Great Oral Sex Tips to Excite Your Girlfriend


Women love cunnilingus no less than men love blowjob. This simple truth is very difficult to convey to some men. For no known reasons, they think that the only possible scenario for good oral sex is when he is completely relaxed, and she is working hard between his legs. This logic deprives men of the pleasure of a sense of their own skill, when a woman experiences a powerful orgasm from his oral caresses, and women are deprived of the pleasure to experience what a real cunnilingus is.

Today we will try to correct this ridiculous mistake and make all men and women more happy. So turn off the "I'm strong, she should please me 24/7" mode for a while and remember what we'll tell you. Apply the gained knowledge in practice and you will understand that until this moment you knew nothing about oral sex.

do women like oral sex

Oral Sex - the Foreplay You Should Never Skip

Oral sex is one of the most beautiful and gentle types of sex. In the ancient treatise it was said about oral sex: "If you want to give the man or the woman the greatest pleasure, show him or her your tenderness and do it!". Just learn some oral sex techniques before. When you love and practice oral sex with your partner, remember that sex is fun for both of you. When a man tries to enjoy without thinking about his partner, it often leads to the most unfortunate results.

So what is oral sex - a prelude or main course? Do women like oral sex? Let's speak about terminology a little. Oral sex means stimulating the partner's genitals with the help of lips and tongue. Typically, this is part of the prelude to sex or sexual activities that will lead a partner to orgasm. When a woman does oral sex with a man's sexual stimulation, it is called fellatio.

A woman usually begins to stimulate a man in the abdomen, then gradually descends to the hips, buttocks and penis. Since the internal cavity of the mouth has a well-moistened mucous membrane, which serves as an ideal lubricant for the penis, men like fellatio. In all likelihood, this is due to the fact that the outer lips of the vagina often have insufficient lubrication. During fellatio, women can kiss, lick and suck the penis, and also bite the scrotum, which gives men great pleasure.

When a man does oral sex, licks and bites the female external genitalia and especially the clitoris, this form of stimulation is scientifically called cunnilingus. Often men do this to bring a woman into the state of orgasm, preferring its direct stimulation by hand or indirectly during intercourse. Usually men begin to caress and kiss a woman in the navel, then he goes lower down to the inner thighs, the outer and inner lips and to the area around the vagina. All this is an effective preparation for oral stimulation of the clitoris. Sometimes a man’s tongue penetrates into the vagina and, through intensive movements back and forth, tries to strengthen the effect of oral stimulation. Some women are very excited of it.

The task of men is to make a woman say or show which kind of stimulation she prefers. Some women like it when during oral stimulation of the clitoris men also put one or more fingers in her vagina, as this gives an absolutely devastating effect.

couples having oral sexOral sex is one of the most intimate sexual activities that are pleasant for both partners. However, some women cannot relax during oral sex. You can say that they do not know how to have oral sex, but that is not the main reason. Perhaps this is because they do not know exactly how to behave in order not to fail. Perhaps, the reason lies in stereotypes about oral sex that are prevalent in society. It is also possible that they do not want their partners to feel any bad smell. Taking into account that the genital area should always be clean and it is necessary to wash it each time after urination, then its usual smell should only be the smell of sexual arousal, which, probably, will be pleasant for both partners.

Another reason why women do not like oral sex is their fear of male ejaculation and disgust for the taste of male sperm that they do not like to swallow. Sometimes women avoid oral sex also because they are afraid of contracting an infectious disease. In any case, oral sex does not necessarily mean an orgasm of a partner. Most often couples having oral sex do that before sexual intercourse.

In this role, oral sex is the best way to arouse your partner and show your love. The level of pleasure that you can deliver to each other sometimes just rolls over. But the main thing is not to overdo it. If you are skillful enough, your girlfriend can experience an orgasm even before the sexual intercourse begins. Although it is unlikely to stop any woman if she feels that you know what you are doing.

Refusing oral sex, a person deprives themselves of the opportunity to experience one of the most powerful sensual pleasures available to a person. We hope that you do not do this. And let’s find out how to give oral sex to a woman.

Best Oral Sex Tips to Make Her Moan

In the sexual life of any guy comes the moment when he asks himself these questions: How to give an unforgettable experience to his lover? How to bring her to clitoral orgasm? Is it worth it to use the tongue to stimulate the clitoris, or not to cross the barrier and continue to use fingers only? And finally, having decided on new feats - how to do the cunnilingus right? You need some oral sex tips for men and we have them.

Cunnilingus is the stimulation of the female genitals with the help of the mouth and tongue, which allows the girl to experience new, incomparable sensations. First, there is nothing shameful in cunnilingus, it is quite an ancient practice. Even those who created Kamasutra knew what a good cunnilingus is able of. They wrote first tips for oral sex for us.

Secondly, you can bring your girl to the range of new sensations, she will be delighted, will remember sex for a long time, and wait for the next intercourse with impatience. Thirdly, taking the initiative in your hands, or, better say, in the lips and tongue, you show that you are ready for everything to give her pleasure, and thus she will try to answer the same. But do not insist on it because you need to do cunnilingus from heart, without pursuing selfish goals. In other case, even the best oral sex tips won’t help you.

Sometimes it is psychologically difficult to decide on cunnilingus for a man. He may have a stereotype that it is disgusting to kiss the female genitalia. He will be afraid that he may not like the smell, or he will be hindered by the hair in the pubic area. Such fears are understandable and natural, we always feel fear of something new. Overcoming the psychological barrier is very easy with these cunnilingus tips:

  • The smell of a woman you love is the most pleasant smell for a man, and you will understand this only after having tasted her genitals. A normal girl, of course, should look after herself and take shower before intercourse.
  • If your girl does not shave her hair off the genitals, this can be an obstacle to oral sex, you should ask her to shave, and then you can taste her without fearing that the hair will get into your mouth during cunnilingus.
  • Well, if you have an obstacle in your head, only you can overcome it. We do not think that you do not want to be the best lover for your woman, but without doing cunnilingus, you probably will not achieve it. So think about it.

There are no right or wrong actions in sex. So the main thing is to experiment and observe the reaction of your girlfriend. But still, it is worthwhile to know some theoretical aspects of cunnilingus and try to stick to them. Learn these tips for great oral sex:

  • Cunnilingus tips and tricks list should start from preparation advice. Just turn on the pleasant music, make gentle erotic massage and when you see she is relaxed, get to the cunnilingus. You can also blindfold, use various massage and aromatic for oral sex
  • Choose the pose for cunnilingus. It is best for the girl to lie on her back, relax and spread her legs, a man can lie on his belly, kiss her feet first, climb higher and higher, then kiss her tummy, bypassing the genitals, and only then sink lower and gently kiss the clitoris, labia.
  • Start caressing the clitoris with your tongue. Use not only the tip of the tongue, turn the whole upper surface into action. Fast movements should alternate with slow ones. Lick the clitoris from the very base of the tongue to its tip. Movements should be not only from the bottom up, but from the left to the right, as well as circular. You can turn your head to get position for new movements.
  • With the right cunnilingus, do not forget about other parts of the genitals. Stroke pubis, gently kiss the entrance to the vagina, large and small lips. Perhaps your girlfriend will like these actions, but there can be the opposite effect. Therefore, always follow the reaction of the partner.
  • The reaction to cunnilingus among girls can be different, someone moans with pleasure, someone enjoys in silence. In order to determine the reaction to your actions as accurately as possible, put your hand on her tummy during cunnilingus. You will feel the slightest contractions of the abdominal muscles. If they are relaxed, they will begin to shrink more intensely, which means getting an orgasm is just around the corner.

Use Your Fingers Too

In addition to the use of the tongue and lips, there is also a technique of cunnilingus that also uses fingers. Do you know that with the help of your fingers you can bring a girl to a squirt orgasm? Put your fingers into the vagina, go along the front and back of its sides, examine the outer part of the vagina, which has the greatest sensitivity. You can also press or rub her palm against her pubic or clitoris. Fast transitions between stimulation of the clitoris with fingers and tongue are another opportunity to diversify pleasure.

Wrapping It Up

Cunnilingus is a whole art. It is possible that your first attempts to give your beloved unearthly bliss will not fully meet your expectations. But this is not a cause for frustration. Believe me, the mere fact that you decided to give her oral sex, already honors you in the eyes of your girlfriend. For her, you are already perfect. So boldly experiment, try new techniques, love it and everything will be cool!

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