Side Effects of Too Much Masturbation


Masturbation... a lot has been said about masturbation. Throughout history, masturbation was a normal act of self-satisfaction, a sin, a sign of a mental disorder, again a sin. As of now, we tend to believe that it's a normal act of self-satisfaction, but that doesn't mean that we are free from the myths that always surround this type of sexual stimulation. Today we are going to talk about the reasons behind and side effects of masturbation. Also, we are going to reveal how much masturbation is too much. But before that, we need to figure out the main thing about it...

too much masturbation

Does Too Much Masturbation Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

You can hear it here and there. Probably it was something on TV. You could have heard it at school, with one of your classmates telling the story that his friend had jerked seven times a day and became impotent. After that, you started counting the number of times that you masturbate. No matter what, you can't masturbate more than seven times a day. Otherwise... you would just get tired. Among all the possible side effects of masturbation, erectile dysfunction has never been linked to masturbation. The number of times you masturbate can neither cause nor heal erectile dysfunction. So, whatever problems too much masturbation can cause, erectile dysfunction is definitely not one of them.

So, one myth, the one that had been scaring you the most, is busted. Before we move on to busting and figuring out other side effects of too much masturbation, there is one general thing that we need to learn, which is, why we masturbate?

Why We Masturbate?

Sin...mental disorder? Does Satan or mental illness have something to do with masturbation in general? Well, nope. When you start wondering why you start touching yourself and why it feels so good, the truth is way simpler than it may seem. We start touching ourselves at a certain age because we discover our bodies' functions. And we continue doing it because it feels good. Demonic possession? Mental disorder? If that's the answer, then we are living in hell, because according to those theories, 84% of women and 95% of men are psychos possessed by the devil. Yep, on the average 95% of men and 84% of women masturbate.

So, why does it feel so good? Cause your brain releases high amounts of dopamine – a hormone of pleasure if you want. Aside from that, masturbation is the best way to lower the stress and one of the best ways to learn your own body. You can understand what turns you on and off while masturbating. And learning more about your own body makes your sex life better, as you learn what you like and you can voice it to your sexual partner. is too much masturbation bad So, all in all, masturbation in general has more positive than negative aspects...actually, it has no negative aspects at all. Can the same be said about too much masturbation? Is too much masturbation bad? Let's figure it out.

How Much Masturbation Is Too Much?

So, how much is too much masturbation? It's one of the most popular questions on the web. Google gives you from 50 to 70 million results, but most of them will tell this – there is no such thing as a normal amount of masturbation. If you can masturbate ten times a day – do it. If you are feeling okay with masturbating once in a week, then it's also okay. The only thing that you should be bothered about is how your masturbation habits fit into your lifestyle. If you are masturbating and having a healthy sex life with your partner – good for you. If you are masturbating and it doesn't interfere with your work – good for you. But if your masturbating habits interfere with your daily life, then you are having a problem.

What Can Too Masturbation Do To Your Body?

Okay, we've learned that masturbation has nothing to do with erectile dysfunction. But, what can too much masturbation do to your body? Of course, masturbation is low-risk. You can't get pregnant and you can't catch STD from yourself. But masturbation is low-risk and not risk-free. Mind that you can die while chewing and walking, so there are certain risks connected with masturbation, which we are going to evaluate right now.

1. Skin Irritation

Yep, frequent and rough masturbation can cause skin irritation. Both men and women who masturbate too often get skin irritation on their genitals. Too much male masturbation causes penis injuries and too much female masturbation causes vagina injuries. In most cases you'd get just a mild skin irritation, but in severe cases, you can get severe conditions like a penile fracture. In this rare condition, the bending of the erect penis ruptures the chambers filled with blood. Well, needless to say that this can be repaired only via surgery.

2. Fatigue

Well, yep, too much masturbation can make you feel fatigue. If you are stressed and you need to release the pressure, you can masturbate once. But when you do it too much, you are most likely to feel fatigue most of the time. Which means that you are not only feeling extremely tired, but you also experience headaches, shortness of breath, and dizziness.

3. Weakness

You know, one pill can make you healthy, but taken 30-40 pills at once can kill you. So, while you may feel light, happy, and relieved after masturbating once, you are most likely to feel extremely week after masturbating four or five times. You won't be able to work properly, you won't be able to have normal sex with your partner, as you are going to feel extremely weak.

4. Premature Ejaculation

Speaking about normal sex with your partner. When you masturbate too much, you are most likely to develop premature ejaculation. When you are not masturbating properly, and let's be honest, you don't always do that properly, concentrating on cumming as soon as possible, you kinda forget how to have sex. You are concerned more about your own desire and feelings when you masturbate, so spoiled sexcapades with your partner are more than just a mere possibility.

5. Testicular Pain

Excessive masturbation can easily cause testicular pain, especially when you try to extend your jerking session without ejaculating. what can too much masturbation doDuring masturbation, blood vessels in genitals fill with blood and the orgasm generally releases this buildup, and the vessels return to their normal size. If you’re trying not to ejaculate as long as possible, this buildup may stay in vessels, which would cause testicular pain.

Effects of Too Much Masturbation

Okay, we've talked about physical too much masturbation side effects. Neither testicular pain nor penile fracture sounds like something appealing. But, is that the end of negative effects of excessive masturbation or is there more? Yes, there are. Mostly, excessive masturbation is a psychological condition. And psychology affects almost every aspect of your life. That hints that excessive masturbation may result into you watching your life falling apart. So, let's figure out the negative too much masturbation effects.

1. Your Life and Work Suffer

Giving yourself a hand became extremely important to you? Like, you ditch meeting up with friends because you need to masturbate. You don't answer the call and leave messages in social networks without a reply because you are too busy pleasuring yourself? Well, that seems like you are already destroying your life by too much masturbation. But that's not the end. Your computer is working slowly because of the number of porn sites that you are visiting on a daily basis. You are getting late for meetings, because you are pleasuring yourself in men's room? You are going out of the meeting because you feel like you are going to die if you won't masturbate right now? Well, your life and your work really suffer from your excessive self-pleasure.

2. Your Sex Life Suffers

Masturbation is the way to please yourself, when you don't have a sexual partner. So, basically it is okay to masturbate. You are having problems when you are feeling much more comfortable with your hand than with your partner. We've talked about premature ejaculation before. But this time things are different. You are basically ditching sex with your partner in order to masturbate. By masturbating excessively you are teaching your body and your brain to get off that way. And when it comes to sex, you just don't have the same excitement. You may even experience problems with keeping your penis erect, which definitely leads to problems in your relationship.

3. You Can't Stop Thinking Of It

The very first thing you want to do in the morning is to masturbate. At work, you most likely swap lunch for jerking off in men's room. When you talk about something which is not connected to sex, your favorite porn scene pops up in your head. Actually, all you want to do is to stay at home and masturbate to videos on porn sites. Well, that's the clear indicator that you are having problems with excessive masturbation.

If you experience any of that, your best choice is to consult a shrink. There is no doubt that you are having problems that need to be addressed. Most likely you are suffering from some type of sex-addiction. But all in all, it is better to consult a sex therapist or a shrink first.

Is Too Much Masturbation Bad For You?

So, all in all, is too much masturbation bad for you? On the one hand, there is no normal frequency of masturbation, on the other hand, we have premature ejaculation and life falling apart. So, basically, masturbating per se can't do any harm. But when it goes out of hand, and you think that you can ditch your partner, your friends, and your work for self-pleasuring, most likely you are having problems. But as we've stated above, most likely this problem is psychological. And this problem manifests itself in excessive masturbation, and not vice versa. So, unless your masturbation interferes with other aspects of your life, you can masturbate as much as you want.