What You Should Know About Wants and Needs in a Relationship


What Are the Basic Relationship Needs and Wants?

Let’s first discuss all the major wants and needs in a relationship that apply to both men and women. The most important of all relationship needs is that we all want to be loved. It is certainly on the top of all relationship needs list. We strive towards receiving care, attention and all sorts of positive affirmations. It is closely connected to parenting; we need a reliable figure in life who will support us when the time comes.

what do men want in a relationship

We want to have a friend that will never leave our side. Friends have their own personal lives, they come and go, and they are not always available to us. Spouses, however, are always there, they are always ready to help us out when we feel weak or sad. We don’t want to be left alone in this world. We only live once, and we cannot truly predict what is going to happen to us in the future. A person may get very sick, yet there will be no one to help, no one to call for in life. This is a very dire scenario, it is very depressing, so we don’t want to be left alone to die.

We want stability. We are wild when we are young, the world is still new to us, and we do our best in exploring every single thing it has to offer. Then, when we get tired of exploration, we pick the most comforting way of living from all the things we’ve seen, and we want to stay in that bubble for the rest of our lives. Now that we’ve listed relationship needs and wants that are common among both genders, let’s now see what women want in a relationship.

What a Woman Needs in a Relationship

For there to be no violence in a family

The first point on the list of women's emotional needs in a relationship is quite a crucial one to remember. Men should never, under any circumstances, forget that a woman is a fragile and tender being, and no man should ever hit a woman. It is a mistake to assume that some women like it, no one likes it. There are simply those who suffer, but even then, for the time being, they are unwilling to speak out to keep their family together. A woman that receives physical violence, including emotional insults and humiliation, is silent, yet she suffers, but deep down inside the feeling of love for a man disappears in her heart. A woman begins to understand that a man applies force only in those cases when he ceases to feel like a true man. Let’s summarize this point: a woman is ready to do a lot in a relationship, but on the condition that there is a true man by her side, not a monster that can go as low as to hit her. If you are really a man, you will never hit a woman, she needs to be confident and calm. Every woman wants to feel protected; she needs to know that her man is reliable. A woman expects support from her man. If she is forced to defend herself from a man, such a man is worthless, he will never be able to win the love of a woman.

needs in a relationshipLoyalty and devotion

Here’s one of the most important things a woman needs in a relationship. Women need to feel loyalty and devotion. Statically speaking, it is less likely that a woman is going to cheat on her partner. However, loyalty and devotion are synonymous with manhood and honor, if you’ve committed yourself to a long-term relationship – you have no right to go back on it. But some men go as far as to justify their infidelity, they interpret their actions as a natural instinct, something about their primal nature and etc. In general, a woman wants to be loved, she wants to be the only person that is loved by her husband, she doesn’t want to hear anything about natural instincts and other crap like that.

Attention and care

Men should show their appreciation; they should give their ladies enough attention and care. And men know this, women are quite open to talking about it, but only a true man is actually ready to give all of his time and attention to a woman. Any woman wants to feel and understand that the man who is next to her will support her, he should be the stronghold of a family. She wants to feel safe, from both external factors and her man himself.

To feel special

Almost all the girls are brought up listening to stories about princesses and princes. In childhood, they always dreamed of knights in shining armor who would conquer their hearts and never let them go. Then they grow up and, for the most part, these fantasies are forgotten. But all women want to be treated like queens like they are the only ones, they want to go back to the magical place of their childhood dreams. But what do men want in a relationship?

What a Man Needs in a Relationship


What a man needs from a woman in a relationship is respect, that is, for a woman to accept him and love him for all of the knowledge and experience that he has. Whether these are major accomplishments or everyday habits, they should all be appreciated. A wise woman does not seek to change her partner in life, but carefully preserves the most essential aspects of her partner for which she has fallen in love with him in the first place.


Men rarely talk about their emotions and feelings, but when this happens, they expect to be heard. His secrets are now yours, and you need to be able to keep them even from your closest friends. To check his mail and dive deep into his DMs means to humiliate yourself, it means that you don't trust your partner, moreover, do you think it would be nice of him to do the same to you, to go through your correspondence and your emails? Do you really think that this is an ethical thing to do? Men are straightforward beings, and they are less likely to store their frustration and anger for a long time, they will tell you about it upfront. They don’t want their wives to be jealous to the point of being obnoxious and ridiculous.

Emotional support

There are days or even entire weeks when everything just falls apart. Whether these are problems with friends and parents or difficulties at work, health problems or something else, it doesn’t really matter, you should be there for your husband. Needless to say that “You’ll be fine” and “Get over it” are not the best of comments in such situations. Tired, angry and desperate men need protection, they need to feel like there is someone near them, someone that is going to get them up when they fall to the ground. You should remember that they know of their status as the protectors and as the guardians of a family, so they feel even worse when they are broken.


A man has the right to live a full life, whether he wants to go fishing with his friends or to go on a conference to a neighboring town for the whole weekend, whatever his hobby is, he needs to know that no one is going to restrain him when he needs to get away from all of the stress of life. All people tend to periodically seek solitude because we need to restore mental strength after a very debilitating event. Two self-sufficient individuals have the right to get involved in various things, and there is no need to force each other to participate in someone's affairs against their will. Would you be interested in the possibility of spending a whole day fishing, a business conference or watching football with his friends? We don’t think so.

Household comfort

This is one of the simplest needs in a relationship, it is extremely straightforward, and there is nothing supernatural about it. Men want to come home and enjoy a good dinner, for there to be no disagreements, no stress, no yelling and etc. They want to enjoy calm evenings from their tiresome days at work.

relationship needs and wantsBeauty

As a woman, it is necessary to look after your own appearance, at least for the sake of your partner. There is no reason to spend a lot of money on your looks, but your man doesn’t want to see the ugly side of you by his side, this is a completely normal thing.

To give back

All the talk about the idea that men do not need affection and foreplay, is nothing but a myth. A common misconception has deprived many men of the pleasure of simple touches and a sense of significance. Meanwhile, every man wants to be desired by their women. Stroking on the back, while he washes the dishes, or a kiss on his neck, when he is starring at a monitor, will give your companion the joy of tenderness and a sense of self-worth. Do not be afraid to take the initiative and make it clear to your man that you love and admire him.

What an Introvert Needs in a Relationship

Meeting emotional needs in a relationship with an introvert isn’t that hard. The most important thing that introverts need is personal space.

You may not realize the exact reason why, but they need to be alone once in a while, not because they don’t love you or they are sick of you, no. It’s rather because they get tired of all of the noise that surrounds them in their daily life. You should not fight it, you should not try to cheer them up, they aren’t sad, they just need some silence and the ability to just rest for a while.

It’s not about depression as well, it’s just a way in which they like to spend their life.

Emotional Needs in a Relationship

An emotional need is a kind of preference or desire, which, in your opinion, or conviction must be satisfied in order for you to maintain emotional balance, without which you, as you see it, are not able to feel good, calm and harmonious. At some point, you feel like you need to do something or have something. Such a state can reach a peak when an emotional need becomes almost biological. When emotions begin to increase dramatically, the mind gets clouded and often confuses real desires with biological ones.

These needs include the need to fulfill your own person self-needs, need to receive inspiration, need of being complete, need to fulfill your sexual fantasies, need to heal the wounds of a past relationship.

Wondering, “What are my needs in a relationship?” Well, maybe you have forgotten to follow your personal ambitions and goals in life, you’ve dedicated yourself to a relationship so much that you’ve lost yourself. A relationship should not put roadblocks in front of your dreams, it must make it easier for you to reach them.

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