lunch, dinner, cleanliness in the house, ironed shirts, personal care (make-up, manicure, hairstyle and so on ...), and, of course, sex with her husband. Loaded to the maximum, emaciated, exhausted, in desperate need of caress and care, she comes home, where the second portion of work is waiting for her. The closer it is to midnight, the greater is her desire to avoid intimacy with her husband. Why? Sex for her has become part of the processes that take away strength. And as a result - "my head hurts", "I feel unwell".

We are so different

So why did she lose interest all of a sudden? Here is the very common reason for this. Women are surprised: "When we first met, sex was beautiful, I wanted my husband, but after a while, I realized that we are completely different in temperament." It happens very often: meeting, falling in love, emotions, passion, but as soon as the common life begins, all this disappears somewhere. Indeed, all people are different and someone needs sex every day, and for someone once a week is enough. The rapid development of relations did not allow partners to get to know each other better. The man achieved his goal, and to be more precise, relaxed and simply became indifferent to the needs of his woman. If he does not come to his senses on time, there will be someone who will gladly help his wife out. This must be understood if you do not want to be in an extremely unpleasant situation.

Same thing every day

Often in the life of a married couple comes the moment of monotony. All events are easy to predict. A woman desperately needs romance, passion, a surge of emotions and, of course, sexual diversity. And she should not keep quiet about it. She can try to drop hints to the man about her desires. If he does not understand - speak directly. If the situation in the family does not change and the man still remains a passive consumer of the female body, this will lead to conflict, betrayal, and parting.

Lack of respect

Lack of respect from the husband to his wife is another reason why a woman does not want her man. A woman is a crystal vase that requires proper care. Respecting and caring, a man finds in her a friend and a passionate lover. Reproaches, rudeness, rudeness, haughtiness, disrespectful attitude towards a woman form in her a disgust for a man. Why do women lose interest in their husbands? Because they show no respect, that’s why!

7 reasons why men lose interest in women

But let's make a little correction in our article and we will be completely honest: women often bring the situation to the point that their men also "suddenly" cease to be interested in them. And in this case, it is also necessary to understand the reasons that lead to this. So why men lose interest in a woman? Let’s find it out together!

why do women lose interest in their husbandsExcess weight

It sounds terrible, but it really is. If a man realizes that the girl is not going to put her body in order, most likely he will lose interest in her. But the main thing is that the woman herself will not feel self-confidence. Not to mention health, ease, and smartness.

Excessive talkativeness

Men do not like women who do not know when to stop. The trouble is that some women just do not notice talkativeness. No one likes constant dominance in the conversation. So make sure your speech does not last more than 30 seconds.

Lack of a sense of scream

Men like it when you laugh at their jokes. It is clear that the humor in women and men is different. But do not take everything seriously, especially if you plan to continue the relationship with him.

Boredom in a relationship

If you have nothing to say, feel embarrassed or nervous, know: if you remain silent and shrug your shoulders, a man will think that you simply have nothing to say. Of course, maybe you are too shy, but try to develop a speech, read more books, watch interesting films. And in time you will be surprised that you could overcome yourself.

Excessive feminism

Some girls try to show their strength and independence beyond measure. No one argues: the rights of women and men are equal. But the man initially tries to find a feminine, tender and sensual woman. Ladies are completely different from men, such is nature. And those who try to equalize themselves with them, in the grave case themselves become masculine.

Influence of former relations

Do not compare former partners with the current one. Neither men nor women can stand this. Especially because for some reason you broke up. Do not stir up the past: live and enjoy the present.

Lack of romance

Strangely enough, but often not only in men there is no romanticism. Many do not like to walk holding hands of each other, go to the cinema or fool around. Do not hold back his impulses to make you a romantic surprise, give a bouquet of flowers or just stroll under the moon.

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