Dating a Single Ukrainian Mom: a Complete Guide


You never know what kind of surprise destiny prepares for you. The most unexpected things concern women. Love and affection may bind us to a person with unusual lifestyle, mindset, appearance, hobbies, and… interesting past. Speaking of the latter, nowadays there are more and more women who have to raise kids on their own. And yes, relationships with such women are quite widespread today. Seems that men start taking more responsibilities and accept women they love as they are.

Have you also met a girl of your dreams with a child? Are you highly interested in dating a single mom from Ukraine? Still hesitating and expect your failure in a relationship? Don’t worry, in this guide we will point out the most important issues you should consider to make your personal life with a Ukrainian woman incredible. But of course, you should be ready for that. If you are, this article will answer how to date a single mom.

tips for dating a single mom

What Distinguishes a Single Ukrainian Mother?

Men usually have a slightly negative opinion about single moms dating. It is connected with the idea of communication with her children. In addition to that, not all of men are ready to be “the next after ex” who dared to break up with a pregnant woman or a mother (many different situations happen in our lives, but these are the most common, unfortunately).

Single women with kids are considered broken, desperate, and pessimistic about all the future admirers. It may be true in some situations because raising a kid on your own is hard. However, dating a single mom has numerous positive moments. Let’s look through vivid distinguishing features of such women that will make you wish to date them more and will wipe off your hesitations.

They are experienced

Nothing changes women as much as the birth of a child. No matter how reckless, crazy, and blinkered you were earlier, this occasion changes you fundamentally. You no longer care about your own needs, you start thinking about others, and your mindset turns upside down because you created a new life so you’re responsible for it. Now imagine you have to raise a kid yourself, alone! Your responsibility doubles, you have to put more effort and energy into a child. This situation makes you put yourself together and be strong.

Single mothers learned a lot in the school of hard knocks. When they put up with their painful situation, they become strong and experienced. Therefore, they hardly can annoy you with stupid and motiveless whining; they know the real price of real things; they know how to get out of hard situations. You can learn much when dating them.

Ukrainian woman They are versatile personalities

Modern young women disappoint most of the men with their narrow-mindedness. They live recklessly and light-heartedly. In a sense, it is quite natural, because these girls have other priorities. As opposed to them, single moms have more everyday chores, which makes them more flexible. Consider this: these women care for the health and growth of their kids, combine work and housekeeping, aspire to raise clever and capable children. A regular single woman with kid tries her best to combine the traits of a father and a mother. She has to be hardworking, smart, and full of vitality. Think well when you face a dilemma: the choice between a cute and hollow doll and a real personality.

They are independent

Being a single mother requires incredible knowledge, patience, and experience. Such women can easily take care of themselves and their children. But this is not the only aspect that makes them independent. You see, such ladies already have their beloved and the closest person – their baby. Of course, they would dive into the new relationships and devote themselves to a new partnership with a great pleasure, but they are not clingy. They happily communicate and date other men when the time comes, but they actually feel good on their own, because they are never alone.

Don’t think that single mothers are capable of doing literally anything on their own. Yes, they are versatile and skilled, but they will gladly accept your help if you offer. They keep the balance between their personal life and relationships. Until you finally commit to her, you can feel free, not burdened with an annoying and helpless girlfriend who cannot make a step without you.

And now imagine, that a single mom you are affected to is a Ukrainian woman. Then, multiply all these pros by 10. Why? Because Ukrainian girls for dating are smart, skillful, wise, and strong themselves, even without babies. You can be very happy if you decide to date a single Ukrainian mom.

Tips on How to Date a Single Mother

To be honest, along with my younger brother I was raised by a single mom after parents’ divorce. Moreover, I have a couple of friends who raise their kids alone. Therefore, I know that communicating with such women is hard, but it’s worth trying. Ukrainian women for dating are an excellent choice for every wise man. But how to approach them if they are single mothers? What makes them happy? How to get the best out of these relationships? I can share some real life experience and tips for dating a single mom.

1. Put up with her major priority

When a woman brings up her child, there is nothing more important than this. Of course, she doesn’t give up on her personal growth, career, and intimate life. She is happy about new dates and relationships. But you have to admit that her child is the most important part of her life. Be ready she may cancel an anticipated date with you because her baby is ill. Accept the fact that she’d rather visit a parents’ day or a new pupils’ play at school than go on a trip with you. She will spend time with you and she will surely love you, but the mother’s love is stronger.

2. Put up with her ex (if he still exists in her life)

Some children never know their real fathers. They vanish from women’s lives completely. But some of them still communicate with kids and appreciate a joint pastime. Therefore, these men can often appear in the life of your woman. In most cases, men abandon their women, but not their children. They don’t care about the personal lives of their exes, so you have nothing to worry about; your lady will never give you reasons for jealousy. And don’t criticize him in front of her and children. First, you’ll only make a situation more uncomfortable. Secondly, kids deserve to communicate with their real father and they may love you as well.

3. Admit that loving kids is a far cry from raising them

Hillary Clinton said once, “There’s no such thing as other people’s children”. Ukrainian and Russian moms share this point of view as well. They also expect you will accept their children as your own. By the way, you may think it is perfect and enjoyable to bring up kids, no matter who their parent is.

But honestly, there is a huge difference between having fun with godchildren or nephews and taking care of kids when they are ill or misbehave. This issue gets more complicated when you talk about her kids, not yours. Don’t moralize and teach a single mom. Before you become a part of her family, you don’t have any right to preach, especially if you have zero experience with children.

single-mom 4. Don’t rush things

Single mom and dating is a common concept that takes place more often every day. However, it doesn’t mean they will dive into a passionate romance right away. Most of these women faced cheating, betrayals, and loneliness along with other difficulties. They need time to build trust at first, so don’t hurry, be patient, let her get used to new relationships.

5. Don’t lie to her

As it has been said above, dating as a single mom is impossible without trust. Such women suffered a lot. My mother went through a horrible pain and it took her about 5 years to get back to the dating track. She stopped being naïve very long time ago and the divorce taught her to be more demanding to men. Every woman who went through a similar situation looks for a trustworthy man. You must be responsible for her if you wish to build a healthy relationship.

6. Do your best when you are alone

Despite being devoted to her child, the time she spends with you is priceless for her. The reason is obvious: she spends it away from a beloved kid. A single mom will not date you if your joint meetings don’t bring you enough happiness and joy. Of course, you don’t have to throw her a thousand of roses, take to a tropical resort every weekend, and prepare romantic dinners every evening. You should put sense and feelings in your dates, give her something her child cannot give her yet – attention, respect, and tenderness.

In addition, you have to schedule all your dates carefully. She needs to hire a babysitter or ask her parents to look after a baby so that you could spend time together. Abandoned all hopes she may adore all your spontaneous tricks, no matter how touching and sincere they are. She is no longer an innocent and naïve girl, remember? She values practicality.

7. Leave your reckless past behind

Men dare to date a single mom not for a tick in their list of romantic achievements. When they make this serious step, they agree to live another life. This is life without eternal bachelor parties, available girls, one-night stands, hangovers, and other reckless stuff. She should trust you, remember? And how the hell she can do it if you prefer parties and booze instead of her company? If you are not ready to bring your relationship to a new level and leave it all in the past, don’t waste her time, don’t make her disappointed in men… again. She will gladly let you spend your free time with friends because she is independent and busy with kids. But there will be no committed relationships if you don’t put yourself together. Be a man, not another child!

8. Don’t give up on her child

You cannot ignore the fact she has kids. Sooner or later you will have to meet them. If your knees shake even when you imagine this situation, then forget this woman and don’t make a fool of her. Your relationship with her child should develop gradually. Don’t try to be a father and husband just in the very beginning of your romance. Be a reliable friend and establish the authority at first. When something goes wrong, discuss your problems communicating with your woman. She is also interested in search of a decent stepfather so you can solve all problems together.

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