Relationship Deal Breakers for Men to Avoid


In our life, communications have become such saturated and superficial contacts so frequent that we have no shortage of people around us. Sometimes we feel crowded and get tired of each other. Social networks have entered our lives so firmly that people have the false impression that they communicate and exchange thoughts with other people: they quarrel, make peace, support each other, congratulate on birthdays in a few clicks. Real life is replaced by a kind of surrogate relationship with other people.

The problem is that such surrogate relationships made us unable to read the red flags in interpersonal communication in time. At the beginning of the love story, everything is excellent, but then, insults, unjustified expectations, an attempt to "remake" another, and a game of specific psychological scenarios take place. Today we will tell you about the top 20 relationship deal breakers that you shouldn't tolerate no matter what stage of communication you are at. When your partner uses these techniques — have no mercy, leave. And if you notice the traces of such behavior in yourself, work on it because these relationship deal breakers are intolerable.

relationship deal breakers

Deal Breakers in Relationships — What Is This?

People can be dating for years, but then, something happens, and the relationship collapses, or rather, people destroy them.

What are some relationship deal breakers? There are so many different reasons why breakups and divorces happen. But it is tough to tolerate another person with a different inner world, values, unique personality, life experience, fears, and anxieties. It requires both partners' mutual desire and their involvement in each other, the need to be in a relationship, having personal space at the same time. Men seek single girls for dating, but they often don't realize a huge responsibility to start a relationship. You should keep in mind what your action can serve deal breakers for a woman.

What are deal breakers in a relationship? Those are things, actions, words that you will never forgive, and when your partner does them, you are ready to break up immediately. You can be dating for years, but then one situation shows you the genuine entity of a person, and you experience devastating feelings that you don't know the person near you. As if they are a stranger that pushes you away, and you will never forget what they have done. Various red flags can serve the final point in a relationship, and every person sets these personal boundaries.

Naturally, each lady has her level at which she is ready to step over her desires, make compromises. Still, after that, she will not listen to any apology and remorse. Of course, love and close relationships sometimes make us reconsider our views, sometimes even change them. But nobody can force another one to change. If the skeletons in the closet turn out too terrible, and there are no hopes for a brighter future, there is only one way out. Do not try to fix it because you will have no strength left to forgive. Should you break up? Probably the time has come to become free from this mental torment and a problematic relationship.

Main Dating Deal-Breakers

It is generally accepted to say that love can overcome everything. Otherwise, this feeling is merely fake. But the other person does not owe you anything. Neither do you. Some things cannot be forgotten even after dozens of apologies. It is not only about cheating.

Sometimes, a small trifle causes a whole tide of emotions you cannot long endure. So what kind of actions are simply unacceptable and serve dating deal breakers?

Financial disputes

It doesn't matter whether you have a shared budget or no, what to spend money on is one of the frequent pitfalls for the couples. When the romantic period of meetings ends, and joint-life begins, people find out they have diametrically opposite views on money. For example, it may turn out that one of the partners is prone to debt and squandering. If you do not learn to discuss this to find a compromise, you can come to a break. Earning and spending money is a common element of your routine together, and if you continuously argue on this basis, you will not last. In this case, one of the partners can immediately read this red flag and stop a relationship.

Tremendous success

If one of the partners earns significantly more than another, this increases the likelihood of a breakup. Despite social changes, men still consider themselves to be earners, and they associate the high income with their masculinity. But when a man becomes suddenly successful, famous around the general public, and popular with women — his woman cannot be ready for such changes. She will simply not cope with the pressure of being in the public eye, and she may quit this relationship. Not many couples go from rags to riches staying together. What can a man do in this situation? Nothing. If this scares the partner and negatively affects your union's well-being, it may just not be your person. You should try hard not to catch up with a star fever as long as possible.

Absence of quality sex

Of course, over the years, the passion that reigned in the first relationship will fade away, but this is an emotionally important part of the harmony in the couple. When sex disappears from your joint life at all, the couple's connection weakens, and other problems can arise as a butterfly effect. A woman needs sex as much as a man and can suffer from its absence. It makes her irritated and prone to cheating. She may not tell you about these concerns, mainly because society believes that women are less sexually active.

Different social circles

We are used to believing that opposites attract, and often this turns out to be true for different psycho types. In this case, the partners complement each other and even learn skills that, due to their nature, they lack. Simultaneously, people from different social worlds may have different religious and political views and levels of education. When relations lose their first romantic intensity, the couple faces the fact: they are hardly ready to understand and accept each other. Global problems begin, and the differences between two people become so intolerable that they often turn into deal-breakers for women.

The quick development of a relationship

Forcing events is not good. Some couples met in early adolescence, carrying their feelings and ability to develop together through the years. There are few such examples because people change dramatically at the age of twenty to forty, as a rule. Different outlooks on life, plans, and dreams arise, and they make people split up. The situations when two mature people start their first serious relationship at adolescence are no less prevalent. These people think they have fallen behind with their peers and try to keep up by forcing events like getting acquainted with parents or moving together. This behavior is typical for men who have long dreamt of marriage and meet the seemingly perfect woman. Such a scenario can scare away a girl. In this situation, you use her as a means to your goal and forget about her feelings. Let your love develop gradually.

Inability to hear each other

Poor communication and often quarrels on its basis are the most common deal-breakers in relationships for women. Ladies live in a world full of emotions. They perceive the universe through the prism of what happens inside them. They need communication the way they need air, water, and food. Even close relationships suggest the occurrence of conflict situations. It is crucial how we argue and whether we think about the well-being of our union or only pursue our interests. In the heat of resentment, we can tell each other many words that hurt a loved one. The position of the attack can help achieve the desired result in a momentary conflict, but a gradual loss of support and understanding of the partner will be its retribution.

Reluctance to forgive

Forgiveness means that you can let go of resentment. Otherwise, its shadow remains to live between you. Perhaps this requires a more in-depth discussion with your partner about your feelings. It will be an awkward conversation, but it is necessary to get rid of the rust that destroys the relationship. Vindictiveness and hate are among red flags and deal-breakers. When a person is unable to let the situation go, they will behave passively aggressively and manipulate. When a woman feels that she has no right for a mistake because you will use her every word against her — this exhausts her. One day, she will stop trying to please you and just leave.

Unforgivable marriage deal-breakers

Anything happens in a relationship between a man and a woman. There are misunderstandings, quarrels, even cheating. Each couple decides how to get out of such situations. But even though ups and downs occur in any union, you must learn to identify such behavioral patterns of your second half that cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. After all, if this is not an isolated case, but a model of behavior, you cannot build a happy, harmonious relationship with such a person. We will tell you about seven marriage deal-breakers that are unacceptable in a healthy relationship. If you notice them, think about divorce because if you go further, the situation will aggravate.

Correspondence with other women behind her back

It would seem that this is not a big deal. There may be hundreds of contacts in a mobile phone and social networks of a man. Unfortunately, women are not that stupid and will not tolerate a man who is caught continuously texting other females. If a partner has secrets in a marriage, it means they have something to hide, but this will be revealed anyway. Sometimes in a relationship, we may be silent about something, or not agree. It is not a big deal, and sometimes it even benefits. But if a lie becomes a way of life, and a lie in global issues for relations, you should not hold onto such relationships. Life with a person who cannot be trusted cannot be happy. This behavior borders on deception, and flirting is a sign of emotional cheating. A woman will not stay long with a husband who succumbs to provocations, responding to messages from other girls.

Disrespect for the work/career/hobby of your loved one

Here's another red flag to start thinking about a divorce. Even if you build rockets or controls an airplane, and your woman works as a waitress, this does not give you the right to consider that her work is less valuable. Most likely, the matter is not in her work, but the way you treat her. When there is mutual respect, no man will ever allow himself to say a word about his wife's interests. If you criticize her success, achievements, you do not respect your woman. She may be doing everything to make you happy while you take it for granted and demand even more. Stop blaming her for the things she cannot change. A man should be a constant support to his woman and protect her from the negative comments of the people outside, not be the main source of them.

The tendency to blame another one for your failures

"It's all because of you." If you hear this phrase from your chosen one several times a day, then your choice of a life partner can cause doubts. Perhaps you have a feeling of guilt, but you must remember that first of all, your partner is an adult, and no one is to blame for their failures, except for them. If a man shifts the responsibility for his actions to other people, it means that he has not matured emotionally yet. A woman who starts a relationship with an adult does not plan to adopt an outgrown child — she doesn't have to be your mom. Entering into relationships with another person, you remain a person with your life, your interests, hobbies, and friends. You must have your personal space. The continuation of such relationships is impossible, and no woman will stay with a man who blames her. This toxic behavior will ruin her self-esteem and make your once cheerful and forgiving pretty young lady an irritated wretch.

Disrespectful attitude towards family members or friends

Comments are redundant here. Who will like it if a loved one does not get along with friends and parents? For many people, the family in the face of parents, siblings, and friends, will forever go before the life partner. Such women will not allow any man to say something offensive about their family members, neither in their presence nor in a private conversation. It's challenging to love a person who does not consider it necessary to communicate with your family members. Moreover, from this behavior, it becomes clear to the woman that she means nothing to you. Therefore, disrespecting the family members is a separate paragraph in a relationship deal-breakers list of many girls.

Strict control

If everything a person wants always runs into strict prohibitions and a rigid "no," they will run away from such a partner. Perhaps, at first, it seems to you that you simply love your wife, show care for her, and worry about her getting in trouble. You start by asking where she is going, with whom, and advising her what to do. Then you restrict her communication with certain friends and demand all the attention for yourself. But this is not loving, and one day your wife will realize it. Be sure that this will be the day she will apply for a divorce.

Using another one to achieve selfish goals

The basis of any relationship is the equal rights of partners. Remember: your woman does not have to babysit you, be your chauffeur or ATM. Of course, you need to support your loved one, but love should be built on mutual respect and energy exchange. You are an adult and are quite capable of coping with your problems. The worst situation that you can draw a woman in is using her as a means to build a career, cure your psychological disorders, or boast in front of friends. If you have got married because of the fear of loneliness, this is a problem. If you get married the money of your woman or the status of her family, this is a problem. If you used her as a beautiful long-legged accessory in addition to your expensive car — this woman is not your partner. She is an inanimate object to you, and when she finds this out, she will leave.

Aggression and criticism

If you kick a defenseless kitten or throw a stone at a stray dog for no reason, one day, your woman will notice that you are not as naive and kind as it seemed initially. Indeed, if a man is used to asserting himself at the expense of those who are significantly weaker, then it means he can raise his hand both against a woman and her children. All ladies know that it is better to stay away from such men. Her boundless love for you will not help if you humiliate her once. A wise woman will pack her things and leave. If she has any physical disabilities (real or imaginary), this can cause self-doubt. Your task is to help her get rid of her complexes, and not vice versa. In any case, criticism should be unobtrusive. If a partner makes fun of the shortcomings of a woman, she will not tolerate it. Those are deal-breakers for guys as well because it is vital for a man to feel secure and confident. When a lady humiliates your achievements, you should not put up with this.

We can forgive many things. It is essential to find a compromise, talk with each other, and discuss without neglecting unpleasant situations. Wise men recognize the biggest relationship deal breakers and fix these problems themselves. Other representatives of the strong sex are convinced that a woman owes them unconditional forgiveness and love, they do not admit their mistakes and apologize. They are not worthy partners, and women avoid such people from the very beginning.

If your problems and things that concern you are not taken seriously by a woman, this lady cannot become a reliable support for you. You can initiate a breakup if you see that nothing good will come out of these relationships. Some people just do not match. Others are not ready to sacrifice and change. But this is their problem, not your burden

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