Russian women’s core relationship beliefs


We all know what cultural differences are. Some rudimental concepts and cognitive frames are basic for the whole ethnos; others are typical for a small part of it. Russians have ancient traditions and unique minds. Russian women have their own type of thinking, which has both genetic and historical base. Therefore, a Russian woman has her own apprehension of relationship and family concepts. In this article, we are going to discuss her vision of these models and the way you should treat it.

Russian traditionalism is a good thing in its core. It helps this nation stay solid, exceptional and relatively prosperous for many centuries. As well, Russian religiousness creates perfect conditions to keep traditions onboard.

A Russian woman believes that a man is a hunter and a woman is a prey. Russian girls know how gorgeous and sexy they are. As well, they are aware that you will not be able to find a similar girl anywhere in the world. Russian girls do not like to make first steps; they train themselves to answer men’s appreciation but not admiring first. That is why Russian girls are often thought to be shy and humble. Nevertheless, Russian men are quite arrogant and do not like to make the first step either. Their genetic memory reminds them that they used to be warriors and women would fall to their knees. Well, Middle Ages are gone, ubiquitous patriarchate is no longer a thing. Girls are not fond of this situation, and it forces them to look for a foreigner.

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A Russian woman thinks that a man is a provider and a woman is a housekeeper. Gender roles are rather untouched and concrete in Russia. A man is obliged (!) to provide his family while a woman should clean the house, watch after kids, cook, and do everything that would make their home a cozy place. Russian men often take her housekeeping skills for granted and would force their wives to work even harder. In the end, this approach ruins their relationships. A Russian girl is a truly skilled housekeeper. This mastery is passed from one generation to another. However, she wants to be highly valued. Russian girls always respect their husbands. Some of the girls are famous for tolerating domestic violence for decades. A modern girl does not want to suffer and chooses to marry a foreigner and move away from the country. She also thinks that a woman is the one who takes care of children, a man is too busy working. You would be surprised, but she really thinks so. It is universally acknowledged that women are keener on parenthood, especially if she has a daughter. A Russian woman is not an exception. Of course, we talk in a subjective mood and every rule is working for a lion’s share of the nation but not the whole nation. Nevertheless, would want you to take part in bringing up kids. At least, you should teach your son how to shave and how to take care of girls. Women in Russia often manage to combine motherhood with various jobs. Therefore, when a Russian woman meets a foreigner, she believes that it will not happen to her. Well, some of them are wrong – people are not perfect, no matter where they come from. Still, we hope you will not be the one who abandons her.

You should also notice: Russian women are assured that a man should love more than a woman. This idea derives from a female self-perception in a role of a prey but has another connotation. Slavic girls think that the feelings in relationships look like a sinusoid: when a man initiates a partnership, his feeling is at the peak of its intensity. Alternatively, a woman starts relationships because she ‘doesn’t mind’. She basically agrees to start dating. Later on, her feelings develop and become much stronger through years. At the same time, her husband’s feelings subside and turn into a habit. Do not be nervous if you are not fond of this concept. In the end, you can easily bring a Russian girl over if she knows you love her. Note: it is not always a bad thing if your relationships become a habit.

Finally yet importantly, Russian culture is strongly keen on the concept of fate. Therefore, a Russian girl knows that Destiny brings a man and a woman together. Russian are all without exceptions fatalists. It derives from their religiousness and other traditional beliefs. The concept of destiny in relationships describes the state of mind, in which a girl is assured that it is God/Heavens/extraterrestrial energy that brings you together. That is why if you start relationships and they turn out to be successful, it is your fate and you are obliged to be together.

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