How to Date a Mature Ukrainian Lady


A midlife crisis is not as terrible as it is painted. The perspective to face it alone is much more terrifying.  Let’s get it all sorted out in order to avoid this problem.

What 40-Something Women Look For In Relationships

The answer to the question above is pretty simple – they look for happiness. Well, most of them do. Let’s talk about some exceptions first and then go back to those who want nothing but to be happy.

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The exception

I doubt you will meet a single Ukrainian woman in her 40’s without kids. Most of the single mature Ukrainian ladies are divorced and have children. Thus, if you are dating a Ukrainian mature lady and her kids (or kid) are under 18 (or even 20), the chances that she is looking for a father are really high. I cannot say that this is bad. It is not! She loves her children and there is nothing weird about it. The question is whether you are ready to become someone’s stepfather or not. You need to realize that kids will be of a great importance for her. Are you ready to support your new family financially? Won’t you feel jealous about her? If not, everything is fine. You have nothing to worry about.

Looking for a happy life together

Now, let’s find out how to make a mature Ukrainian woman happy. Ukrainian women dating is not difficult. Unlike 25-years-old girls, they don’t look for a prince. They value respectful relationships. They look for a man who will treat them right. For mature Ukrainian women, this desire is natural and reasonable, but sometimes it’s more than that. Sometimes, this need comes from some bad experience gained from a previous marriage. Therefore, if you want to marry a Ukrainian woman, you need to be respectful and patient towards her. It may take some time for her to trust you, especially if her ex-husband used to cheat on her or used to treat her badly in general.


Another important thing, which mature Ukrainian women look for in relationships is partnership. A woman in her 40’s is likely to have her unique worldview, life preferences, and habits. It is important to respect those views and habits. Thus, partnership will perfectly meet her needs. It does not mean she will pay less attention to the household or cooking or you. Not even close! It simply means you should not push her to giving up her business or something she enjoys doing. That’s it.

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Positive thinking

One thing a woman in her 40’s does not want to find is pessimism. There is no way she will start a relationship with a pessimist. Think about it! Is it reasonable to look for something that will make your life frustrating? I don’t think so. It is essential for mature Ukrainian ladies not to lose optimism. Therefore, even if you don’t really feel optimistic, try to develop your positive thinking. For instance, you may list goals, you’ve already achieved. This will prove that you have not wasted a single hour in your life.

How To Date A Mature Ukrainian Woman

The strategy, usually, depends on your age and on her past experience.

  1. Don’t think she is not serious about you.

There is a belief that the only reason why women in their 40’s date 20-year-old boys is the desire to refresh their life, to feel the excitement and energy they lack. Statistics says the stories where a mature woman is falling in love with a young boyfriend are more numerous than those where she is using him for sex, for example. You may say that having sex with a young boyfriend is a great way to raise the self-esteem when you are a 40’something. But the truth is – it’s not. On the contrary, this is the most pointless way of raising the self-esteem, I know it. The truth is that all the gossips from your social surrounding and all the critical views don’t make it easier for a woman to date a boy. Even a really great sex cannot be the only reason for jumping into such relationships. In fact, if you want to marry a Ukrainian lady, you may count on it.

  1. Choose the right way to impress her.

Don’t mess up with presents and dates. Ukrainian women’s dating requires a meaningful approach. You should keep in mind that your mature Ukrainian lady is an independent person. She probably has a good career and has great kids (perhaps grown up ones).  Of course, it does not mean she won’t be happy to have a new sparkling jewelry. However, it is not the best way to impress her. It will be much better if you try to impress her with your life experience and smart talks. If you search for Ukrainian women for marriage, choose your winning strategy and follow it. Just keep in mind that she will hardly enjoy spending the rest of her life with a boring and pessimistic person. If both of you think that 40’s is the age when life only starts, you will be more than happy together.

  1. Don’t be selfish.

There is no doubt that your Ukrainian lady will be there for you when you need it most. It’s what they do. Caring Ukrainian girls are great for dating. However, being selfish is not the best way to impress your Ukrainian woman. You need to realize that you’ll have to share her with kids, colleagues… She cannot disappear after 40 years of socially active life. 

Commitment In 40’s: What To Be Concerned AboutCOUPLE-IN-BED

The body clock

If you want to meet one of those older Ukrainian women for dating, you need to find out her plans and intentions first. Since her body clock is going with a high speed, you should realize that she may look for a man to start a family with. If you are okay with that, don’t hesitate to go into serious relationships with the one. However, if you are not ready for kids, it is better to be honest and let her know what you want from this relationship. Of course, not all Ukrainian and Russian women in their 40’s search for a man to have kids with. Some are more interested in dating and having fun. They may simply want to spend time with someone young and active. Nothing more…

The unexpected past

The more you know from the beginning, the better you sleep.  If you choose mature Ukrainian women for marriage, you need to be aware of her past. It’s not just because you need to know what went wrong but because her past may influence your present. Do you know if she has any kids, if her divorce is over, and if it is official?

I don’t say you 100% need to deal with her past issues. However, you need to realize that something may come up and it is better to be ready. Besides, she will need you to be supportive.  Thus, if she has a kid from her ex-husband, you should respect the fact that she spends time with her kid.

The gossip

There is nothing new about dating an older woman nowadays. Many people do it. However, you need to accept the fact that people may question your choice. For instance, your parents, as well as your colleagues are likely to surround your couple with gossips. By the way, it does not mean they think you are doing something wrong. Even those who feel fine with dating much older partners don’t want to miss the opportunity to discuss someone’s private life.

If you are ready to be discussed, then go ahead. If not – consider all pros and cons before jumping into the relationship. 

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