Should I Break Up with My Girlfriend? Here Are 5 Main Signs


Relationships can last a lifetime, or they can burst like a soap bubble in a few months. Once, you visited single women for dating sites, met a woman there, and you felt very good together. But after you've got to know her better and spent some time with her, you begin to understand that this relationship doesn’t benefit you, and also, perhaps, make you stagnate. Usually, we stay with people only because we have known them for a long time, and we are used to them. Yes, the time spent together really binds people to each other, but if you continue relationships with someone just for that reason, then it’s better to break up.

One way or another, a breakup with our loved ones is always associated with something terrible. Yes, this is a stressful period that causes negative emotions. But is it really better to sacrifice your desires and needs all your life? Unfortunately, many men don’t know how to understand that it is time to break up with your girlfriend. That is why they have long hesitated to say goodbye to their chosen one.

how to know when to break up

Why Do Couples Break Up?

Should we break up or stay together? This is a question that everyone asks one day. Destroying an existing relationship is a very difficult process. At the moment when you need to leave your loved one, you have to abandon joint plans and dreams. The future is not as clear as a couple of days ago. From a third-party position, it is often impossible to explain why this or that couple suddenly broke up. Sometimes ex-partners don’t realize the reasons for their parting. What factors and situations in life lead to a breakup?

How to know when to break up? The main reason for the breakup may be a disappointment in a partner. It is common for many people, especially at a young age. They endow their loved ones with a mass of qualities that are not about them, present an ideal and desirable image for themselves. Rapid disappointment especially often occurs after the start of a life together.

Also, a strong difference in interests and incompatibility of characters can lead to a breakup. It is very difficult to be with someone who doesn’t share your hobbies and life views. In a relationship, mutual support is important. But with a radically opposite worldview, it is unlikely to build trusting relationships filled with understanding and mutual respect. In addition, lies in a relationship can destroy them. If the deception is repeated, it leaves a deep wound and can spoil the attitude towards a person prone to such a vice for life. Without openness and mutual trust, relationships become tense because one of the partners must always be on the alert.

Should I Break Up With My Girlfriend Quiz

Do you think that your girl is no longer the same as before? Well, if you answer yes to at least one of the "should I break up with my girlfriend quiz" questions below, you should seriously think about the need for a relationship with such a partner.

should i break up with her1. Is there tenderness between you?

Intimacy is very important if we are talking about loving people. If they love, they constantly kiss and hug each other. Yes, the passion fades over time or people can’t show their love like this because of stress, problems or poor health. But they still stay together. Should I break up with my girlfriend? Well, if one of you avoids intimacy, then this is definitely a bad sign.

2. Does she cheat on you?

Should I break up with her? Yes, you should if she cheats on you! Cheating is one of the worst sins in a relationship. If you understand that she has sex with another man, don’t look for the reason in yourself. You should end this relationship as soon as possible. You will never trust her, and most likely, she will do it again and again. When she understands that you accept this situation and forgive her, the woman will start doing the same things.

3. Do you feel good when she’s not around?

She went to her parents for a week, and you didn’t even think about her. Do you enjoy being at home alone or meeting friends than spending time with her? Does her presence annoy you? Do you constantly avoid talking about the future? If so, then it is better to break up.

4. Does she annoy you greatly?

Of course, every person has flaws and some features. However, if a partner irritates you for a long period and something makes you crazy, then most likely, the relationship is also coming to its logical conclusion. Usually, when people love each other, they forgive some minor flaws.

5. Do you want to change her?

There are no ideal people and partners. The only right option that will allow you to live with a girl is to get used to her shortcomings and enjoy her merits. Now think about whether your partner has more advantages than disadvantages. If there are many more shortcomings, it means you have to go separate ways.

What to Do If These Signs Are True? How to Break Up?

Everyone has their own problems: someone can’t find their soulmates, while another one, on the contrary, doesn’t know how to get rid of them. There is nothing worse than leaving a girl without informing her of this. Leaving without words is not like a man’s act: you will lose not only your girlfriend but your dignity and respect. It is always difficult to break up with loved ones. But how to break up with someone and do it less painfully?

1. Try to change everything

How to break up with someone you love? Before making this decision, you must determine for yourself the reason for leaving. Maybe you have some kind of resentment or an unresolved situation that prevents love. Try to change everything. Don’t hold evil to your soulmate – we all are not perfect. Perhaps a date or surprise that brings positive emotions will change your decision. You will remember what kind and caring girl you have, and she, in turn, will note the features of a loving man in you.

2. Thank her for everything

You have many happy and sad memories together. Some even drive you into longing and remembering others, you are in seventh heaven with happiness. These relationships taught you a lot: to understand people, fight manipulations and provocations, understand what it means “nothing happened.” So, how to break up? Remember all the good things that bind you. Thank the girl for everything and say that you can’t be together.

should i break up with my girlfriend3. Ask for forgiveness

To ask for forgiveness is always difficult, especially when there is a reason. Don’t say that it’s all her fault. In a relationship, it’s important to admit your mistakes too, even if it’s a matter of breaking up. This will end your connection without nervous breakdowns. But don’t fall victim to emotional blackmail.

Signs You Really Can Save Your Relationships

Should I break up with my partner? In any couple, serious problems arise over time. But before you break up, try to figure out what causes the problems. Sometimes it’s enough to analyze your relationship and adjust mutual requests and obligations so that everything works out. In any case, your relationship can be saved if:

You both are able to communicate constructively

Regardless of what problem you are facing, it will be much easier to solve it by common efforts. As long as you remain one team, you share common goals, and this is very important for having strong relationships. Therefore, try to prove to your partner that you are ready to seek a joint solution and compromise for the common good.

You both aspire to work on yourself

Before breaking up with your girlfriend, you need to understand that both partners are to blame in the occurrence of most problematic situations. A relationship often can’t be returned until both a man and a woman recognize that both are involved (actively or passively) in the formation of a crisis. Awareness and recognition of responsibility is the key to creating more comfortable and strong relationships.

You both still care

No wonder they say that true love can overcome everything. If you and your partner still love each other and are able to express this love by caring about each other, your relationship has a great chance to survive even in the most difficult situation. Therefore, if you still have strong feelings for a woman, then don’t forget to show it to her.

When to break up? If your relationship is at an impasse, there is no respect, mutual understanding, and love, then sit down and ask yourself the only question: are you ready to live with this person another 10-20 years of life? Will you be happy? If the answer is yes, then try to figure out what the reason for such a bad relationship is. Talk to each other, maybe you didn’t say something important. Try to identify the reason for the misunderstanding of what specific claims your partner has. If all else fails, visit a family psychologist. The specialist will definitely understand your situation and help with practical advice, particularly how to deal with a breakup if you still love each other.

If the answer is no, then pack your bags and go to a new life!

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