Best Photo Editors for Dating Sites


What is photo processing? In simple terms, basic processing or pre-press preparation is an improvement to the original image in order to get a better print output. In this light, this phrase is applicable to the field of printing. Each photographer understands in their own way what pre-press preparation and processing are, but certain stages are basic. To understand everything, we are going to consider them in the following order.

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Converting From RAW Format – Basic Processing

Raw files are often called digital negatives, meaning by this that in order to get the final result, you have to carry out a series of manipulations with the “raw” file, as you did with analog photography.

In the RAW format, all information from the matrix is stored untouched by the automatic algorithms of the camera. When shooting in JPEG, the camera suppresses noise, sharpens, optimizes dynamic range, etc. with its processor. In addition, the JPEG format implies data compression, and with each subsequent saving in the graphical editor, the photo quality goes down. In RAW, data compression does not occur, and the fact that modern multi-core processors and graphics editors are many times more powerful than the electronics of a camera is understandable to everyone. Therefore, a photo obtained by competent conversion from the RAW format by a professional and JPEG, created and processed by the camera’s built-in algorithms, are incomparable.

Another advantage of the RAW format is that it contains redundant information, and due to this, you can change the white balance, as well as, within reasonable limits, adjust the exposure without fear of loss of quality. Quite often, photo editing is done with the following.

1. Cropping

Cropping is the clipping of parts of an image in order to focus or improve the layout. Cropping is done manually for each frame.

2. Color correction

A very important step is color correction, it is needed to make the image more expressive and realistic. It is worth noting that no plugin or filter replaces the human eye, so if you are given 1000 photos in a couple of days after shooting, this may mean that automatic batch processing has been applied, or color correction hasn't been done at all.

3. Correction of skin defects. General retouching of the image

By skin defects are meant everything that you don't usually have, that is, scratches, pimples, and the like. The important note is that moles and wrinkles are not a defect, so if there is something on your skin that you do not want to see in the photos, inform the photographer in advance. But remember that basic processing does not imply global retouching of the face, as a rule, this is a separate service since this kind of work requires much more time and effort. This service is called “magazine retouching and photoconversion."

4. Sharpening of the picture

At this stage, an ideal combination is sought and found between the sharp shot and the concealment of skin defects. For each frame, these parameters are searched separately.

free photo editorsDetailed Photo Retouching

After converting from the RAW format and basic processing of all photos, some of them go through a detailed retouch. This applies to those images that are just a little bit less than the "ideal" ones. Detailed retouching includes filling in blank parts with the rest of the photo and removal of excess items from a photo.

Online Dating Photo Tips

So, the first condition of a good photo is a good master. The second is an expression of happiness in the eyes and a smile on your lips. Try to pick up such photos where you exude a positive. Something good and pleasant should blow from your face.

What should be shown in the photo?

When choosing a photo for a dating site, you should take a good quality snapshot. You should be alone in it, and the photo must be taken from a fairly close distance so that your face can be clearly seen. It’s great if this is not a faceless studio shot with a taut smile but a natural, sweet photo, for example, against a background of nature or at home.

How to dress?

Avoid pants and long skirts. Don't put on too much jewelry. When selecting clothes to take a photo for the site, choose the most suitable option in which you feel free and comfortable. The dress should not be too frank: the length of the skirt is moderate, and a small neckline will be quite enough. Remember, men prefer to fantasize and undress the woman mentally as they like. In addition, girls should understand that the less they wear clothes, the fewer chances they have to attract a man for family life. Men who are immediately attracted to your body, are unlikely to read about your interests and wishes for a partner.

Do you need makeup?

Makeup is needed, but it should not be visible. You need a makeup artist who knows not only how to hide the flaws of your appearance but also how to make you look gorgeous in the photo.

Can you send a photo in a bathing suit?

Some owners of foreign dating sites urge to send such photos. The site traffic increases. But will a man with serious intentions want a wife whose charms admired the entire Internet? The letters from horney people or perverts are guaranteed to you.

Do you need to process photos with photo editors like Photoshop?

We advise not to neglect the capabilities of Photoshop. But do not overdo it, otherwise, at a meeting, you may not be recognized. The disappointment may be too strong. If the photos posted on one of the international dating sites do not bring a large number of letters, replace them. Better yet, post new photos on another site.

Top IOS Photo Editors

Probably 99% of all photos are done using smartphones. There are thousands of digital imaging applications in the App Store. How do they differ from each other, and is it worth paying money for their purchase? What are the best free photo editors? In this review, we've tried to collect good and most popular photo editors for the iPhone. In the process of testing described their differences, advantages and unique functions.

1. ProCam 5

A rather old and popular application for shooting and processing photos and videos. First of all, it is worth noting that the application has many features for the shooting itself. You can change the ISO, set the shutter speed, white balance, frame format, and so on. In the standard Camera application on the iPhone, all these parameters are not subject to manual change. In addition to photos, in the application, you can shoot a series, video, Timelapse. After shooting, frames including video can be processed both with filters and other settings, such as brightness, contrast, blur, and much more. The application is successful. It is especially useful for photographers who like to shoot on the iPhone.

2. Snapster

VKontakte social network presented its own photo service, which really looks like Instagram. The whole essence of this application is that the news feed shows photos of friends and groups from your account in VK. The development team decided to add a photo image editor, which is much better than Instagram to their mind. In fact, it turned out a high-quality and convenient application.

3. Pixelmator

This is probably the most famous of all photo editors for the iPhone. Pixelmator is very much like iPhoto, a great application that Apple has stopped supporting.

Pixelmator can both process photos and make collages, turning into a mobile-photoshop. From the presentation in the AppStore, we can see how you can easily create an excellent image, but for this, you will need to find suitable pictures for their subsequent use. The interface is simple and convenient.

best photo editors for android​4.Darkroom – Photo Editor

A simple application from Bergen Co. It has good filters and a standard set of image editing. The disadvantages include the fact that it is impossible to take pictures in the application. This is a fair editor. It is possible to create your own filters, save and share them.

5. Enlight

A huge number of features and extensive settings gives complete freedom of imagination. Each editing section has a hint how to work with it. Therefore, difficulties with the application should not arise. In addition to filters and image correction, you can overlay text, paint on it, make a collage, add a frame, etc.

Best Photo Editors for Android

Basically, Android is free photo editing software.

1. Photoshop Express

The Photoshop Express application is focused on fast editing: cropping, correcting colors, contrast, flipping, removing red eyes or too bright eyes in pets. But also in the program there are several standing functions that will be useful for “deep” editing: working with color and lighting, convenient and fast working with “heavy” panoramas and photos in the original RAW-quality, applying different filters with interesting effects, removing unnecessary elements in the picture as well as adding frames.

2. Photoshop Lightroom

Photoshop Lightroom is a more professional and powerful application in terms of functionality, which is focused mainly on tablets. Among the functions of the applications are a big number of customizable tools, the ability to roll back changes to the original, editing photos in RAW format as well as support for synchronization with the "cloud" by Adobe.

3. PicsArt 11.3.2

PicsArt is a great graphics editor, with great possibilities. PicsArt provides many amazing photo effects. You can apply filters to your photos, create photo frames, add stickers, apply effects for text, graphic pictures, and you can also create collages. You can add photos from Flickr and Picasa directories.

Open Source Photo Editors

1. Photoshop CC

OS Platform: Windows, macOS The latest version of Photoshop CC is truly impressive. Many users consider this application the best photo editor, and, in our opinion, they are right. A huge number of brushes, filters, fonts, automatic and manual correction tools as well as various interface settings are available in Photoshop CC. In addition, in this application, you will find many different blend modes, an "advanced" layer system and more.

2. Luminar 2018

OS Platforms: Windows, macOS

This photo editor has many tools for quick and easy correction of such nuances as distortion, chromatic aberration, and ragged edges. 40 different filters for the transformation of images will be available for you and can be canceled at any time.

3. Affinity Photo

OS Platforms: macOS, Windows, iOS (iPad)

Affinity Photo is another good alternative to Photoshop. The latest version of this application contains many cool features, including combining photos in HDR, editing 360-degree images, recording macros and batch processing files. The adjustment of tone mapping will allow you to turn any photo into a dramatic scene with details you have never suspected existed.

To sum it up, you already know about the best photo editors and best photo editing software that is iOS. Android OS is no less good in comparison to Apple and has its own advantages.