Ideas for Environmentally Friendly Gifts for Your Girlfriend


Everything has its end, and natural resources are no exception. We all understand that ecological issues are on the agenda. People have become more ecologically conscious for lately, and nowadays, it is a global trend, which is followed by celebrities and ordinary humans. In contrast to most modern trends, this one is of great importance for everyone who is living on the Earth since we will share the future of the planet.

You might have already heard about the “zero waste” tendency that suggests the solution to the most environmental issues. Thus, it will help reduce the contamination of the environment thanks to the reduction of toxic emissions and, as a result, save natural assets. Nonetheless, the advantages of a zero-waste lifestyle go beyond the rescue of natural wealth. After a while, you will realize how much your life has changed for the better. A person who has just started showing interest in the principles of a wasteless lifestyle may think that it is something time-consuming and expensive, but the reality is different. A growing number of people and brands start realizing the magnitude of the ecological issues. That’s why they are searching for some brand new ways to help the planet or at least minimize the detrimental effects. The realization of those challenges has given impetus to the appearance and steady development of the eco-friendly approach to every aspect of life. So, today you can easily come up with environmentally friendly gifts ideas.

environmentally friendly gifts for her

The Appearance of the Trend on Environmental Friendliness

Even though the number of people who treat this philosophy with all seriousness increases every day, there are still those who are very skeptical about this trend. However, when you start leading an eco-friendly lifestyle, you change not only the environment you are living in but also the level of your awareness. This happens thanks to the philosophy of the trend that encourages us to slow down a bit and look around. The residents of the big cities suffer from a harried life, and often they don’t even notice the changing of the seasons. So, if you want to meet women now, don’t put your desire on the back burner.

Some people are sure that if everything continues to develop this way, then brands that don’t produce things with “eco” marking will lose both their popularity and profits. The representatives of the so-called Y and Z generations start realizing the horrible consequences of aggressive environmental influence, and they understand that all these foreseen cataclysms will become their future if nothing gets done today. Thus, most well-known manufacturers try to rebuild their businesses to reduce harm to nature and build trustful relations with their customers.

Talking about earth-friendly products and environmentally friendly gifts for her or him, one should mention that everyone can find some unnecessary things at home that were presented as gifts some time ago. And the problem is that it is difficult to both find an appropriate place for such things and throw them out because of the embarrassment. It is the main reason why you should approach the process of choosing gifts seriously, especially if you are going to present it to your beloved person. You might have heard that one should have the talent to choose the right gift that will be used with pleasure and gratitude. It is when eco-friendly gifts ideas come to the rescue.

For example, eco-friendly inexpensive gifts can replace trinkets that are usually forgotten on the shelves. In general, green gift ideas become increasingly popular. The poll results confirmed that the popularity of the trend on environmental friendliness has increased about 5-6 times since the moment of its inception. It happens not just because the purchasing power of people has risen, but customers have started thinking about the condition of the planet and the improvement of their health. Such changes in the consciousness of people have led to the fact that eco gift ideas are in vogue now.

The appearance of the trend on environmental friendliness is related to the increased level of consciousness of the population, and as a result, reasonable consumption. If you have met a wonderful single woman online whom you want to present a gift, then think about nature’s gift if you know that your potential partner is eco-friendly.

Reasons to Buy an Eco-Friendly Gift

When you choose a zero-waste lifestyle and turn into a thoughtful consumer, you start treating the world around you a bit differently. You try to become a better version of yourself and make your lifestyle beneficial for your circle of dearest people as well. However, if neither you nor your beloved partner sees the reasons to buy eco-friendly tech gifts, and you don’t know the answer to the question, “What are green gifts?” then it’s time to sort things out. What are the main reasons to change your usual preferences in buying gifts and pay attention to some eco-friendly options?

best gifts for environmentalistsHealth effects

Nobody would argue that products that don’t contain any chemicals but consist only of natural components have a beneficial effect on your health. So, when choosing gifts for an eco-friendly woman, you should remember that this woman cares not only about environment safety but also her well-being. Besides, talking about clothes, natural products are more durable and don’t cause any unpleasant feelings. And eco-friendly cosmetics have wonderful formulas, so your girlfriend will be pleased with such a gift.

Not so expensive

There is a myth that eco-friendly products are extremely expensive, and ordinary people cannot afford such a luxury. Well, of course, in comparison with some things that consist only of artificial chemical components, natural goods will cost more. However, if you calculate their cost in the long run, you will see that you can save not only your health but money as well. A t-shirt made of natural materials will serve you much longer than its less eco-friendly analogs.

Resale value

If you decide to sell some of your environmentally friendly things for some reason, you will not see a great difference in the value since eco-friendly things preserve its initial cost. So, choosing such things, you can be sure that they will not lose their value in several months even if they are marked “used”.

Good for nature

Since the whole essence of the trend on environmental friendliness is about getting what you need without being harmful to the environment, it’s obvious that eco-friendly things will be as good as possible for nature. Nowadays, people start realizing that it’s not necessary to damage the environment to meet your needs like food, clothes etc. On the contrary, each of us can reduce the negative impact on the planet by choosing more natural organic things. It’s a win-win option.

Is a DIY Gift a Good Idea for an Eco Gift?

It may happen that you have come up with a wonderful idea for a gift, but, unfortunately, for one reason or another, you cannot find it anywhere. You can find something similar to what you are looking for, but you know that details play a too big role in such things as choosing a gift for a beloved person. In this case, DIY gift ideas can come you in handy. Nowadays, it’s not a big deal to find eco-friendly materials that can become a foundation and components of yo ur gift. Besides, such a present can make a bigger effect on the person since DIY gifts have a special magic. They transmit feelings of a person who has spent their time and energy on it. On the Internet, you can find long lists of the best gifts for environmentalists that you can easily create yourself if you get the required eco-friendly materials and pay some efforts on its creation. And if you have decided on presenting such a gift, you should find out how to wrap gifts eco-friendly as well, otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain.

So, packaging for eco-gifts should be also made of natural materials. Small items can be placed in a box of cardboard or thick paper. You can use old wallpaper or newspaper as a wrapper and decorate it with twine, dried leaves, and flowers.

Ready Eco-Friendly Gifts Ideas for Your Girlfriend

The planet requires environmental awareness from its inhabitants. The zero-wasting philosophy demands waste minimization that will allow us to save the planet green and “healthy.” It doesn’t mean that you should stop using things that bring you pleasure and joy. It’s not about that. We’ve tried to share the main information about this trend and its philosophy, but if you have some questions, you can make your research on this topic. Nowadays, it’s impossible to stand aside since it affects every sphere of life. You might have noticed that the market is slowly occupied by brands that create reusable products and minimize or abandon packaging. In your city, you can find places with eco-friendly product-range where you can find something to your liking. Here is a list of eco-friendly gifts ideas that may inspire you and help choose the best option for your beloved woman.

1. Bottle or mug

If you know that your beloved girlfriend likes to take coffee to go or she is constantly watching her water balance and take a water bottle with her everywhere, then she will surely appreciate this gift. What’s the need to use disposable plastic cups every day if you can take a cute mug with you? The usage of a metal bottle is one of the simplest ways to reduce the amount of plastic on the globe dramatically. If your partner supports a zero-waste philosophy, then she will be grateful to receive such a present. Nowadays, the market can provide you with numerous options that will differ in style, weight, and material, but all of them will be environmentally friendly.

2. Organic cosmetics

You will hardly find a girl who doesn’t use cosmetics. It’s not about makeup but about products that help moisturize the dry skin, reduce dark circles and make your face look fresh and young, preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Organic cosmetics are extremely popular among girls who take care of their appearance. It meets the highest standards and doesn’t provoke any unpleasant reactions. Most often, such cosmetics are created in keeping with ancient recipes and contain exclusively natural components such as minerals and organic oils. If you are not good at choosing such gifts, you can follow a wise approach and present a gift card.

3. Handmade soap

If you want to choose a useful gift that will surely not be placed on the back shelf, then choose a handmade soap with organic ingredients, for example, coconut oil, herbs, coffee, oats, clay. You can find both standard and original shapes of natural shades and with a pleasant smell. Well, actually, different types of oil can be used in the process of its creation, thus, they can contain shea butter, grape seed or olive oil that are famous for their moisturizing and healing properties. By the way, it is exactly the option that can be done by your hands. On the Internet or in the nearest supermarket, you can find all the required components of this future masterpiece.

4. Organic tea

Usually, people are divided into several categories. The first one involves people who cannot imagine their morning and life in general without a cup of coffee. The second one includes people who believe that a cup of good tea can help cope with any issue and calm down nerves. And the third type prefers to drink coffee in the morning but choose tea for the rest of the day. So, if your beloved girlfriend belongs to the second and third categories, then she will be happy to receive a package of great organic tea. You will hardly find something worthy in the ordinary market, so you should better go to the specialized eco-friendly shops right away. The product certificate of conformity is a must-have, so don’t forget to pay attention to it. Such organic tea contains only natural fragrances in the form of dried pieces of fruits and special flowers, for example, jasmine.

environmentally friendly gifts for her5. Notebooks and pens

One can surely say that 8 out of 10 girls adore different cute stationery, and it doesn’t matter how many notebooks she has already bought. So, if you are looking for a nice girlish gift, then you can pay attention to the numerous notebooks and even pens that have been made of recycled materials such as coffee paper cups. Such things have been on the market for a long time, so it will be pretty easy to find an unusual and even fashionable notebook that will win the girl’s heart. Very often, brands that create this type of stationery, provide their customers with an opportunity to order the item with or without drawings and other sorts of filling.

6. Organic candles

What can help you create a wonderful atmosphere at home? Of course, it is about candles. They have magical properties and help you relax and find harmony with yourself and other people after the hard day. So, if you present such a gift to your girlfriend, it will have a beneficial effect both on her nervous system and your relationships. However, if you want to present an eco-friendly gift, you should pay attention to the material of the candle. They should be created of natural wax or soya, and organic oils. If you choose beeswax candles, then you will be able to enjoy a light honey smell. Such candles are used in non-traditional medicine as a cure for headaches and fatigue.

7. Sweets

If your girlfriend is a sweet tooth, then she will be extremely happy to get a box of eco-sweets. Natural sweets are a great eco-gift as their manufacturing process is designed to have minimal impact on the environment. Such products are made only of organic components and will have only a beneficial impact on the body. You can also find zero-waste packaging for sweets, a 100% natural alternative to cling film and plastic bags. These products also do not contain BPA, which means they are made of non-toxic plastic, and it is another advantage and the reason to choose such a gift.

8. Blanket made of natural materials

Some things are considered to be the required components of the cozy atmosphere, and a fluffy warm blanket is on the list. If you present such a gift, your girlfriend will appreciate your attention and care because such a gift leaves only a positive impression. The modern market will provide you with numerous options that will satisfy different tastes. The choice of the proper blanket depends on its supposed functionality. Usually, people buy blankets to warm up with their help or use them as a decorating element. Nonetheless, you should opt for the best eco-friendly materials such as wool, bamboo, and fur.

9. Shopper bag

Your girlfriend does not have a convenient shopper bag? Eco-friendly shopper bags vary in design, material, and color, and you can find both with a bright print and minimalistic, large shoppers and smaller ones, on a fastener with pockets and the most standard models. Such a bag can be used as an independent accessory that can easily fit into the girl’s everyday look, and she can carry it folded in a small handbag in case of unplanned purchases. People like eco bags because they can easily refuse packages at the supermarket with their help. There are incredibly stylish options that reflect thoughts through words and pictures.

10. Eco-friendly accessories

Nowadays, the market is full of all the possible options of accessories and jewelry that can satisfy even the most demanding customer. Everything will depend on the tastes of your beloved girlfriend. If she likes natural materials, then you should pay attention to different types of stones and wood. Such a gift will complete an outfit and make it look stylish and unique, so your girlfriend will be pleased to get such a present.

Change Your Mind – Change Your Life

Nowadays, it is impossible to say that environmental friendliness is just another weird trend that will disappear sooner than a new year comes. People start realizing that every action has its consequences, and each of us will suffer from them, so only changing our perception, we can change our life for the better. So, let’s start small and come up with several stunning eco-friendly gifts ideas.

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