How to Make the Best of Summer Fling in 2020


Summer flings. There’s something special about them. Have you ever noticed that most romantic novels and love movies begin in summer? No wonder why – scorching sun, nightlife, and thousands of hotties are a perfect setup for a tempting, rapid affair that probably won’t lead to anything serious. As a whole, summer is the most careless time and not only because of a few short weeks of a well-deserved vacation. You’re looking at three busy months to escape from heavy thoughts and finally relax, forgetting about everything that weighs you down like a lead brick. So, why not have yourself a merry little fling relationship and shake up the daily routine?

Usually, flings that begin in summer are packed with fun and emotions and leave a sweet aftertaste for years. You may even feel deep affection for your new crush (it’s surprising how fast two singles can build such a bond). And who knows, maybe you’d like to keep this relationship going, but how to make sure that a lovely relationship doesn’t become a burden? We’ll tell what you should do to start (and potentially wrap up) a summer fling on a positive note and turn it into an exciting adventure.

what is a summer fling

What Is a Fling, and What Is So Special About Summer Flings?

It can happen to any of us, regardless of whether we’re married, single, or in a relationship. It may remain a flirty affair or grow into a lifetime union of hearts. A fling isn’t only a plain definition of a short-term romance – it’s an unpredictable whirlpool of sensations, and you can never tell where it may take you. But what is a summer fling, and how’s it different from fall, winter, and spring flings? It’s all about the atmosphere of love around this time of the year. People start going on dates more often, and their intimate life gets more active. You have a much higher chance of ending up on some website to meet girls for a few one-night stands. Besides, summer’s the time for traveling, SPAs, and resorts, and the farther we are from usual surroundings, the bolder we get – perfect conditions for a fling.

Perhaps what’s best about summer flings is that they’re always full of romance and let us live in the present and not bother building plans for the future. The weather’s perfect, and there's so much stuff for you and your crush to do outdoors. The list includes a lot of super-romantic options like having a cozy picnic somewhere away from prying eyes or watching a cute sunset on a beach. Sick and tired of work, traffic jams, and life schedules, we’re all longing for romance and could use a little bit of it. Besides, we’re often so focused on our past or busy looking in the future that a small reminder of the present can be a lifesaver. We leave everything behind falling for a summer fling, meaning that the only time we have is now. You realize that most likely, you don’t have much time together, so you try to save every moment without getting carried away by silly dreams, and that’s the most precious part. Summer flings also have a few benefits to offer when it comes to dating for over 50 men, especially those looking for a love affair. One never knows where their next ‘business trip’ will be. It might as well take them to a five-star resort full of lonely singles in their 20s and 30s in search of fresh romantic experience with an older partner. It’s a perfect match where both lovers, surrounded by compliments, adoring looks, and attention, get a chance to boost self-esteem and learn a trick or two. But cheating aside, a summer fling is still a positive experience. You’re overwhelmed with someone you don’t know yet (and maybe never will). Above all, there’s the fact that you’re having a lot of fun together. All that stress that has piled up over the year disappears, and all that’s left is pure joy.

By the way, the harmful effects of stress take their toll not only on our daily lives but health as well, and a summer fling might be the best remedy for us. Some believe it’s a thing for teenagers, but no one has ever put any age limits on it. Though being associated with youth, it’ll make you feel a few decades younger. Sure, it’s hard to call teenage years absolutely flawless, but those were the times when we could enjoy the smallest things, experimented, explored, and were truly free.

How to Have a Fling in Summer 2020: 10 Essential Tips and Rules

Most summer flings happen spontaneously because it’s so easy to get lost in each other under the warm sun, surrounded by sand and ocean (or whatever landscape you have), where every breath you take is saturated with sensuality and passion. Summer is a brief period of freedom that’s not subject to the rules of autumn, winter, or spring with their hustle and bustle. But there are a couple of fling relationship rules you should know so that your romantic adventure leaves fond memories, not scars. Consider this list a cheat sheet for the best summer fling ever.

Act fast

Summer doesn’t last long. So if you’re hoping to find someone, you’d better start early. First of all, take a good look around and pick a potential match. Keep in mind that you only have three months tops. This means there’s no time to test the waters, send cute messages, and eat each other with eyes during endless dates. Why don’t we skip a few stages? Your new companion’s unlikely to stick around after summer’s over, so you don’t have to learn their backstory. All you need to know is that they’re hot and mentally healthy. Once both points are checked, you may proceed to a more intimate part.

Think carefully before going too far

Remember, a summer fling ends on September 1st. Period. Mark it in your calendar. what is a fling with someoneTaking this fact into account, think of how far you’re ready to go with your new partner. We’re not just talking about sexual aspects – after all, a summer fling is all about fun. How close are you going to get with them in terms of feelings? If you don’t plan on building a lasting relationship, no need to give the partner any wrong ideas. We understand that new sensations and a seductive smile can blow anyone’s mind, but your head must remain cold at times.

Don’t forget about protection

Yes, it’s a bit of pretty banal advice, but the feeling of freedom might push you towards experiments. But neither you nor your companion needs unwanted surprises in the future. Actually, you might want to set some boundaries, and not only in the sexual aspect. The fling will only be a few months long, and you won’t get too close, so maybe you shouldn’t share some personal info like your address unnecessarily? Just in case your fling backfires when you end it.

Try not to be too demanding

We’d advise you to lower the standards a bit. You’re looking for a seasonal job candidate, so set your expectations accordingly. There’s no point in looking for a flawless partner for a few months of dating; otherwise, you’ll spend your precious time weeding out decent options. Of course, picking the first candidate that happens to be on your way is also not the best idea. If you may never go out with such a person normally, why betray your principles? The bottom line is that if you have a list of demands, cut it in half but don’t abandon it completely.

Leave your problems at home

And in no case, you should dump these problems on your companion’s head. What is a fling with someone? Is it a careless affair with passion and emotions going off the charts, or is it therapy? It’s a rhetorical question. The person you’re dating isn’t ready for your revelations. Let yourself and your partner relax. Take it easy and try to keep your conversations exclusively secular.

Be honest and open

Typically, it’s girls who miss the fun and shed tears at the end of a summer fling, and things may get a bit complicated. That’s why if you aren’t looking for a serious relationship, you should tell your partner about it right away. And ask them to respect the boundaries you set. It’ll spare you a lot of trouble at the end of the road. Simply put, be honest with each other.

Don't be jealous

If your potential match decided to have a small fling in the middle of your small fling, don’t sweat it. The last thing you want to do in summer is to get mad over simple jealousy. Besides, you don’t know that person anyway, which makes jealousy totally pointless. Grab some sunscreen, put on your best swimming trunks, and go out there hunting again. You still have plenty of time for another shot.

No cheating

If you’re already dating someone else and think that a summer fling will somehow help solve problems in your relationship, watch out, as you’re about to make a huge mistake. Are you sure the experience you get from this fling is worth everything you have now? Some flirt might not do much damage, but don’t cross the line. Try refreshing the feelings for your loved one instead.

Dream less about the future

No one says you can’t fantasize, of course. But thinking about what will happen on September 1st, you must stay rational. She’s from Scotland, and that’s pretty far from you; she seems to have a boyfriend, and you don’t know each other at all. Calculating the probability of you two getting together... Result: 1%. Sure, you don’t want all this to end, but let’s be real – why do you need such a pain in the neck? So, instead of thinking about how to make things work, just enjoy the passion and summer fling songs while you can.

End it right

The worst mistake you can make is to follow each other on social media and exchange numbers. By this point, you’re probably so tired of hearing that summer flings can’t lead to anything serious and that you shouldn’t hope for it to continue and grow into a real relationship. But if by any chance, you meet that special someone and she won’t get out of your head, you’ll both make every effort to find each other on Facebook or reach out in some other way.

Best Cities and Resorts in the World to Look for a Summer Fling

Now that we’ve figured out how to have a fling and survive it, let’s see where you can find one. Flames of passion, night walks, tender kisses, and heart-breaking goodbyes feel much more vivid when you’re far from your daily life. That’s why adventurous singles travel abroad, hoping to find these sensations. And what corner of the planet suits you best? We’ve pulled together a few promising destinations for both summer flings and unforgettable vacations. You can meet your love in any corner of the world – just go for it, conquer new countries, and have fun.

A Roman holiday

The old town, narrow streets, the incredible aroma coming from restaurants – millions of people visit Rome’s attractions every year, admiring its special atmosphere. If you take a stroll along one of the streets, you’ll notice dozens of curious eyes looking for a hot affair with a stranger. Italians are known to be passionate lovers and hopeless romantics. They flirt with everyone and everywhere: at work, in a store, in a cafe, on the street. How to pass such an adventure? It’s a great opportunity to sit at the fountain with delicious gelato and enjoy dolce vita next to a person whose rugged nature is so very different from yours.summer fling meaning

No romance in Miami

There’s not much to do in Miami, except for enjoying life under its bright sun. Look around, and you’ll see not only book and music stores and art objects. Right next to you are gorgeous ladies longing for fun and love. If this isn’t paradise, then where is it? Freedom, bars, and clubs, entertainment for every taste – a lonely single will find something to do here. Don’t forget a colorful shirt.

Busy and creative New York

Where else can you find a date if not in this huge city? Office types, party-goers, students, artists, and athletes – any of them might be willing to join you while you explore New York. You can be all cultural and visit exhibitions and concerts, go bar diving, or take a walk in Central Park. No matter where the main thing is with whom. By the way, there’s an interesting perk to this city – you can get acquainted with girls right in the subway! So unless you’re a New Yorker, the journey awaits.

Bright Buenos Aires

Tourists from all over the world come to South America for hot ladies and all kinds of pleasures. Walking around the city, you’ll get a dozen brochures with a map of bars and clubs to have fun and meet people of all sorts: models, businessmen, office workers, and so on. In Buenos Aires, everyone likes partying. Even if you don’t manage to lend yourself a beautiful companion, you’ll surely meet a cheerful company and dance all night long. Take a few Latin American dance classes, reveal your passion. The skill might come in handy after you return home.

Unseen Tokyo

Japanese strict morals and stereotypes collapse when you book the Hotel of Love for your vacation in one of the youth districts of the city. No one will know who you invite to the room. And the ground floor is one big sex shop. The rooms in this hotel are luxurious, with a large glossy bath, a soft wide bed, and mirrored ceilings. It’s not hard to find someone to accompany you on the vacation here. This will be the most exotic experience in your life.

Washington is the heart of America

Not every home in the capital of the United States has a happily married couple with three kids and a dog. The city is rich in culture. Politicians glorified Washington as a city of love and passion many years ago. Dozens of bars hold theme nights where the main event is debate and heated discussion of the authorities. Romantic nights can be followed by walks through the streets with kisses and, of course, admiring the rich architecture.

A hot corner in cold Alaska

That’s not your conventional summer getaway. But this cold state is full of hot singles. You’ll be surprised by the color of local villages and settlement, and what could be better than romantic caresses by the fireplace? Hotels welcome guests and guarantee a good mood and impeccable service. Be sure to check out one interesting place – Juneau. You’ve never seen so many sporty-looking women and men in furs yet. By the way, you can buy fur mittens or a hat as a souvenir.

In the end, we’d like to note once again that a summer fling is just a way to relax and escape from everyday problems and worries. Don’t have vain hopes that your adventure will have any serious consequences in the future. Such an attitude will save you from bitter feelings and regrets. And if you’re in a serious long-term relationship, don’t get involved in summer flings – you can spoil both your self-esteem and your psychological state. Of course, there are many examples of such affairs evolving into something more, but is it worth risking your comfort for the sake of a passing affair?

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