True Signs of Committed Relationships: How to Know She Is Loyal


A relationship can be enjoyable, happy, and fulfilling. But it also can be hard. First, it is hard to find the right person. You meet single girls and get to know many of them before you find the one. The second hard thing is to work on the existing relationship. If your relationship becomes trivial, and you see that she is not interested in you, you should make an effort, and it will work out.

Then everything goes smoothly, and you fall in love. You may think, “This is it” – everything will be like this forever. But everything you love about your relationship gradually leads to issues. One of them is about the commitment we all desire.

signs she is committed to you

What Does It Mean to Be Committed?

Now, before we dive deep into tips on how to be committed in a relationship, let’s find out, "What does it mean to be committed?" It is important to understand this term in the right way.

A dictionary says that to be committed means to be devoted, bound to a person by pledge or assurance.

In a deeper sense, commitment in a relationship means safety and security to most people. It is the consistency paired with the desire to do whatever you can to make a bond last.

At the beginning of a new relationship, things can get pretty rocky. You may enjoy the person, but you never sure if she likes you back. This can lead to insecurity and trust issues. That’s why it's important to have a clear idea of what is 'commitment' to both of you. Otherwise, a relationship will just not work as planned.

It is hard to say that commitment means the same for everyone. In a romantic relationship, it usually depends on what is right for the couple. For example, some may believe in open relationships, where commitment does not mean sexual monogamy, only emotional. For other people, commitment means marriage, a complete romantic and emotional exclusivity.

Luckily, signs which can prove you that she is committed to you do exist.

Commitment In a Relationship: What It Requires

On the one hand, the word commitment can be heard around a lot. Everyone rambles about the fear of commitment. On the other hand, some people use the term too often and without a full understanding of the true importance of a committed relationship.

First of all, commitment requires a strong desire. Every person necessarily has a wish to be a committed partner. This is the most important thing.

Secondly, commitment requires some sacrifices. To achieve a true commitment and be happy with someone, you need to give up some of your beliefs. Even with someone who may have opposite life views. Because - just imagine - a romantic union is a blend of two different people with two opposite worlds inside.

How to Build Strong Committed Relationships

After realizing, "What does it mean to be in a committed relationship?" let us explain how to stay committed in a relationship so that it remains strong and to be committed in a relationship

1. Create a positive experience around

It is really important to surround a relationship with positive things. It is a really nice commitment creator and supporter.

We can bet – you have a lot of things to remember: good and quite awkward together-moments. All of them are things your unity has gone through! Take some negative or funny things from your past and present, convert them into a positive experience, and live through these memories. Joke about your awkward first date, then go to better dates and create a positive experience that can assist you in building commitment in a relationship.

2. Be ready to do some work

Though relationships implicate happy feelings, they may require work. You will have easy days and hard days; cuddling-days and 24/7 conflict- days. But if you’ve made a decision about your woman, be with her fully and completely, go “all in.” Think about what can make your beloved person happier. Create ideas that can make your bond stronger. And, more importantly, put these thoughts into actions. They always speak louder than words.

3. Resist all possible temptations

Some chick at a coffee shop gave you her phone number? Never mind. You stay up late to drink another beer with your friend? Make sure it does not happen too often. Such small distractions are usually eager to tear a relationship apart.

To be fully committed, you must eliminate the temptations you face. Things like alcohol or simple exhaustion can put you in a weak position. Avoiding it requires discipline and a serious approach, just like achieving commitment in a relationship.

4. Try to put yourself in your partner's shoes

We look at things through our own perception, experience, and life views. This is how life works. But, creating a strong and committed relationship, it is necessary to have a full understanding of your partner’s needs and wants. Yes, it means you should calm down your ego.

Just remember how badly you want to be understood in difficult days. You simply need a nice listener when you have anxiety problems or some other worries. Realize that your partner craves the same and be the one who provides her with it.

5. Remember about necessities

Spontaneity in a relationship is a good thing. It makes passion last longer and supports never-ending interest.

But longevity might be even more important, especially if we talk about commitment. Know what matters a lot for both of you separately and your union as a whole. With all the temptation resisting, do not forget about things that help you be yourself. Play football if it makes you feel happy, allow your wife to go shopping, and do not forget about your activities as a couple.

6. Enjoy the moment

Simply love your partner and live through every moment you are together. Value them like the biggest treasure and just enjoy it.

10 Signs She Is Committed

Finally, after analyzing the committed relationship meaning and value, let us finally explain to you the signs which can help you determine the level of seriousness of your relationship for her.

So, she is committed to you, if...

1. She spends a lot of time together with you

Time is the most valuable resource in the life of any human being. This is why one of the first signs she is committed is her readiness to dedicate it to you often and regularly.

2. She includes you it her shopping lists

While buying grocery some people suddenly realize that their carts are full of things for their better halves. Such cute acts of care like buying tiny gifts or products you know your partner will enjoy signifies about seriousness in a relationship.

3. She gave you her key

Do you think sharing a house key is a big deal? We do either. So, this is definitely one of the most secure signs of a committed relationship.what does it mean to be committed

4. She shares your pictures in her Instagram

It can be Facebook or any other social media. In the age of web-interaction, such a public demonstration can only mean, "Attention, everybody! We are committed.”

5. She has you in her plans for future

Single people make decisions based on their wants and needs. In a relationship with commitment, you think not only about your desires but also your partner's. So, if your girl includes you in her plans, it's one of the signs she wants a committed relationship.

6. She introduced you to her family

This works just like house keys. People just do not introduce random people to their families.

7. She asks your advice

The more your better half asks for your help and advice, the more she feels comfortable with you. She includes you in the decision-making process that usually stays behind closed doors.

8. She can easily give you the access to her passwords

The decision to share such personal info like PINs or logins means complete trust. And such a thing can occur only in a committed relationship.

9. She freely discusses some intimate themes with you

Of course, you are unlikely to discuss something like this at the dinner table. However, if your beloved one is brave enough to discuss bodily functions with you, you are more than close friends for sure.

10. She speaks in “we”

People do this when they mean business. For example, if you ask, "What were you doing this morning?” a committed girl will say, “We were doing the workout” instead of, “I was doing the workout.” This is the obvious and secure one among all the signs she is committed to you.

All relationships are different, as well as people. In a chase after commitment, make sure that your wants, desires, and values coincide with your partner’s ones. This way your joint future will be bright and happy.

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