How Many Dates Before a Relationship? Everything You Want to Know


How many dates before relationship should you have? As experience shows, after a 5-7 successful date, a girl expects a guy to ask her to be his girlfriend. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how it will happen. The main thing is that it takes place. But too many men make a mistake doing it at the wrong time, that is, too quickly (that is, they want to meet girls now), or vice versa, too late. To successfully date girls, it doesn’t matter what experience of personal relationships is behind your shoulders. Remember that even notorious womanizers were once young and inexperienced youths. Only the acquired experience of caring for women gives them advantages over others. So, what to pay attention to not to get into an awkward situation? And how long to date before the relationship?

how many dates before dating

The Main Difference Between Relationships and Dating

Do you want to understand what your communication really means? Is it a serious relationship or are you just having fun hanging out together without any progress? Well, when you have a serious relationship, you trust each other. You neither cheat nor lie nor hurt because you know that your partners respect you, your feelings and your interests, and don’t think only about themselves and their comfort.

When you only spend your free time together, you don’t know if your partner dates someone else. You don’t know if they think only of you or you can be one of many. Moreover, you can’t demand loyalty and devotion, but you are always interested to whom they write messages and who they spend time with.

When you have a sufficient amount of dates between relationships, moments of emotional intimacy mean a lot. You can safely say that you have a serious relationship when every kiss is filled with love. Each hug is a manifestation of your feelings. When people date “just like that,” they hide their true feelings. Such partners don’t want to pressure each other. In real relationships, people express all their feelings without hesitation. They calmly talk about how much they are in love and don’t restrain their emotions.

So, How Many Dates Before Talking About a Relationship?

The success of further relationships depends on the moment at which you are ready to officially become a couple. It is important to do this at the right time. How many dates before dating? Consider the possible points for it: the first date is a rash decision. If you communicated on a woman seeking man website for a short time and finally decided to meet, you probably shouldn’t offer to become a couple. A woman will most likely refuse and take you for a strange man.

average dating time before marriageThe second or third meeting is the average amount of dates before a relationship. You have already looked at each other a little. You are imbued with mutual attraction. The moment is certainly not bad, but it’s better to wait a bit and decide whether you’re really comfortable and fun together. So, how many dates before talking about relationship are the norm then? Well, the 5-7th date is the best time for becoming a couple. If you wait longer, the girl may decide that you are looking for her friendship and nothing more. Prepare her a pleasant surprise, give flowers and invite to a cozy cafe for an intimate conversation. And only when you spend enough time together and are sure of your relationships, you can think about average dating time before marriage.

The Main Signs That You Met the Right Person to Start a Relationship Talk

It is not an easy task for a man with little experience in relationships to understanding his feelings. In reality, everything turns out to be completely different than in films and books because situations are more difficult and prosaic in life. Some ways help understand the true feelings of a beautiful lady.

1. She is beyond competition for you

When meeting beautiful girls, you understand that they can’t overshadow the very one of your thoughts are about. And even if unfamiliar beauties begin to flirt, their coquetry no longer causes a response. You realize that other women have several advantages, and you can easily say that some girl has excellent shapes or nice legs. But your girl is still cooler. Love adds a thousand points to her, and she automatically wins.

2. You feel a little embarrassed being with her

When you know the number dates before relationship but don’t know whether you are really in love, then watch your behavior. One of the best ways to understand whether you really like a girl or not is to be alone with her and listen to your feelings. With a woman who is interesting to you, you begin to behave unusually. Gestures become smooth, speech is slow. You listen more and talk less, and you don’t hesitate to praise a pleasant interlocutor and compliment her.

3. You are jealous of her

She just talks with a colleague, acquaintance, a former classmate or friend, it is just a conversation combined with polite smiles. But somewhere in the depths of your soul, there is a bubbling resentment, a desire to interrupt the conversation and take her hand away from a man. Jealousy manifests itself spontaneously and defies logic.

4. You notice small details related to a girl

When a cute girl takes your attention, you want to know as much information about her as possible. Every little thing seems interesting and significant. For example, you suddenly start worrying about how she spends her free time, what kind of coffee she loves, where she usually goes in summer, what books she reads, and what she enjoys. At the same time, the girl’s unusual hobbies begin to arouse curiosity, even if it is needlework.

5. You begin to think about the future with her

How many dates before long-distance relationship should you have? It is much difficult to answer this question, but if previously the future was represented as “where will I be after a certain period?” then now the future for you is “where will WE be after a certain period?” We are talking not only about the coming weekend but also about the relatively distant future, for example, in a year. And after a year, you see yourself next to her.

How to Start a “Relationship Talk”

Not all the guys who have the most serious intentions can easily decide to go to a new stage in their relationships. This is usually associated with a fear of rejection. So, how many dates before exclusive talk should you have and how to start it?how many dates before relationship

1. Don’t rush

You shouldn’t start a serious relationship if you don’t know each other well. Also, we don’t recommend just calling or writing to her and saying, “Let’s be a couple?” after one date. It looks childish, and in such cases, there is a much greater chance of being refused. First, get to know the lady better, talk with her, and spend some time together. You can even make friends with her. And when you understand that there is a mutual attraction between you, and there is something in common, then you can proceed to the next step.

2. Try to find out how the chosen one treats you

After how many dates before relationship you can talk with her? Well, first of all, it is better to know in advance what you can count on. Ask a few superficial questions, and you will find out how she relates to a serious relationship. Perhaps the girl is not ready for it. If you have mutual friends, you can consult with them and find out what she thinks about you. You can become a couple only when you feel a connection between you and both of you are comfortable with each other. If the girl continues to ignore you, it’s too early to act.

3. Show your interest

When we talk about how many dates before a relationship should last, then, first of all, she must see your interest, and you should feel her attraction. Therefore, look at her as often as possible and pay your attention. When you are together or just walking, you can take her hand or gently touch. But your movements should be light. And you need to do this in cases where you already know each other well. Touching is a manifestation of self-confidence. And thus, you show your friend that you like her.

4. Choose the right moment

It is best to start talking when you are already standing next to her, she is in your arms, and you kiss her. When you reach the peak of romance, just calmly tell her what you want. You can whisper it in her ear. You can confidently reveal all the cards in front of her, holding her hands and looking into her eyes.

5. Act

So, you decided to confess to her your feelings. Wait for the right moment. Girls love with ears and don’t like to guess about men’s feelings. You are a man, and you must be brave: say aloud everything good that you think about her and that you feel. And then say these words, “Let’s be a couple.” If she is still in doubt and asks for time to think, then it is worth slowing down a little. The main thing is to let the girl understand that you like her very much, and you will wait for her decision. Say that no matter what decision she makes, you will respect it. This will characterize you as a reliable person with whom she can and should build relationships.

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