Dangers and Signs of a Clingy Girlfriend


We are afraid to show feelings because we are not always sure that another person needs them, and because of our own fears, we miss the chance to become closer to the one we care about, the chance to find our happiness. Often our fears seem intrusive and unjustified. They are taken from our heads and our own anxieties: self-doubt, excessive suspiciousness. It doesn’t matter where you’ve met that one woman, in your workplace, a theatre, on your online dating journey, or you have some common friends, you feel like there’s something wrong, but what is it? Is she too clingy? Let’s find out. We will start by finding out the clingy girlfriend’s meaning.

signs your partner is clingy

Clingy Girlfriend Meaning

Who is a clingy girlfriend? Clinginess is basically ignorance, lack of tact, and the manifestation of egoism - all together. In real life, obsession manifests itself in constant repetition. Moreover, actions are carried out rapidly, one by one, with virtually no time intervals. What’s the opposite of clinginess, well, if she is playing hard to get – that is as far as it goes since she knows that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and there is no reason to interfere in each other’s lives, it is your desire that is tested out, not your patience, as in the case of a clingy woman.

What does clingy mean in a relationship? Here’s a typical example. At the stage of winning over a partner, a woman (or a man) thinks up a situation to remain alone with the object of adoration. For example, a young lady asks a man to give her a ride. It happens once, then it happens again. For the third time, the same request will look inappropriate and intrusive, and the man will most likely simply refuse the lady. Here’s yet another example: a woman offers a young man to go to the cinema but gets rejected. A lady may think that she is simply not needed by the man and will stop asking for anything so as not to impose herself on a man.

A wiser woman will do otherwise. She will wait for a week or two and repeat her request once again. And there are two options: a man will either agree or refuse again. In the second case, we can already conclude that he is really not interested in the lady. But in the situation described above, the woman with her offers did not look intrusive because some time passed between her offers, during which she might have met with the subject of her interest in other circumstances, for example, at work, and saw the man’s reaction to herself, and she can evaluate that reaction. When a woman is clingy, she uses a set of actions that are carried out swiftly, that is, there’s a regular process of conquering the heart of a person, which should last several months, yet it is shoved down a person’s throat in one day.

There is no need for a “Is my girlfriend clingy” quiz, just look into the following signs of clinginess that we’ve got for you.

Hidden Signs Your Partner Is Clingy: Be Careful!

Here are some of the less noticeable signs of a clingy person.

how to deal with a clingy girlfriend1. Misinterpretation of signs of attention

Here’s the first of signs your partner is clingy. Such a woman does not notice the absence of “reciprocal steps” on the part of the man. Or she interprets insignificant details and actions as signs of attention - even a casual look and the question, “how are you?” asked exclusively out of politeness. All because she perceives a man as an object, a goal, and not as a person. Of course, there are men who like assertive women. But, as a rule, these are timid, shy, and indecisive characters, who will be uninitiated quiet people in the future life together. A man who is used to taking the initiative into his own hands, most likely, will simply be scared of a woman who does not notice that he is actually not even interested in her.

2. She visits places where she can meet her crush all the time

Not everyone is that stupid, random meetings can occur not by chance, but by design. If you have come across a person a couple of times in the same cafe or park, they will probably not suspect anything wrong in that. But if such accidents occur too often, a person will soon realize that they are under secret control. This is never good, it doesn’t bring a person any happiness, and it destroys any hope for a potential relationship.

3. She tries to tell everyone about her relationship with a man

Parties are created for communication. But this doesn’t mean that you should not filter the words that come pouring out of one’s mouth. Other people are only somewhat interested in each other’s affairs. If your girlfriend can’t seem to shut up about your relationship and talk about everything that has to do with you, then it means that she is at least somewhat clingy.

4. She keeps in touch with the family and friends of the man

Of course, sooner or later, you will have to meet friends and relatives of your loved one. The desire to get to know them immediately is annoying. After all, it is much more difficult to part with a person who is familiar with your loved ones because when a girl insists on this at the very beginning of the relationship, it makes many men nervous. Excessive efforts in this direction can be easily confused with a certain assertiveness and clinginess of a girl.

5. She unconditionally agrees with everything a man says or does

Partners cannot be unanimous in everything. Even a slight disagreement creates interest for another partner. If a woman just agrees to everything, it involuntarily gives the impression that they are trying very hard to establish and maintain a relationship with a man, afraid to let him go. In addition, many men prefer self-confident girls who can defend their opinions and are even ready to quarrel because of this.

Obvious Signs of a Clingy Girlfriend

Now let’s see some of the more obvious signs of a clingy girlfriend.

1. Constant desire to move a relationship forward as soon as possible

Of course, swift romances happen all the time, a man and a woman met in the morning, spent the first night together, and remained together for the rest of their lives. Wedding, children, long years of happiness. But usually, relationships develop gradually. The starting period of the relationship was invented so that lovers could get to know each other better. Understand how they fit together to live together, to get engaged and have children. Such a woman behaves as if she is already sure in advance that the man she has chosen is “the one” - the best and the most suitable one. Therefore, she accelerates the development of relationships by any possible means, if only to change her position in the life of a man from just a “friend” to a “girlfriend,” and even better - “spouse.” How do ordinary women behave? As a rule, they take their time, enjoying every stage of a romance. The speed of such development usually depends on the target. As a rule, if a woman is really interested in a long and serious relationship, she needs time to take a closer look at a potential partner. Make sure that he is a worthy man, that she feels safe and comfortable.

2. Inappropriate behavior

Ideally, for dating and flirting, there should be a suitable time and place: bar, club, alumni meeting, party with friends. Such a woman is not very sensitive to these details. She can flirt and show her feminine interest in every possible way, making people feel awkward. For example, flirting with the boss at a meeting in the presence of colleagues. Constantly staring at her object of interest during business meetings.

3. The desire to receive all the attention of men

Such women are the loudest and most noticeable: she speaks louder and more than anyone else, the initiative always comes from her. She, like gas, seeks to fill everything provided to her, leaving no room for a partner. How do ordinary women behave? They understand that, in a relationship, there should be a space for both partners, and they are able to give that space to their loved ones and enjoy it themselves.

overly clingy girlfriend4. The desire to control a man

Since initially, such a woman builds an unequal relationship with a man (unconsciously considering him to be an object, and not a subject endowed with a will), they have a lot of control. Such a woman will closely monitor her partner so that he neither suddenly comes to his senses nor runs away from her clutching hands. Therefore, she will be jealous, torment him with suspicious questions and generally try to spend all the time near the object. She needs to monitor her partner. Now that we know the clingy girlfriend signs, the hidden and obvious ones, let’s figure out how to deal with an overly clingy girlfriend.

How to Cope with an Overly Clingy Girlfriend

How to deal with a clingy girlfriend? In my opinion, in this situation, the main thing is not to attract a third person, for example, the current girlfriend/partner, if there is one. And it can happen that, in addition to the obsessive woman getting the man, she can also start getting his partner. I believe that when a woman begins to be imposed on a man, it automatically repels him, this is a manifestation of the woman’s insecurity. A self-confident and self-sufficient woman will always understand everything the first time, no matter how perfect this man may be. You need to understand that you cannot build happiness in this way, but only ruin everything.

If an obsessive girlfriend does not understand this, then measures must be taken.

Just try to explain it to her first

My girlfriend is clingy, what should I do? Of course, first, the man needs to explain to this woman that there cannot be anything between them because they do not fit each other. Let her know that you are interested in a completely different girl. This should be done in a calm and neutral manner. She needs to know that she must stop acting in this manner, or otherwise, you will have to cut all ties with her. The most important thing is to convey to the obsessive girl that she will not achieve anything in this way, that in any case, even if you end up by her side, then there will be no happiness, there will be pain and discomfort.

Block her

If an obsessive woman does not seem to understand human language and still makes herself felt, then you can try to block her everywhere. It’s clear that for such a person, it’s not difficult to call or text you from another phone or another email, but nevertheless, you need to block every way in which she can contact you.

Ignore her

When a woman does not seem to understand being told that she is not needed, she avoids being blocked by you, she, of course, will continue to do this further. The most important task here is to not give any feedback at all as if you don’t see her at all. When a man gives feedback to such a woman, he gives her energy and motivation to continue to move forward. Perhaps she can even regard this as the fact that the man gives her some reason and hope. And when a man starts ignoring her, the woman, after some time, just gets tired of doing it, she just gets bored of it all, and she starts calming down. Some time passes, the woman lets go of her feelings and moves on with her life.

In the end, I would like to say that any woman should understand that she will not achieve happiness in this way since happiness and love should never be imposed – no one gets attracted by being stalked or various manifestations of such toxic affection. An obsessive woman, in the eyes of a man, will always look unattractive. Men like confident, self-sufficient women. If you feel like you can be the one who is clingy in a relationship, we hope that the information above can help you stop being so clingy in a relationship.

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