Why and How to Read Eyes to Decode Female Body Language


How to understand that a woman has any feelings for you? It happens that a girl has not understood yet that her attitude towards someone is changing from indifferent to interested, but her body is already “talking,” even “screaming” about it, you just need to learn to understand her eye language. And since these signals are sent by her subconsciousness that isn’t controlled by her consciousness unlike her body, they do not lie, and it is enough to look into her eyes to guess at once about everything. So, eye contact with a woman is most often a sign of sympathy. In general, if you know how to read eyes, you can make your life easier in any field of activity and not just when you decide to approach a girl or find out her attitude toward you. Incredibly, visual contact is the same complete non-verbal communication tool as sign language and facial expressions.

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Decoding Eye Language in Behavior – Is It Real?

More than 80% of the information a person receives through eyes. Knowing this, one can argue that the process of human eye movement reflects their thinking to a certain extent. It is not surprising that research in this area has long been used by businesses, for example, to assess the ergonomics of the best site to meet women, mobile applications, the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and the attractiveness of packaging. The use of tracking technologies can make it possible to understand exactly what a person is looking at. However, not everyone knows how to read people's eyes and determine right away what a person wants and feels.

The latest research in the sphere of eye movement body language conducted by employees of the University of Saarland in the German Saarbrücken, together with scientists from Stuttgart, as well as psychologists from the University of South Australia, made it possible to evaluate the personality characteristics of a human being.

Thus, 50 respondents passed a test to identify personal qualities, in the process of which eye-tracking devices were used during the execution of the same task. As a result, about 200 distinctive features in the movement of the eyes were obtained and categorized: the frequency of blinking, the duration of focusing on the subject, the pupil dilation, and so on. Researchers managed to establish a connection between personality characteristics and typical “routes” of eye movements. Thus, the proverb, “The eyes are the mirror of the soul” has a scientific confirmation. Based on the data obtained, the software has been developed that allows you to recognize how conscious, communicative, tolerant, inquisitive a person is. And you can even determine how emotionally stable they are. So, do you want to find out how to read eyes for emotions and understand whether a clingy girlfriend loves you or not?

What to Pay Attention to When Reading Woman's Eyes?

You can learn a lot about a person, especially their hidden emotions, if you know how to read people's eyes, namely, their eyes movements. And the very first thing to do is to study the concept of basic coding. In other words, it’s necessary to understand whether a woman is lying to you or not.

The basic level of reading people's eyes is how people behave in conditions when nothing threatens them, and they feel safe. And you can easily practice this skill while sitting with a person whom you would like to “read” better – your friend or colleague and easily communicating with them on neutral topics that will not make an interlocutor lie to you (what was the last movie they watched or what they are going to cook for dinner). And at that time, try to notice how a person holds their body, what gestures they use and how their voice sounds. After you have considered the basic level, you can study their typical body language eye movement. Love is one of the strongest feelings that affect our thoughts and emotions. When we are in a company of a person who is not indifferent to us, we subconsciously begin to behave differently.how to read eyes

1. She covers her eyes

If a woman you are talking to tries to cover her eyes or as if protects them in a way, then such a movement may suggest that she doesn’t like something or doesn’t want to listen to. People often do that when they feel threatened or face something they don’t like. In other words, a woman feels uncomfortable, and she wants to distance herself from you or your words. It’s one of the most obvious indicators that she does not like something, and you shouldn’t ignore it. By the way, a girl can start rubbing her eyes or blinking very frequently in such a case as well. In general, when you notice such signs, you may be sure that a girl subconsciously demonstrates fear, distrust or just disagreement. It’s an inborn reaction to something unpleasant.

2. Her pupil dilatation

Pupils dilate when something draws our attention, or we are in a place with poor lighting. If a girl experiences emotional arousal, her pupils dilate to capture as many nice pictures as possible. When you are on a date, and she likes your company, her pupils can stay dilated all the time. You can always determine whether a woman is interested in you and really listens to you carefully, just having looked at her pupils. If they are dilated, then everything is going smoothly. If you look at female images in the ad campaigns, you will see that, in most cases, their pupils are dilated. Thus, a woman looks more attractive and excited, and her image shows that she likes the product she uses (underwear, perfume, mascara). When a woman sees something unpleasant, her pupils tend to constrict to block the image.

3. She raises her eyebrows

When you try to access the image of a woman and understand her feelings, you should pay attention to not only eye direction but also her eyebrows. Girls quickly raise their eyebrows to demonstrate that they are interested in the interlocutor and send a subconscious signal that there is a connection between them. In other words, they are on the same wave. Often, women raise their eyebrows when they want to make their point of view more comprehensible to the man and as if tell them that they want to improve their communication. Besides, don’t forget that eye contact is an important part of flirtation. Thus, women tend to raise eyebrows and lower their eyelids at the same time to look sexier.

4. You see shifty eye movement

Sometimes, women in love behave ridiculously in the company of a man they are interested in. Some start telling weird stories, others toy with their hair or some elements of clothing, while still others may demonstrate shifty eye movements. The fact is that when she looks at an interesting man, she may begin to get nervous and be afraid that some action will show her attitude. Of course, she understands that her eyes may reveal her secret, and that’s why she is trying to look away but cannot concentrate. Psychologists have proven that when a person lies or tries to hide something, their gaze begins to shift. If you want to check whether a woman is in love with you, you can jokingly ask her about that. If her eyes are calm, then she does not have any feelings for you. If upon hearing your question, she begins to smile modestly but does not know where to “hide” her eyes, then she wants to conceal the obvious truth.

5. She makes long-lasting eye contact

A woman tends to stare at a man she likes, so for a man, such a look is a good sign and a call to action. Women in love adore looking in the eyes of their soul mates. According to women, this is a special sacrament, communication without words, spiritual intimacy, etc. A woman will not make eye contact with everyone because of modesty. Usually, they don’t even stare at other girls if this is not an obvious conflict situation, or if there is no objective need for such behavior. A woman's long-lasting eye contact is an obvious sign of sympathy. It means that the woman is interested in you as an interlocutor, and besides, she is confident and straightforward.

Basic Eye Movements and Their Meanings

Nowadays, people are fond of different movies and TV series in which the main character knows every eye direction meaning and can read thoughts and emotions, just looking at a person and noticing their facial expressions and gestures. Someone is gifted with that ability by nature, while others intentionally study it. Professional reading eyes can be difficult, but there are simple indicators that will allow you to “see” your interlocutor. Why is learning to read eyes so useful? The fact is that the better you can evaluate others, the more good people will be around you. In personal life, this will help screen out false people and correctly build business relationships. And, in fact, it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Just here, of course, you need practice and experience. After some time, analyzing emotions, facial expressions, and gestures, you will intuitively feel falsehood or, conversely, pure thoughts and a good attitude towards you.

1. Eyes wide open

If you see that the eyes of your interlocutor are wide open, this can indicate a high susceptibility of feelings and express daydreaming, openness in case of trust and naivety. Nonetheless, you shouldn't let your guard down since many fraudsters use a special trick, they deliberately make innocently wide-open eyes, radiating confidence and trying to create the impression of a simpleton, a naive person. So, you should always stay alert if you are communicating with a stranger or a person you cannot fully trust.how to read people eyes

2. Looking down

If your interlocutor constantly looks down or at their hands, it means that they feel ashamed for some reason. If you notice a sharp change in mood, then most likely, you have said something they are ashamed of or feel uncomfortable. Or maybe you have raised an awkward topic of conversation. If you initially noticed this behavior, then expect unpleasant news from your interlocutor, which may upset you. Besides, to read people means to help yourself react correctly and perceive their words. If you are discussing something, and your interlocutor is looking down and to the right, it means they think about physical sensations, emotions, odors.

3. Looking up

If a person you are talking to looks above your head or eye level, it means they feel their superiority over you. For example, if you are discussing something you are not good at, a person may subconsciously start looking up, feeling their advantages. Well, in general, there are two options: they are either proud of something, telling you any news, or just feel more confident and better than you. However, if you are just listening to a person who is looking up and to the right, it may mean that they are making up a story right away, or in other words, they are lying to you.

4. Looking to the right

If you are sharing some information or just telling a story, but an interlocutor neither comments on it nor makes remarks while sitting and looking just to the right, then you can be sure that they are reflecting on some information that can be connected or not with a topic of conversation. Most likely, they don’t listen to you and are completely focused on their thoughts. And even if you stop talking, they will hardly notice the sudden silence.

5. Looking to the left

If you ask someone to tell about the last events, and a person starts talking, looking to the left, it may mean that they use their sound memory, remembering someone’s speech or the previously made-up version of the story. However, if you are just discussing something, then such eye movement may mean analysis of the information provided, attempts to visualize what they have heard and come up with an answer/or decision. A person may seriously reflect on your words.

6. Looking away

The observation of psychologists shows that ordinary people look into each other’s eyes for no more than 60% of the time. The fact is that constantly looking into the interlocutor's eyes is quite difficult. Psychologists believe that some look away during the conversation because of their shyness. Such people often try to hide feelings such as interest and love. Also, your interlocutor may start looking away because they are not interested in communicating with you. In this case, your interlocutor will not only look away, but they will constantly check their watch and yawn.

7. Blinking

Watching the frequency of someone’s blinking, you can understand how much a person is emotionally excited. It is worth noting that women blink much more often than men. Thus, the rapid blinking of eyes indicates excitement or anxiety. A calm person, who is slowly examining an object or reading a book, on the contrary, blinks less than usual. However, bear in mind that people with mental disorders can also blink more frequently on an ongoing basis, up to a hundred times per minute.

8. Intimate gaze

If you are standing close to each other, then a person may start looking at your face, gradually lowering their gaze up to your chest. And if people are far enough from each other, then the look can go to the genitals and below. Women and men use this look to show their interest. Also, during an intimate gaze, you can notice the dilated pupils of the person.

Use Your Eyes to Succeed

A person who is well versed in psychology, can decode female body language, knows how to use their eyes and can achieve great success in communication with the beautiful half of humanity. You can learn more about how to read eyes at psychological training, successful negotiation courses or acting courses. However, you can find even on the Internet the main tips on how to look at the woman to achieve the desired effect. Thus, the duration of eye contact matters: the longer the gaze is, the stronger the emotion that it expresses will be. If you do not want to overwhelm the interlocutor, do not look into their eyes for too long, it will be enough for 2–4 seconds, after which it is better to look away.

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