Stages of Dating Everyone Should Walk Through


The psychology of relationships is a complex science. To establish a strong trusting relationship via a single ladies site, you need to work hard, although, there are a few elementary rules at the heart of such a relationship. Scientists all over the world have studied, analyzed, and admired absolutely happy couples so that the science of relationships becomes easier. Let’s unveil the secrecy and use the advice of professionals.

different stages of dating

Stages of Dating. Do They Really Exist?

An interesting paradox of monogamy is that when you date one person for a long time, you “change” several partners at once. No, it’s not a mental personality disorder, but the various stages of dating relationships between a man and a woman when you both completely change your behavior model. And this is normal. At first glance, this truth seems obvious. Yes, there are early stages of dating, for example, attraction & romance but what then? Who can clearly continue this chain and name the next stage? In fact, there are a lot of them. You just stop noticing what kind of consequences they impose on partners over time.

Psychologists say that all couples go through several stages of dating. Each stage takes a certain time. It depends on many factors, for example, the level of attachment to each other and chemistry between people, the similarity of character, and so on.

There is a relationship template consisting of the 7 stages of dating. Most couples unknowingly follow this template. But, of course, everything is individual. Moreover, for some couples cycling is characteristic. This means that after passing through the first few stages, the couple returns to the very beginning of the relationship with a new stream of feelings.

The Main Existing Stages of Dating

You may ask, “What are the 5 stages of dating?” But actually, there are 7 of them. Any relationship should develop, and not end at the stage of falling in love. Only in this way, you will discover true love and build a strong union.

1. Passionate love

This is one of the beginning stages of dating. It is filled with romantic relationships. It is characterized by the interest that has arisen between people, with each passing moment, developing into a mutual attraction. The feeling of falling in love is distinguished from love by an unbridled obsession with the object of adoration; it is difficult to expect a meeting with a loved one. This is due to the hormonal surge occurring in the body.

2. Discovery

There comes a period of relationships that follows the first one. At this moment, “pink glasses” fall, the shortcomings, being adored by a person, are noticeable more fully. Interest and passion gradually subside. Once passionate lovers are trying to recover the lost love ardor. Even if they succeed, it will still not last long. This stage is necessary to calm the raging hormones since constant love excitement will lead to the depletion of the body.

3. Rejection

We pass to a rather difficult stage, in which not everyone can sustain and maintain further relations. During the time that the lovers are together, an analysis of their choice takes place. Disadvantages more prevail over advantages, and more often the question about the true reason for the connection is asked. Since not many recognize their own mistakes, they try to blame the partner for problems and failures. There comes a moment of disappointment.

4. Tolerancestages in dating

This is the significant stage at which lovers learn to perceive their partners as they are. Don’t forcibly try to change someone. And if the result is not achieved, don’t get angry and offended. If you value relationships, you need to come to terms. Tolerance means to have the ability to accept your loved ones and understand their bad habits, vices, and fears. Learning more and more, the painted image of a loved one collapses, and an ordinary person with the baggage of his/her problems appears.

5. Respect

Another stage is the development of respect. Of course, from the very beginning, you respected the partners for their character, for example. And they, let’s say, respected you for principles. However, at this stage, respect is shown not for individual actions or traits of a person, but for a partner as a whole. People understand that these are the partners with whom they are ready to go through life to the end.

6. Friendship

Having survived different moments of living together and having seen a lot, the couple goes to the stage of friendship. The partners have already thoroughly studied and accepted all character traits, habits, very rarely enter into quarrels, solving problems peacefully. Therefore, they are well and interesting together as with no one else.

7. True love

And the last stage in the development of relationships is true love. All these years you have nurtured it, and here it is – a reward for your work. You feel united with your loved one. At this stage, it is easy and effortless to fuel relationships. You are completely confident in your choice and feel that this is your person.

Why You Should Pay Attention to the Dating Stage

In most cases, several basic stages in dating can be noted in the relationship, each of which is characterized by different problems and situations. Not all of them are required; you may miss some of them. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to determine what stage you are at now, but each of them is an opportunity to study your compatibility and devotion to each other. Regardless of whether you have entered a new relationship, whether you have been dating for a long time or have been faithful to your partner for many years, it will be useful to understand what stage you and your partner are currently at.

Relationships are a living organism that is constantly growing and changing. The psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman is not a static condition that determines the behavior of people throughout their lives. What you were at the very beginning can be diametrically different from who you will become in 3-4 years. This is the deepest mistake that the person whom you choose as a partner (or even a spouse) will be the same after many years. For example, you are witty, and your partner is funny – a perfect coincidence, which means you will be happy together until the end of your days. It doesn’t work like that. And even an insanely funny woman can become boring, and a bore can suddenly start dancing in the middle of the street.

At first glance, this completely destroys all the rainbow ideas of love, fidelity, and a long marriage. In fact, it is very simple if you understand the different stages of dating between a man and a woman. This makes it easier to understand so many things that are happening in couples. And it can take various forms.

Hints and Tips for the Most Important Dating Stages

A romantic relationship that doesn’t oblige you to anything is probably the dream of so many men and women. However, such a relationship can’t last long. They must develop into something more sooner or later or completely come to naught. If you have a loved one, and you don’t want to lose this person, but rather strengthen a relationship, then you have to learn some tips.

1. Understand your feelingsdating stages

Whatever dating stages you may be at, always honestly answer questions such as, "Do I need this woman? Am I ready to put up with her habits, shortcomings?" Don’t think that when your relationship becomes more serious, these features will disappear, or you can change your loved one. If you already have a desire to change her, do you really need such a person nearby?

2. Respect your partner’s personal life

Keep in mind that both of you are individuals with a huge inner world who always have their own corner. That is, even if you are constantly together, both of you should have your own interests, your own time for meeting with friends and your hobbies. This will help you not lose interest in each other. You will have something to share.

3. Don’t be pushy

Self-esteem and self-confidence are an important component of your relationship. At the initial stage, the initiative should equally come from both you and your woman. You don’t need to constantly annoy her with your calls, so you not only invade her personal space but also don’t leave her room for being alone.

4. Learn to ask and offer help

… but don’t make claims about unfulfilled promises. This is one of the early stages of dating advice. After all, everyone has other responsibilities, interests, and needs. You are not always the center of the universe. If you adequately relate to what your partner should and shouldn’t do, you will have fewer grievances, expectations, and quarrels.

5. Learn to talk to each other

Over time, many couples make a typical mistake – they stop talking, believing that they already know everything about each other. This is a big mistake because communication is the only way to understand another person and express your feelings. Psychologists have proven that communication strengthens relationships in a couple: talking about your feelings is very useful, as well as being attentive to what your partner thinks and feels.

6. Be frank

Conflicts and misunderstanding between people spoil life. To avoid them, be honest with each other. The silence about complaints and grievances will definitely not make it possible to move to a new level of love. Many are silent because they are afraid of experiencing pain and resentment. This can help maintain peace in relationships but only for a while.

7. Appreciate what you have

Any relationship should develop, so the changes must be accepted positively, and you should learn from them. Attention to each other, love, mutual respect, the adoption of things that we don’t like, and the ability to dialogue will help build a truly strong relationship. Of course, if this interests both partners.

8. Take care of each other and your relationship

When you buy a new car, do you arrange your personal crash test for it? No, you blow the dust off it, polish it, fill it with the best gasoline, and take it to the best service center for diagnosis. You take care of it. So, why do we treat our soulmates and our relationship with them differently?

9. Don’t ignore the intimate sphere of relationships

There is an eternal rule that relationships will be strong and healthy if you don’t forget that a man and a woman are physically attracted to each other, and this attraction can’t be ignored. It is necessary to give joy and pleasure to your partner. It is necessary to pay attention to each other’s desires and preferences, try something new together, and never stop there.

10. Don’t avoid problems

Paradoxically, couples who avoid conflict break up most often. By hushing up the problem, you only exacerbate the situation because you will still have to throw out the accumulated resentment sooner or later. To avoid scandal, a simple rule will help: if you don’t like something, immediately tell your partner about it, avoiding criticism and not going personal.

There is no clear dating stages timeline. If you think that your relationship is completely different, take a closer look at your chosen one, maybe you are just going through a new stage of relationships. And though now it’s not so simple maybe it’s worth it.

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