Top 20 Offline Places to Meet Women for Dating


A happy and healthy relationship is a dream of many people. It seems that it’s not that difficult to find a partner in the world of endless opportunities, but if you look around, you will see how many people are still single for one reason or another. Some people don’t even know where to search for their one and only. Nowadays, it seems obvious to turn to all-powerful Google and type in the search bar something like, “Where are the best places to meet a girl?” You will get a bunch of different options, the first several pages will offer you the best dating apps, sites, forums for serious relationships, groups and tips on how to start dating online and attract a suitable partner. The modern pace of life requires fast decisions that don’t take much time and effort.

However, it may turn out that all these options are ineffective in your case, and it’s time to leave your comfort zone and study the top places to meet women offline. In general, all people face the same challenges when looking for a suitable partner, and many happy couples confirm the fact that nothing is impossible in this life, and you can meet women now and then. And everyone has a chance to meet a decent partner. However, one needs a systematic approach here that will include tips on how to date offline successfully as well as knowledge of the best places to meet women in real life.

which places are best to meet women

Why Are Offline Dates Still Relevant?

Nowadays, you can do almost everything within your apartment if you have access to the Internet. So, what’s the need to refuse dating single females online and get back to the old-school ways of approaching people? Yes, it’s true that a spontaneous meeting looks extremely old-fashioned and seems extremely time-consuming. Nonetheless, this is one of the most romantic and stunning situations, which can be told to grandchildren. Both online and offline ways of meeting people have their pros and cons. Thus, people who have given up on online dating but still want to start a relationship, get back to time-tested methods of dating. Besides, some people have bigger chances to attract someone in person thanks to their charisma and natural charm. Alas, virtual chatting cannot replace live conversations completely. And here are some other moments why people still choose offline dating.

You can immediately understand if there is chemistry between a woman and you

It often happens that one is communicating online with a nice and smart stranger for a long time. It seems that this person is meant to you in all respects, but when you arrange a date and meet in person, you realize that there is no chemistry between you two. You feel nothing at all as if you are communicating with a passer-by or a neighbor. At this moment you can understand that you have wasted much time on the wrong person for you, and it wouldn’t have happened if you met offline at once. Thus, men who don’t want to waste their time on communication that will not lead to anything, choose some good places to meet women in real life.

You cannot become a victim of online scammers

The Internet is a great thing in many different aspects, but it’s not always safe especially when it comes to personal relationships and looking for a partner. The thing is that people are extremely sensitive and vulnerable in this regard. And there are always those who are ready to use other people’s weak spots to their benefit. Thus, when you are involved in online dating, you should be very careful to not become a victim of online scammers. Offline dating protects you from that because you see at once who is in front of you.

You can have better communication

Have you ever noticed that it's much easier to maintain a conversation when you see a person’s body language, facial expressions, and emotions that are reflected on their face? The probability to face rejection is much higher when you send a message online, while in person, everything is much more difficult. This is one of the reasons why a lot of men choose to spend some time searching for effective ways to meet people offline. When you are approaching a beautiful girl with an ordinary, “Hi,” you still have chances to get acquainted with her, while the same “icebreaker” will most likely be ignored while chatting online.

Tips and Advice for a Successful Offline Date Search

When one starts talking about approaching girls offline and a successful date search, many people think that it’s all about successful pickup techniques. However, usually, it’s not the case especially if you are looking for committed relationships. Thus, a man should come up with his own effective strategy that will bring positive results. We know that an offline date search is a challenge for many guys, and difficulties arise almost always due to the fear of rejection. It’s necessary to overcome it, approach and start talking, doing your best to make her be interested in you. The following tips will help you find an answer to the question, “How to find a date offline?” and make the best out of it.

Don't be afraid of the first step

If you want to meet a worthy woman who will match your ideas about an ideal partner, you should work on yourself first. If a man is afraid to approach the girl first or he stutters and cannot explain what he wants, then all his attempts will be doomed to failure. Only a girl with extremely low self-esteem may pay attention to such a guy. You should work on your self-confidence and get rid of complexes. It may seem an issue, but it’s worth it anyway. Don’t forget that your body language will tell her a lot even before you open the mouth. And when you do that, you should try to not chatter or fake a voice. As a rule, attempts to become someone else end in complete failure. The ability to be yourself is another sign of confidence.

how to find a date offlineAsk a lot of questions

If your ability to maintain a conversation with a charming girl leaves much to be desired, you should think about possible topics beforehand and not forget to ask questions. After all, coming up with a few initial phrases and questions is not so difficult, and only the first minutes of conversation will make you nervous. Just choose a dozen questions that you can ask a girl during the conversation itself to keep the talk going, as well as five topics that can be interesting to both of you.

Always be dressed to kill

You might have heard that girls dress for themselves and other girls since they pay too much attention to the appearance of their interlocutors. So, the best way to meet women and attract them is to be dressed to kill. They look at the image in general and notice all the details, so if you want a girl to be interested in you, you should be prepared beforehand. If you are not a fashionista, and choosing looks is not your cup of tea, then make sure you wear at least neat clothes of the right size. Besides, pay attention to your shoes since they must be clean to not spoil the first impression.

Stay on a positive tune

In the era when most people focus on terrible moments in their lives, complain and have a constant bad mood, it’s very easy to stand out from the crowd when you send out a lot of positive vibes into the world. Start small, don’t forget about smiling. It’s one of the easiest and effective rules to attract girls. Many guys are so concentrated on the very fact of approaching that they look tense and kill any desire to get to know them better. So, staying on a positive tune can become your lucky lottery ticket. However, smiling beautifully is the same skill as writing or reading, and you should practice it much often. Training will fix everything. After all, there is nothing more attractive than an open smile of a person.

Pay respect to her

Sometimes unexperienced machos make a terrible mistake, confusing decisiveness with disrespect and ordinary rudeness. No girl would like such treatment. Perseverance destroys the first impression. Acting like that, you can make a woman feel embarrassed, confused or even unsafe. Politeness and respect are key to success. Besides, don’t forget that a woman is not required to immediately show sympathy or agree to continue communication. She has a right to reject you if she doesn’t like something.

Top 20 Offline Places to Meet Women

So, you have worked on your appearance, chosen an ideal outfit, prepared several interesting topics for conversation and come with a list of possible questions. It seems you are ready to move on and find out which places are best to meet women offline. Most men cannot even imagine what places to meet women are suitable if you want to start dating a stranger with similar interests and desire to communicate. Someone may say that you can meet a girl anywhere, and it’s true. But there are especially “tasty” places where you can get acquainted more effectively. Here is a list of 20 best places to meet women during the day and even night.

1. Shops

Most girls like to help other people, and you can use this feature to get acquainted. If you are in a grocery store, then you can check with her about the qualities of a product. Just choose something popular to make the conversation going. At the clothing store, ask her to help with the choice of T-shirts or jeans, let her express her opinion whether this or that thing will suit you. So, a girl will be interested in you for at least five minutes, and it will be much easier to develop communication further outside the store.

2. Bookstore

A bookstore is a great place to meet smart women. However, you should have an idea of most books, and be fond of reading. For example, a girl is standing next to the shelves and choosing a book. You can come up to her and give your recommendations whether it is worth buying a book, picking up something else, and so on. Go to the thematic departments of your interest. Thus, you will have more chances to approach her successfully.

3. Festivals

Usually, people are in a good mood and make contact much easier there. So, if you don’t know where to meet women, attend the nearest festival. It can be a concert or participation in contests, anyway, here you have a lot of opportunities and reasons for acquaintance. And you can easily start a conversation with any woman or invite a girl to participate in a competition. Usually, girls are very open on such days, and they expect someone to approach them.

4. Galleries

If you are fond of art, then a visit to a gallery can be very productive. Today, the sexiest part of a man is the brain, and it will help you seduce a smart girl. And if you have accumulated knowledge, then you can easily use it! Go to the gallery and start a conversation about a painting or exhibit.

5. Night club

The main advantage of night clubs is that most people go there to get acquainted a priori. Therefore, girls are open to communication. And it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a one-night stand or a life partner. You can approach a girl while dancing or go to the bar and just say hello to her. Why bars are bad places to meet women? Because they can be drunk and expect you to treat them with more cocktails.

best places to meet women during the day6. Public transport

Nobody knows where they will meet a special person. It can happen in the public transport on the way to the workplace. You can meet a special woman quite by accident when you don’t expect anything. Such meetings are taken as the basis of many novels. The main thing is to exchange contacts before one of you gets off at the next station.

7. Karting

A huge dose of adrenaline and genuine emotions is what awaits you on highways. Covered and open roads, small but very fast cars. And most importantly, karting attracts all lovers of outdoor activities, regardless of age and gender. It is here that you can meet a person who shares your interests and hobbies.

8. Ice rink

You can find an ice rink in every big city. Usually, they are placed in huge malls. And even if you don’t know how to skate, it’s not a big deal. You can ask for help a beautiful girl who does it skillfully. Thanks to its location, you will be able to continue your communication in the nearest coffee house, discussing your impressions over a cup of coffee or cocoa.

9. Speed dating party

How often did you manage to meet at least ten different women at once who are ready to get acquainted? You have a real chance to do that if you visit parties in speed dating format. Usually, about 20 men and women come to the meeting right away. Check-in and sit down at the tables. They are given only 3-5 minutes to get to know each other and interest an interlocutor. After a signal, you change the seat and start talking to another girl.

10. Cultural pubs

In every big city, you can find cultural pubs where people go after work to relax, socialize and drink a glass of wine. Usually, such places have live music of a certain genre, often it is jazz or blues. And a bartender has a right to refuse service to the client if they are drunk enough. The atmosphere of these places contributes to long and frank conversations, just don’t choose any hard topics if you don’t want to spoil the mood.

11. Training and seminars

Where are places to meet women? They are everywhere – just look around. And if you are looking for an intelligent and worthy woman who is interested in her personal development, then you should definitely visit relevant training. For example, it can be a training dedicated to personal or career growth. You can meet women both in their 20s and 30s there since such things are in vogue now.

12. Charity evenings

You may immediately think about fanciful events of very wealthy people where there is the most expensive champagne, exquisite delicacies, chic guest attire, a huge chandelier with inlaid real gold and diamonds. But it’s not always the case. It can be about concerts, theater or street performances, the purpose of which is to raise funds to help. Even if the women visit such places without realizing their contribution, they still show an interest in a healthy quality pastime.

13. Dance classes

You cannot even imagine how many beautiful, gorgeous girls attend such classes. Such places can boast of the maximal concentration of wonderful women. However, men don’t hurry up to join these classes, and it’s in vain. If you give preference to a pair dance, you will surely be able to get acquainted with numerous girls and break a touch barrier right away. So, you will get a lot of different benefits.

14. Language courses

Girls always seek to learn something new, and language courses can become a perfect place to meet interesting women. Usually, their average duration is about several months at least, so your chances to meet girls and get to know them better are pretty high. There are group classes for about 12 students and almost individual lessons that are attended by 2-4 people.

15. Gym

It’s a perfect place to assess a body of your potential partner if this moment is of great importance to you. Besides, girls who attend a gym regularly, watch not only their bodies but health in general. Usually, they don’t have bad habits but can boast of good discipline, cheerful character, openness, and activity. Such girls are not couch potatoes.

ways to meet people offline16. Cafes

There is a myth that girls go to cafes only on dates or to meet with their friends. However, it’s not always so. A lot of girls adore having breakfast or lunch on their own, just to enjoy food and read a book. It’s especially true for weekdays if a café is located near a business center or some other big companies, so girls visit such places on a lunch break.

17. Friends’ party

Previously, it was one of the most common ways to get acquainted with someone. It was an analog of a dating site but with a smaller choice of candidates. Close friends or relatives can give you an objective description of a girl who has attracted your attention. If you are invited to a party, don’t reject it because there are chances you can meet your future wife there.

18. Queues

In the queue everyone gets bored, so all the attention goes to the people around. Queues at the airports and stations are especially actual. Just don’t lose an opportunity to meet a girl every time you are standing in a queue with a charming stranger.

19. Thematic parties

If you are a big fan of some movies or music bands, then you can search for thematic parties in your city. You should base on your interests and the popularity of the chosen topic. It’s a perfect chance to meet someone special who will share your passion and become a perfect company.

20. Workplace

Take a closer look at your work colleagues. Office love affairs scare many people, and this has obvious reasons: in any scenario, your relationship will be discussed for a long time by other workers, and if everything ends unsuccessfully, you will still have to interact with an ex-girlfriend. However, on the other hand, you will have time to properly study the woman before you will begin to communicate more closely with her.

Do What Feels Right

You should choose a familiar place where you will feel confident and comfortable. And it is precisely the feeling of self-confidence that will be important in the process of meeting women. The ideal place is where you go pretty often. You need about 20 minutes to attract and please a girl. You should make a good impression. The most correct way will be to do what feels right. Don’t stay at home but try different options and do it as often as you can.

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