Overweight Dating Tips and Guidelines for Men


When this all started? When did people decide that a skinny person looks more attractive than an overweight one? If you look at the Renaissance pictures, you will hardly see a skinny person, and this is not just about art, but rather about fashion for a certain type of body. With the time flow, standards of beauty are constantly changing, and if 10 years ago women actively get their eyebrows waxed, making them look like a thing thread, then now they do their best to make them grow again, and if nothing helps, then they seek assistance from the permanent make-up artists or at least draw their eyebrows with the help of eyeshadows.

Actually, the same happens with vogue on a certain type of body, lifestyle and eating habits. Just once someone decided that “it could be cool,” and the followers have caught up this idea, trying, at the same time, to make money on it. However, people don’t come up with something new, they just take previous ideas and tastes and mix them up, getting “something completely new.” But it’s not so, and even though people try to adhere to a new standard of beauty en masse, their inner desires and needs stay the same. Just in the period of “mass hysteria,” each of them doesn’t want to lower their chances to become happy. This is a vicious circle when most people follow the idea of a certain group of “privileged” even if they don’t share it. The theme of dating when overweight is extremely relevant nowadays, and it’s impossible to turn a blind eye to it, pretending that nothing special happens.

being fat and dating

It’s time to change the situation dramatically and study this issue, analyzing all the mistakes as well as its root causes. You should take the first step towards the improvement of the situation and finally register on the site to meet girls. Let’s take a closer look at the issue as if from inside and decide what we can do about it right now.

Does Weight Affect Success with Women?

We could say you, “No, of course, no, don’t even think about it.” but it will not be true, and you know that very well. Most people pay attention to the appearance of every person they meet in life, whether it’s about a seller in the nearest shop, a passenger on a subway or a new charming colleague at work. One way or another, we all look at other people and assess them, basing on our preferences, fears, complexes, unsuccessful experience, etc. There is a huge list of things that affect our perception and making a final decision. As practice shows, people treat negativity those, whose features evoke negative emotions and thoughts.

Thus, people who have never had problems with excessive weight treat overweight strangers positively, while those who have spent many years dealing with this problem have a negative attitude. This happens because they start believing that they are somehow better than these overweight people just because they have managed to lose weight, so they assess them negatively at once even not trying to find out who is in front of them. So, usually, ex-curvy girls choose more slender guys because they don’t remind them of their past problems and complexes. However, there are other two types of girls who give preferences exactly to men with excessive weight. The first type is slender girls with almost model appearance, who just perceive these guys as fluffy big bears and like exactly the fact that they are big. The second type is still curvy girls, who don’t see any problems about their not skinny bodies and prefer to date guys who neither dwell on achieving athlete form nor keep constant strict diets. They want just to enjoy life in all its aspects.

So, while your weight can become a stumbling block in the relationships with certain women, it can also become your lucky lottery ticket in the relationships with two other types of girls. Tastes differ, and you can safely try online dating while overweight. Just try the most suitable website to meet girls.

How to Attract a Lady When You Are Overweight: the Main Steps

The dating process is not that easy for anyone, despite their weight, bank account, and character traits. You can be one of the most amazing people on earth and still suffer from loneliness in your man cave over a glass of wine. To meet your soulmate is not the same as to go shopping because things are much more complicated here. So, if you are still single, you should analyze your lifestyle, habits, and life in general, to determine the root causes and find the way out. We have prepared the list of dating while fat tips that you should necessarily pay attention to if you want to attract ladies and start dating when you are overweight.

plus size and dating1. Create an attractive profile

If it’s about online dating when you're overweight, then the very first thing you should take care of is your profile. It’s your calling card that plays a crucial role in this process. The thing that you are overweight doesn’t mean that your profile cannot be attractive. Fill in the bio info, come up with something interesting here, but don’t use cliché phrases. Then choose the most suitable photos - it shouldn’t be just a selfie. Turn to a professional photographer and take a couple of great pics that will show you from the best sides. And don’t forget to smile. Just think logically - who will draw your attention - a person with blurred pics and a gloomy face or a cheerful person who looks confident and great? Yeah, the visual effect is of great importance here.

2. Work on your confidence

The thing that you are overweight is neither a sentence nor an excuse to hide your self-confidence with the three extra locks. Your appearance shouldn’t that much affect your inner state and assurance that you are a worthy person. If you don’t like how you look and it spoils your mood every time you look in the mirror, then try to change both your body and your self-view. Nothing will start changing if you continue to lead the same lifestyle and treat yourself in the same way. Confident people attract attention and make others look at them with some kind of admiration. So, it’s time to change your self-perception.

3. Work on your style

Everyone knows this feeling when you don’t like something about yourself and try to hide this in any possible way, believing that now nobody will notice it. However, the practice shows that usually, everything is on the opposite, and trying to hide something, we just highlight our drawbacks. The same happens with people who don’t feel comfortable with their excessive weight. They choose baggy oversized clothes, trying to hide every single fat roll, and start looking even bigger. Besides, such clothes don’t look stylish, so you just make the situation worse. Refuse such outfits and pay attention to something of your size that will highlight your advantages and make your look attractive.

4. Watch your hygiene

Many guys believe that girls don’t want to date them because of their excessive weight, but often, the problem is not just in it. As a rule, people who suffer from excessive weight have some other health problems, which affect their image in general. Thus, they sweat much more often, and ones who neglect their hygiene and refuse using deodorant can scare the potential partners away with their unpleasant smell and untidy look. Nobody wants to communicate with such a person without the necessity, and when it comes to dating, everything is more than obvious here. So, to be a well-groomed overweight man is one thing, and it’s completely another thing to look like a sweaty piggy.

5. Become an interesting interlocutor

A guy can look like a Greek god and be the owner of wonderful abs and perfect shoulders, but if he is a boring interlocutor, then he can become only a one-night stand. The same can be said about men with excessive weight. You can meet an amazing girl who will like your appearance, but if you don’t have anything to talk about, then your chances for success are zero. Interesting communication is a bridge that connects two independent worlds and helps people get to know each other better. However, if you don’t know how to maintain a conversation and make the girl interested in you, then everything else is not that important.

Main Tips to Date a Girl When You Are Overweight

If you have carefully studied all the previous steps, but you want to find out more information about how to increase your chances of success when you are overweight, then pay attention to the following points. We will hardly reinvent the wheel, but maybe these tips will make you think about certain mistakes that you have made and inspire you to change the situation dramatically. Just remember that you can read all the information provided and even create a list of the “most effective” ways, but nothing will change in your life till you start trying these tips in practice.

1. Watch your health

There are two categories of people: the first one goes to the doctors when they cannot tolerate pain and discomfort, and even pain killers don’t help them yet, while the second one goes to the hospital regularly because they take care of their health. You should belong to the second type, and if it’s not so, then it’s time for big changes. It’s not a secret that people with excessive weight belong to the risk group of the development of certain diseases. And if you want to have a healthy relationship, you should, first of all, take care of your health. Many girls refuse to date overweight guys just because of their possible health problems and not because of the weight itself. Most women want to meet their soulmates and live with them happily ever after, but the likelihood of premature death of the partner makes them reject this person in advance.

2. Try to control your weight

Overweight people can look different, and while one man with excessive weight will still look attractive and healthy, another one will evoke a desire to call 911 because he looks very sick. The fact that your weight is over the standard (considering the balance between your weight and height) doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t even try to control it anymore. The excessive consumption of hearty food can lead to significant changes in your appearance, and one day you can change your weight category and become obese. And it is a completely another story, which rarely ends with the happy end. It this case, being fat and dating can become incompatible conceptions.

3. Develop your personality

People who are good at something have a special power over others. Their eyes are sparkling with a special fire that attracts and makes turn a blind eye to the appearance of the person. You stop perceiving them just as overweight strangers, but as people who have spent time and efforts to become professionals in a certain sphere. You shouldn’t be just an ordinary guy, but you should become the best in certain things. Besides, smart people possess charisma and a certain charm that attract and look very sexy. So, if you are not ready to work on your body, or you are completely okay with it, then it’s high time to develop some other skills, broaden horizons and improve your personality in all the possible ways.

4. Be active

One of the main mistakes of people with excessive weight is that at some point in life they become convinced homebodies, thinking something like that, “I feel too fat to date and be active as slender people.” The level of their activity goes down and tends to zero. This has a bad influence on their health and life in general. The more person gets used to sitting at home and ignoring life “outside their castle,” the less their chances to meet worthy people become. In this case, even online dating cannot become a magic pill that will help deal with all your issues. One day the time may come to ask a girl out on a date, and if you are a lazy ass who doesn’t like anything besides watching TV at home, then you will hardly be able to impress the girl and win her over.

dating when you are overweight5. Be ready to face humiliation

Sometimes people can behave hostile towards those who don’t look like them or who remind them of their past “sins.” They don’t know how to cope with their emotions, so they pour them out on other people. The problem is not in you, it’s their perception and narrow life view that makes them cruel with others. Some strangers can start humiliating you just because it’s the only way they know to raise their self-esteem and feel their fake superiority. Plus size dating advice will sound like that, “You should be ready to face the fact that such people exist, and you can run into them unexpectedly almost everywhere.” However, you shouldn’t let them do such things, they don’t have right for that. Just blacklist such haters without even trying to find out what’s wrong with them.

Dating When Overweight: Main Mistakes

You can listen to all the tips and take them into account, but your success in the dating scene can still leave much to be desired. The root cause can lie in the fact that together with implying tips, you can continue to make mistakes. Certain things can become huge pitfalls, which, on the one hand, don’t look very serious, but on the other hand, they can scary all the worthy girls away. So, what things you should also consider if you want to reach the desired effect?

Making a joke out of yourself

Self-irony is a great thing, but when you start making jokes out of yourself here and there without reasons, it looks awkward and even a bit weird. Everything should be in moderation and at the right moment. There is no need to make a show of one actor who looks rather like a clown. It’s not funny, and you will look silly because everyone understands that behind this behavior you try to hide a lack of confidence and a huge number of complexes. It’s not attractive.

Paying too much attention to your weight in a conversation

If you are not satisfied with your appearance, and you are ashamed of your excess weight, it’s high time to change the situation and solve this problem. However, you shouldn’t dwell on it or draw attention to your weight with jokes or whining. Nobody likes people who are constantly whining because of things they don’t even try to change. If a girl is communicating with you, then something has hooked up her in you, and it doesn’t matter whether it is your weight or a charming smile, just try to enjoy your communication. And if you start dating someone overweight, you will hardly pay too much attention only to their weight, won’t you?

Overeating on dates

When you go on a date with a person, you expect to get into a romantic atmosphere with delicious food and pleasant talks. However, when you see that a person is interested in food more than in you, it looks offensive and repulsive. If you know that you cannot cope with your appetite, and a couple of dishes will be not enough for you, then you should eat something at home before going out. It can help you become full much faster, and you will not look like a glutton on the girl’s background. Anyway, plus size and dating are not only about food.

Believe in Yourself

A few years will pass, and people will come back to vogue on plus-size people and the rights on self-expression. Most men and women are far from those fake standards of beauty, they have some extra weight, wrinkles and not enough thick eyebrows, but who has said that they don’t look attractive the way they are? So, can fat people find love? Yes. We are all different, we pay attention to different things and give preferences to different people, often turning the blind eye to some features that are of great importance for someone else. It’s okay. So, don’t get depressed and assure yourself that your destiny is to be single forever. Take yourself in hands, consider the above-mentioned male tips for dating when overweight and start dating, you never know when you meet your soulmate.

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