How to kiss a Ukrainian girl on the first date


A lot of Western men wonder if it’s ok to kiss a Slavic girl on the first date. It’s completely normal, but here you should take into account a few possible reasons why she may refuse to kiss you and think about how to act in different situations. It's simple when the young lady hints at a kiss herself, but how to recognize when she does it? How to get a girl to kiss you? What should you avoid when kissing a Ukrainian girl? This article will help answer all these questions.

How to kiss Ukrainian woman

Be patient

If you really want to date a Ukrainian woman and have serious intentions concerning her, don’t rush things, so as not to do anything stupid. The thing is that only a few mistakes can ruin the relationship at the beginning. And if you don’t want this, be patient.

Most guys try to kiss a Ukrainian woman right in the middle of the first date. They do this for a variety of reasons, including the desire to get the relationships to a new level faster. Besides, some of them get nervous before the first kiss, so they want to do it as quickly as possible. But with such approach, their chances of success are pretty small, as a lot depends on a good kiss.

There’s no need in hurrying with the kiss, but you shouldn’t delay it either. If you avoid kissing a Ukrainian woman, she’ll think that you’re not sure about your intentions. Therefore, the main thing here is to choose the most suitable moment as soon as possible.


Before you kiss a Ukrainian girl, you need to prepare for this moment. For guys, the first kiss is not so important, but for most girls, it plays a huge role.

First of all, pay attention to the freshness of your breath. No girl will want to kiss a guy with stink breath, especially when it comes to the first kiss that can say a lot about both partners. That’s why, don’t forget to brush your teeth. It may seem a banal thing to do, I mean, who doesn’t brush his teeth before such event? But some guys forget about it. Of course, before a date, you should avoid eating food, which leaves a bad smell in your mouth for some time. We’re talking about such products, as garlic, onions, and many others. And finally, to be completely confident in the freshness of your breath, stock up on chewing gums or mint candies.

How to kiss a Ukrainian lady for the first time?

Most often, it's the first kiss that the ladies remember best after a date. So do your best for it to go really well. But you probably know how to kiss a girl, so everything should be great.

When kissing, don’t make any sudden movements. Everything should go quietly. First, you need to begin gradually approaching her face, slightly bending your head. Such approach will signal the girl that you’re going to kiss her, so it will not surprise her. And if your lady is not ready for a kiss, she’ll have enough time to stop you. If you do everything quickly, without giving her time to assess the situation, you risk getting a slap in the face.

Almost all people close their eyes during a kiss. But don’t do this when approaching the girl's face. The sight of you getting closer and closer to her with your eyes closed can make her laugh.

If you don’t know how to French kiss, don’t try it. Begin with a simple kiss. As soon as your lips touch hers, you’ll understand what to do next.

During the kiss, pay attention to the movement of your hands. Hug the girl around the waist with one hand, and put the other one on her face.

What do you need to know about the first kiss?

As mentioned above, for Ukrainian women, dating and the first kiss mean a lot. If both of them were terrific, you’ll automatically become her boyfriend. If everything goes horribly, you can forget about any relationships with her.

Even if the first kiss didn’t go as planned, try to make a joke out of it. Thus, you can turn an embarrassing situation into an amusing incident, which both of you can remember with a laugh later.

A man should take the initiative and kiss the lady first. This way, you’ll demonstrate your attitude towards a Ukrainian girl dating you.

If a girl feels uncomfortable, she’ll not be up to romance and kissing. Also, she won’t think about kisses if she’s cold, as her thoughts will be occupied with attempts to warm up as quickly as possible.

Common Mistakes

If you date a Ukrainian girl, in no case should you put pressure on her, inciting her to kiss you. After all, even if the lady agrees to do it, she’ll most likely become disappointed because you almost forced her to kiss you. Moreover, if your girlfriend is modest and shy, your actions may offend her. In this case, you can forget about the second date. Therefore, if you have serious intentions, don’t press on the girl, even if after the second or third date she still doesn’t kiss you.

Never ask the Ukrainian girl for permission to kiss her. If you ask something like: "Do you want to kiss me" or "Can I kiss you," she can say “no,” even if she really wants it. The thing is that a Ukrainian woman doesn’t want to make such decisions on her own at any age. She wants you to know when and how to kiss her.

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