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  • 18.12.2017 How to Date an Aquarius Woman: Essential Tips
    This type of woman usually comes in two forms - timid, sensitive and subtle or rebellious, spirited and a bit exhibitionist. In any case, if you’re trying or still planning to date a female born under this Zodiac sign, you should definitely go ahead and read some insights on how to attract Aquarius women. Get some utterly useful dating tips to build that perfect relationship with the Aquarius girl.
  • 23.11.2017 The Ultimate Guide to Ukrainian Women
    In our article, you can find the true info on how to meet a Ukrainian woman and where to meet Ukrainian women along with some useful rules of understanding Ukrainian women. Consequently, if you are a novice in the world of international dating, we’ve prepared several tips on dating a Ukrainian woman eventually to conquer her heart.
  • 21.11.2017 Sex Drive: How Men and Women Compare
    When it comes to a long-term relationship, the problem of low sex drive may arise. Traditionally, women are considered to be interested in sex less than men, but in fact, everything depends on a particular person. In this article, we’ll shed light on this matter.
  • 21.11.2017 How to Date a Vegetarian Girl: Your Diet Really Matters
    If you know how to cook a romantic dinner for a vegetarian girl, you will score some major points. Their lives are further complicated by the fact that people automatically assume they are stuck up. There is a difference between a vegetarian and someone who is a prick.
  • 30.10.2017 Cute Good Night Messages for Your Girlfriend
    Many relationships start via text. A single message can become the first line of a new love story. As the relationship evolves, partners create the sense of presence through … texting! It’s hard to imagine a romantic relationship without sweet good morning and good night messages that lovebirds send each other. They want to be together 24/7 but it’s simply impossible due to their busy schedules, so texting helps them be together in the parallel virtual universe.
  • 26.10.2017 What to Do if a Girl Ignores You?
    To understand when you should leave and when you should stay you need to learn the reasons why a girl ignores you. Let's go through different situations when a girl ignores you and find out the reasons behind them.
  • 25.09.2017 Best Ukrainian Foods: Traditions and Recipes
    If you are interested in getting a Ukrainian spouse, then you must have already studied all the perks of these women. I’m sure that you came across the statement that Ukrainian women are wonderful cooks and Ukraine is famous for its tasty dishes. Perhaps, you’ve already heard such words as borshch or varenyky. If not, you are going to learn these and many more Ukrainian foods.
  • 25.09.2017 How to Win a Ukrainian Woman's Heart
    Ukrainian women are the most beautiful women in the world. This is the fact which you can prove yourself. A Ukrainian woman has all the qualities and features of an intelligent super model. Don’t laugh because this is truth. Women from Ukraine are both intelligent and beautiful. You won’t consider this to be a rare exception once you visit Ukraine and meet Ukrainian girls.
  • 25.09.2017 The Real Cost of Living in Ukraine
    Ukraine is a country of beautiful women and liberal prices. But women will always stay beautiful while the cost of living may eventually reach European level. That’s why if you’re curious about Ukrainian traditions and culture, now is the time to travel there. Such an adventure will bring you tons of new emotions and experiences.
  • 29.08.2017 Best Lviv Disco Clubs
    Having bought a ticket to the Western capital of Ukraine, you get two options: a useful day life for your intellectual development and an unforgettable nightlife. Here are the best Lviv clubs. The most necessary Lviv tourist information you can hardly find on the net is right there below.
  • 28.08.2017 Quick Tips to Dating after 60
    Everyone wants to do good things, smile and just enjoy life in this happy period. And the fact that a loved person is nearby means that everything is fine. Lovers always want to be together. They feel bored when separated from each other. And it doesn’t matter where people are when they are together. The main thing is that they are with their loved ones. Also, it doesn’t matter how old you are and we can prove it in this article.
  • 28.08.2017 How to Surprise a Girl on Your First Date: 17 Creative Ideas
    Anyone will hardly be surprised by going to the restaurant for dinner, it's time to add bright colors and stand out from the crowd. Men are often nervous before the first date, their thoughts run at the speed of light and it becomes difficult to come up with something special, so it's good to think through the great first date ideas in advance and choose the best option for you.
  • 23.08.2017 How to Date a Ukrainian Woman with Kids
    Dating women with kids can be difficult. Rumor has it mothers are actually pretty hard to approach. Besides that, most men understand who will be the number one priority here. Some gentlemen are sure that mommies cause a lot of trepidation, mostly financial. That is why elder men choose Ukrainian women. This nation knows how to parent and to date.
  • 31.07.2017 A Complete Guide to Sex in a Long-Term Relationship
    How Important Is Sex For a Healthy Relationship? To begin this important discussion, let’s define a healthy relationship. So, any relationship has a physical and a mental side to it. Healthy, in this case, means productive and functional. But can a couple function without a sexual intercourse?
  • 26.07.2017 Dating a Single Ukrainian Mom: a Complete Guide
    Have you also met a girl of your dreams with a child? Are you highly interested in dating a single mom from Ukraine? Still hesitating and expect your failure in a relationship? Don’t worry, in this guide we will point out the most important issues you should consider to make your personal life with a Ukrainian woman incredible.
  • 30.06.2017 Understanding Ukrainian Women: the Complete Guide
    Many Western men have found beautiful wives among Ukrainian girls and they gladly share a story about what one should know when entering into relations with a beautiful Ukrainian woman. It is on the basis of such stories we wrote our article. We will try to draw a portrait of typical Ukrainian women but you have to make your own conclusions. Enjoy reading!
  • 30.06.2017 The Horrors of a First Date: 10 Ways to Screw It Up
    If you are tormented by the question of whether to ask a girl out on a date, our advice: say yes! And we will take care of other small things ourselves. Read our guide and you will avoid all the ridiculous mistakes that can ruin your first date.
  • 31.05.2017 Stereotypes about Ukrainian Women That Have to Be Gone
    There were myths about women at all times. People don’t want to get rid of them even in the 21st century and they still exist. What stereotypes do men believe in? You will read a list of women stereotypes below.
  • 31.05.2017 Professional Advice to Turn On a Ukrainian Girl
    Not every man can bring a real pleasure to a woman, but it is necessary to think about every detail in order to achieve success in this matter. Sophisticated techniques in sex are good at some point. But much more important things for girls are the sensuality and some magical sensation. Let's see how you can turn a Ukrainian girl on.
  • 31.05.2017 Ukrainian Female Names
    Many nations live on the modern territory of Ukraine: Ukrainians, Russians, Belarusians, Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Bulgarians, Georgians, and others. Such a variety of nations is the result of the historical development of this state. So, Ukrainian women's names have an ancient and distinctive history.
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