How to Approach a Girl You Like


Most likely, every real man agrees that one of his best occupations in life is to spend time with a loved woman. However, it's necessary to mention that the process of acquaintance is no less fascinating and interesting.

Communication and flirting with a girl is a real game that has its own rules, winners, and losers. Sometimes a girl doesn’t want to abide by the rules and plays with a man in her way, but often the man conquers the girl’s heart if he immediately makes an impression and doesn’t spoil it further. So, how to approach a random girl and make it work?

how to approach a girl you like

Get Ready Before You Approach a Girl

How many times, seeing a beautiful girl, did you hide your head in the sand and pass by without trying to start a conversation? Many guys don’t understand how to approach a beautiful girl and get to know her without any special effort. Therefore, let’s figure out everything, learn the most effective and successful methods in order not only to know how to approach a beautiful girl but also overcome precisely those fears that will hinder you on the way to the realization of your goal!

Make a good impression

How to approach a girl? According to numerous polls, most of the girls appreciate the sense of humor, charisma, and masculinity in men. However, all these qualities can manifest only over time. Therefore, every girl who meets a young man, first of all, looks at his appearance. And this is not surprising since only this quality initially can be seen. Therefore, first, ladies look at a man and only then decide how to behave with him. Therefore, if you want to be involved in a single woman dating, and you like a beautiful, slender and well-groomed girl, then you must look no worse.

Think up a phrase with which you will approach a girl

Don't use phrases like, “Your eyes have melted the ice in my heart,” and another “romantic” nonsense. Act easier: ask for help to get to a building or offer to carry a heavy bag. And don’t be intrusive. No means no. If the guy doesn’t know how to approach a girl, he needs to come up with the first phrase in advance. It is important because this will be the beginning of your future relationship, and you have no right to say something inappropriate.

Become confident

Confidence is an absolute attribute of any man. Ladies love confident men! Be open, don’t violate her personal space, keep eye contact (not too close), and smile. Stay yourself, look as natural as possible and, at the same time, feel as a winner. People are always afraid of something, especially men and especially when they don’t know how to approach a girl. Lack of experience, low motivation, unwillingness to change for the better – all this leads to the fact that men easily enter a state of stupor when the opposite is necessary.

Don’t consider her too beautiful

If the problem is in the very beauty of the girl, then you just need to imagine that she is not so beautiful. After all, you have no problems getting acquainted with other girls, don't you? Well, put your experience into practice. The problem arises not because guys are afraid of beautiful girls, but because they approach women very seldom. Men just have a fear of failure. And girls also suffer because of it and expect that at least someone will approach them.

how to approach a girl for the first timeTake the initiative

Many guys ask, "Where to meet a woman? How to approach a girl in public?" Most of the guys are waiting and dreaming that a girl will be the first to pay attention to them, and at this moment, they will reciprocate. You can wait for this moment all your life or until another man interests your darling because the psychology of a woman is so that her heart must be conquered. Therefore, don’t wait for a miracle. You need to quickly take everything in your own hands.

How to Approach a Girl: Key Tips

In your life, you meet beautiful girls in completely different situations and places: on the street, in the club, in transport, in the gym, at school (at the university), etc. It would seem that these places are completely different, and you need to act and speak in them in different ways. But one thing unites them for sure – it is your will to take the first step and talk.

Stop in time

How to approach a girl on the street or in any other place? So, the first thing you need to do is to stop. How does it usually happen? You see a girl that you like and pass by because you can’t approach her. Something is holding you, and you don’t understand what. And in addition to this, you begin to find dozens of excuses not to come to her, and a fierce struggle begins in your head. When you stop, you already commit some kind of action towards success. And the main point here is that when you take an action towards a goal, it will become easier for you to move on. So, your first action is just a stop.

Watch her reaction

When you see that she also stops, you will have a bunch of excuses in your head that prevent you from approaching, and only one thing will remain, “What to say?” But you will never succeed constantly keeping in mind the thought that you don’t know what to say. It happens because your brain doesn’t want you to seem like an idiot. But actually, you will be an idiot if you neither come up, nor say anything, and secondly, when you approach, you will communicate normally anyway. Since your brain doesn’t want you to be an idiot, it will find something to say when you approach.

Approach correctly

This means that you need to approach so as not to scare a girl off. If she gets scared, the reaction can be completely unpredictable, and you can get confused. So, make her see you. You either turn to the girl, slightly overtaking her and turning in her direction (keep a distance of about 1 meter) or if you go toward her, then start talking about at the distance of 2 meters. At the same time, don’t go straight at her, but keep a little to the side. If you can’t start talking immediately, then when she passes you by, look at her, smile, and try to say at least, “Hello.”

Be interesting

A beautiful and self-sufficient girl will never like a man who has an uninteresting life. Therefore, you should have your own interesting and varied life, so that the lady you like can understand that you are not a bore, but a person who aspires to self-development. There are a lot of activities: you can play musical instruments, go to the gym, exhibitions, visit different courses, learn foreign languages, etc. When you have such a set of hobbies, a girl will see in you a self-sufficient and ambitious man who is not looking for casual relationships. Without a doubt, such an enthusiastic guy will interest any girl.

Common Mistakes

When approaching girls, almost all men are guided by their own experience, the experience of friends, and brief fragmentary information from books or men’s magazines. But they spend unproductive time and use ineffective and controversial methods.

You wait for the best moment

You understand that before approaching, you often try to wait for some magical moment that will provide a good acquaintance. Perhaps she is surrounded by many unfamiliar to her (and you) people, and you wait until she moves aside, or you have not yet convinced that she likes you, and therefore, you are waiting for some invitations. But waiting for the best moment is an indicator of your weakness and inability to show your best sides. Girls always feel when you don't approach due to the desire to wait for the right moment. And even if you dare to approach a little later, you may be rejected. Even if you wait only 5-10 seconds, your attractiveness is already starting to decline.

You approach in the wrong place

Not all territories are equally good for approaching a girl. There is no point in starting a conversation with a girl if she is in a place that is not good for this purpose – then you will blame yourself for failure. A gym is a good example of such a place. When the level of testosterone in your blood is increased, and you feel that you are all good at this very moment, it can push you to approach a girl. In the gym, some girls usually feel quite confident about how they look, so most of them are ready to get acquainted with men. So, look for such a relaxed atmosphere where you can communicate, without being afraid of failure.

how to approach a girl you likeYou don’t ask questions

How to approach a girl you like? The worst thing you can do is to approach a girl and start talking purely about yourself. Girls are bored with such conversations. They immediately begin to consider you insecure and uninteresting. If you ask the woman about her life, it shows that you are interested in her, and it is possible to talk with you about anything. If you don’t ask questions, then for girls, this is a signal that you are too fixated on yourself – this assumes that she will never become interesting to you. Moreover, a man who puts all the cards on the table in front of the girl to interest her quickly becomes boring for her.

You are rude

The topic of the bad guys is so outlined by magazines that men have a clear idea in their minds of the perfect professional playboy: rude, arrogant, selfish, and cynical. Women love only some of the features of the bad guys. They like confident guys, but rudeness and negligent behavior towards them ruins everything. Girls can’t withstand the superficial and disregard attitude. Some of them often have low self-esteem and have suffered enough from the cruelty of men. And when a man approaches a girl and tries to be rude, he has no percent chance. With such behavior, you will never feel the love euphoria.

You look untidy

Many men neglect of a male appearance when meeting a woman. We often hear the phrase that a man shouldn’t be too handsome, his appearance is not so important, but this is only partly true. No matter how beautiful your soul is, your appearance is your business card. An untidy look critically reduces your chances of success with women. Even though beauties easily agree on less attractive partners, the value of a male appearance shouldn’t be underestimated. Body, face, and wardrobe should look great. Even if you are not a rich man and can’t buy branded clothes, you can still look nice and attractive.

How to Approach a Girl Online

Every guy can approach a girl online. But to do this correctly, the man needs to know the rules of online dating and try to follow them. So, how to approach a girl online? It is necessary to learn how to correctly communicate, to show certain signs of attention, accept the interests of the girl at a distance, and then everything will be fine.

Create a positive impression

In online dating, there shouldn’t be any extra words or farce, you need to politely, carefully and unobtrusively communicate. This style of communication will create the first positive impression of a person, and the girl will understand if she wants to communicate with you further.

Don’t be vulgar

It is necessary to think well of what to write to a girl to show your attraction but not look vulgar. Nobody likes vulgarity, so this should be completely abandoned in online approaching.

Don’t overdo it with questions

Some guys make a common mistake – they ask too many questions. The desire to learn more about the girl is welcome, but you shouldn’t go too far. Let her know something about you too.

How to Approach a Girl in a Club

In the club, girls are ready for the fact that guys will approach them and get acquainted. The club is a great place to practice your social skills and meet beautiful girls. The following tips will help you understand how to approach the girl in the club correctly and improve your results.

You should feel your condition and feel the girl

If a girl doesn’t want to get acquainted, then don’t insist.

Find the right place

There should be an understanding: in the club, there is loud music, so you should find a quiet place to be able to get to know each other there. This is how to approach a girl in a club correctly.

You should notice when she can’t hear you

Because of loud music, your main tool is eye contact, it will help you say a lot more than words.

how to approach a girl at a barHow to Approach a Girl at a Bar

Men go to bars not only to drink but also to flirt with girls. How do men behave in a bar to get out of there with a pretty woman? Success with women doesn’t depend on what you do with them and how you treat them. This success depends on how you feel about yourself.

Come up with your image

Who do you want to be today? A seductive and brutal heartthrob or modest and romantic intellectual? You need to be a man with whom a woman will want to talk, that is, you should be interesting.

Give a girl some drink

How to approach a girl at a bar? Usually, in a good bar, bartenders watch whether the guest’s glass is not empty. But you can also take care of the lady and buy her drinks when needed.

Don’t drink a lot

To cope with anxiety or gain greater confidence in themselves, guys begin to drink a lot of cocktails. But you need to stop doing it in time.

How to Approach a Girl at the Gym

This is an ideal place to approach a girl as there is a lot of good moments when you can do this. If a man wants to get acquainted with a sports girl, there is no need to look for her on the Internet and other places. He just needs to try to do it in the gym.

Visit the gym regularly

Visit the place at the same time when she comes.

Choose a moment

Most of the girls do sports when they are in the gym. And it is obvious, but many of them are single and don’t mind having a close relationship with a person who also adheres to a healthy view on life.

Be yourself

How to approach a girl at the gym? The easiest way is to say, “Hi!” And don’t forget to smile!

Final Thoughts

So, how to approach a girl for the first time? For successful communication with girls, it is necessary to look good, speak beautifully and confidently, shine with erudition, practice, give care, and not miss the signs of reciprocal attraction. But also remember that if you are closed, rude, and boring person, you have no chances, a woman will never even look at you if you are disrespectful. So, find the golden mean and approach girls correctly.

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